Top 5 Horror Themed Slots in the Online Gambling Industry

Top 5 Horror Themed Slots in the Online Gambling Industry
Top 5 Horror Themed Slots

Is there anything better than getting yourself wrapped in a blanket and watching a horror movie? If you love the horror genre, and you are also a gaming fan, you will appreciate an opportunity to try the scariest slots out there.

The popularity of this software is primarily because of its unique theme. Although the horror genre isn’t for everybody, it has millions of fans throughout the world. Horror slots also offer exciting prizes since the grand rewards could turn you into millionaires. Check out the top five horror slots currently available!

  1. Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is an entire franchise since this slot series has two sequels. Players loved the idea implemented by the creators. If you never played this franchise, it’s logical to start with the initial installment. Check out the new Yebo Casino review 2020 to see if the game is available on that platform.

NetEnt managed to create a dark atmosphere where you will feel like in a horror movie. They did this with a high-quality design and impressive sound effects added to the machine. We expected nothing less from a reputable developer like NetEnt.

As for the features, Blood Suckers offer a standard five-reel layout with 25 pay lines. It’s a fine balance to meet the expectations of veteran players and make it simple enough for newbies to understand. Hammer and Stakes symbols are the ones to look for to activate multipliers and free spins. These additional features add to the game’s replay value. If you are looking for extra complexity, the sequel offers multiple bonus games!

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Even horror genre newbies undoubtedly heard of Freddie Kruger. The first movie appeared in the cinemas in 1984, and there were eight sequels to follow in the coming decades. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Random Logic acquired the license to design a slot based on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

Before you even load the game, you receive a warning about the violence shown in it. The developers didn’t hesitate to use Freddie’s image for the background, bloody letters, and frightened character’s faces as symbols. The bonus is the famous “Come Out and Play” symbol, and it will activate a mini-game. You can also win up to thirty bonus spins if you land up to five scatters on the screen.

A Nightmare on Elm Street can turn into a real dream since the progressive jackpot can secure huge prizes for players. The maximum prize is 10,000x, and the overall RTP is 94.5%, which is impressive for a slot.

  1. The Wolf’s Bane

Here is another slot designed by NetEnt, but this one is a brand-new addition to the market. It hit the online casinos in 2019, and it turned out to be a real hit. If you don’t like vampires or zombies, perhaps you will like werewolves.

We advise you to put on your headphones or increase speaker volume. The sound effects are what will get your adrenaline going and feel like werewolves are nearby. That will help to maintain your focus and make the right calls while playing.

Now, you will enjoy free spins and multipliers, but the bonus game is what makes the Wolf’s Bane special. It is your classic bonus round where you need to pick one of the available symbols. If you choose smartly, you will escape the wolfish monsters with a hefty reward!

  1. Zombies

We covered the majority of famous horror creatures, but there is still a category missing – Zombies! Zombies are an inspiration for various horror subgenres, and you will find them in the scariest and funniest horror movies of all time.

As for the Zombies slot, it’s another game developed by Net Entertainment. The creators seem to like the horror genre, and they tried to make this software creative. You will find a Zombie stacked wild, with vivid and bloody animation.

Here is the trick – you will trigger the bonus spins with impressive animations, too! You will shoot the zombies with your weapon in a shopping mall and use up to a 10x multiplier. The graphics are outstanding and should be reason enough to try this game.

  1. Halloween Fortune

We can’t round up this list without the most famous horror holiday (and movie) – Halloween. You can enjoy many slots inspired by Halloween, but we like the simplicity of Playtech’s one. Everything is clear from the moment you load the screen. There are the classic horror symbols, such as the black cat, crow, and skull potion holder.

The highest-valued symbols are witches, while the wild is a scary pumpkin. The developers did everything right and even include a simple Double feature that can increase your wins significantly. The maximum prize is 10,000X, and the game offers a classic five-reel layout with 20 pay lines available.


It was hard to select only five horror slots because there are dozens of fantastic games available online. Whichever casino you visit, you will find horror-themed software because players like those titles. They combine providing users with a good scare with tempting rewards, which is the perfect combination. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to try our suggestions and find your favorite slot!

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