Top Horror Comedy movies that you must watch

Top Horror Comedy movies

Top Horror Comedy movies: Comedy horror is a genre that keeps your emotions going back and forth. It makes you laugh one moment and scream the next. And this experience of fickle emotions makes the movie more enjoyable and exciting.

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The combination of Comedy and Horror is charismatic for movies. But it’s difficult to mend it in a single story with the perfect plot. However, when you get such an exquisite meld, it makes your day. Here are some of the Top Horror Comedy movies that will for sure merry your heart and make your mood jocular.

List of the Top Horror Comedy movies that you must watch and add to your collection. 

10.Satanic Panic(2019): ” The delivery girl”

Satanic Panic

Initial release- 31 May 2019

Director- Chelsea Stardust

Satanic Panic is an American movie filmed on a delivery girl who falls trapped by the satans. Samantha, nicknamed Sam gets distressed on her first day as a delivery girl as she doesn’t get any tips. So while doing one of the deliveries she enters the mansion to ask for a tip. Thereee she unwittingly interrupts the rendezvous of supposed to be satans or demons headed by Danica Ross. Satans hold Sam captive when they learn that she is a virgin for the use of their ulterior motives. However, Sam manages to escape from them only to find herself in another worse situation where she is again captured by Satan.

9.Little Monsters(2019):” Not so little though”

Little Monsters

Initial release- 11 July 2019

Director- Abe Forsythe

Little Monsters is a zombie-based comedy horror film crafted by an International co-production. The film’s plot centers the story of Dave who is attracted to his nephew Felix’s kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline. When Dave learns about Felix’s field trip, he volunteers to be a shepherd to come close to Miss Caroline and establish a bond.

On the day of the field trip, zombies break out of the testing facility nearby and head to the farm where children are touring. Then Dave and Miss Caroline join hands to seek shelter in a gift shop and try to keep the children safe by fighting and tackling through zombies. During this outbreak, Dave and Caroline share some moments where they recite about their childhood and family and growing feelings for each other.

8.Stree(2018): ” Indian surge into horror comedy “


Initial release- 31 August 2018

Director- Amar Kaushik

Stree translated as Woman in English is an Indian horror comedy film inspired by the urban legend of a female spirit in Bangalore who knocks on villager’s doors at night. The tale is about a ladies tailor Vicky who falls in love at first sight with a girl who only comes during the religious festival of four days and the fact that nobody has ever seen her except Vicky makes his friends suspicious of the girl. They believe that the girl is the angry spirit of a rumored woman called Stree who abducts men at night leaving their clothes behind. When one of his friends gets nobbled by Stree, Vicky decides to research the myth of the town, and to save his friend he confronts the girl.

7.Tragedy Girls(2017):” High school girlfriends “

Tragedy Girls

Initial release- 20 October 2017

Director- Tyler Maclntyre

Tragedy Girls is a 2017 horror comedy film starring Craig Robinson, Alexandra Shipp, and Brianna Hilderbrand. The scenario concerns the High School girlfriends Mackayla and Sadie who run a crime blog called Tragedy girls in the town of Rosedale. These two can go to any limits to earn more followers on their blog. To do this they ensnare their friend Craig and use a serial killer Lowell as a fall guy. Girls spread rumors that a killer is roaming around the town when Craig goes missing the next day.

In the hankering of earning followers and attention…the duo commits murders one after the other including Mackayla’s ex-boyfriend Toby, cheerleader Syl, a firefighter Big Al, their friend Jordan, and Lehmann himself. The movie places more twists and turns as the murders take place eventually.

6.The Love Witch(2016):” Women on the hunt”

The Love Witch

Initial release- 31 January 2016

Director- Anna Biller

The Love Witch is an American comedy tragedy horror film based on a 1960s witch who uses magic spells to make men fall in love with her. The film tells the story of a modern-day witch Elaine who shifts to California after her husband’s death, who is likely to be murdered by her. Elaine soon starts hunting for a new man and finds Wayne who ends up dying because of his obsession over Elaine after spending a night with her. Elaine then invites Richard, her friend’s husband as her new prey. Richard too gets obsessed over Elaine which plagues her and causes her to abandon him. She then meets a police officer Griff who is investigating the death of Wayne and falls in real love with him.

5.Krampus(2015): ” Christmas horror “


 Initial release- 30 November 201

Director- Michael Dougherty

Krampus is a Hollywood Christmas themed horror comedy film inspired by the character of Central European folklore. Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon described in the ancient Roman Empire tales, who chastise children during Christmas who have misbehaved. The film plot follows Max Engel who is fed up with his impaired family and gets frustrated, argues with his family, and throws his letter outside which he was supposed to give to Santa. Later that night, a grievous snowstorm swamps the borough. Resulting in the appearance of Krampus, who is after the lives of the whole Engel family. Then a lot of monstrous utterance takes place and each member falls prey to Krampus. Seeing this, Max apologizes for losing his spirit and misbehaving on Christmas, but Krampus doesn’t seem to forgive so easily.

4. What We Do in the Shadows (2014): ” Vampires on work”

What We Do in the Shadows

Initial release- 19 June 2014

Director- Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi

What We Do in the Shadows is a New Zealand horror comedy film and the first installment of What We do in the Shadows franchise which also has a mockumentary television series of the same name. The film’s storyline concerns the four vampires who try to muddle along in modern society while living together. Deacon, Viago, Petyr, and Vladislav are roommates who live in an apartment in Wellington. Deacon requests Jackie, a human to bring over some virgins for the vampires to feed on them. Jackie lures Nick into their flat and vampires welcome him into their group as he transforms into a vampire after surviving an attack. They bond with Nick’s friend Stu, who introduces them to modern technology and the internet. 

3. A Haunted House (2013): ” Ghost’s house “

A Haunted House

Initial release- 11 January 2013

Director- Michael Tiddes

A Haunted House is an American footage comedy horror film produced and starring Marlon Wayans. The film earned an amazing financial success that it ended up having a sequel A Haunted House 2, that released next year in 2014. The film follows the story of a couple of Malcolm and Kisha who decide to move in together. On the first day as Kisha arrives at Malcolm’s house, she accidentally kills his dog by crashing her car over him. Kisha soon feels something strange and tells Malcolm that the house might have a ghost. Malcolm first mocks her and then installs cameras in the house to prove her wrong.

After two nights, Malcolm perceives preternatural activities in the house and asks Chip, a psychic for his help. Chip falls in love with Malcolm. The ghostly spirit possesses Kisha and does strange things. Malcolm’s friends Steve and Jenny come forward to help them with an ouija board. Later one by one, Ray and Father Doug also get involved and try to get the ghost out of the house.

2.100 Bloody Acres(2012):” Trapped “

100 Bloody Acres

Initial release- 4 August 2012

Director- Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes

100 Bloody Acres is an Australian horror comedy film that premiered at Melbourne  International Film Festival. The movie covers the plot of three friends who were touring around the countryside. In South Australia and gets trapped by two brothers who run fertilizer manufacturing businesses. James, Sophie, and Wes are looking for a ride as they are stuck on the side of the road. Reg, one of the two brothers, offers them a ride as he is attracted to Sophie. As soon as they arrive at Reg’s place, Reg and his brother Lindsay seize the trio. And plan to grind them into fertilizer to make an effective dressing. The film then revolves around the three friends as they make a strenuous effort to save their lives.

1.Fright Night (2011):” Jerry the vampire “

Fright Night

Initial release- 19 August 2011

Director- Craig Gillespie

After holding its World Premiere at The O2 in London on 14 August 2011. Fright Night was initially released on 19 August later that year for the public. This film is about a teenager named Charley whose friends go missing in the neighborhood after he learns that a new neighbor called Jerry has moved in. Charley’s bosom buddy Ed Clypes him that he has been observing Jerry and thinks that Jerry is a vampire. Not soon after Ed is being chased by Jerry and falls victim to him as the latter inveigles Ed that his life would be better after turning into a vampire.

As soon as Charley comes to know about Ed’s disappearance. He sneaks into Jerry’s house and finds the secret room where victims are kept. He then looks for Peter Vincent, an expert on vampires, and asks for his help. As the story ensues, Charley, Peter, and Charley’s girlfriend Amy fight through various means to defeat Jerry and transform all the victims back to humans. Don’t miss out on the Scariest Movies of all time


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