Best Horror Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Best Horror Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Video
Best Horror Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

The real takeaway for a horror flick is when it can capitalize on the facets which the viewers are scared of on the personal front. Any viewer will be frightened to the bones when he is encountered with the socially constructed fears. The current trend of not only the gen-x audience but the audience of all age groups, making a fast enough shift to online streaming. The filmmakers have made a timely shift too, this trend is quite visible in the Best Horror Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Post having a surge into our list of best horror movies on amazon prime, you will conclude that the streaming provider has taken good care of the horror freaks. 

List of the Best Horror Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Thereee’s no question that Amazon Prime promptly updates its content with the latest additions to the genre. At the same time, they have prepared a good base of some premium, and classic movies like Blood and Lace or Night of the Living Dead. A true horror fan will find Amazon Prime like his movie collection. We have prepared our list of best horror movies on amazon prime having all bases covered. Recent additions, classic films, fan-favorites, award-winning films, and much more you can trust our research. Best Scariest Movies of all time

A Quiet Place: ” Shhhhhh! “

A Quiet Place

Release date: 6 April 2018 

Director: John Krasinski

Watch your steps! Don’t make noises or the creature will hunt you down. Yes, A Quiet Place takes you to the portrayal of the earth as a war ground against some alien creatures. The alien is blind but they will kill any object that makes noise. Most of the earth’s population is killed by alien creatures and the rest are on the verge of getting killed. Abbott’s family has stranded themselves in a deserted town. They must get rid of the creature that has attacked their house as they have discovered their weakness. Will the Abbott family make it without facing any collateral damage? 

The Amityville Horror: ” The cursed House “

The Amityville Horror

Initial release: 15 April 2005 

Director: Andrew Douglas

Soon after Ronald DeFeo Jr. slaughters his 6 family members, George and Kathy Lutz move into the same 112 Ocean Avenue. The paranormal happening starts to bring their flavor in their lives. Soon the behavior of George changes towards his family and Kathy is left with no choice but to call a priest. In the basement of the house, Goerge meets the ghost behind all the paranormal activities. Ketcham takes hold of George’s body and sets on to kill his wife and children. Kathy soon understands the situation and tries to flee from the house. The climax will give you a mini heart attack when Jodie is pulled downstairs by a pair of disembodied hands.

Annihilation: “mysterious quarantine zone”


Initial release: 13 February 2018 (Regency Village Theatre)

Director: Alex Garland

We can call 2018 the year for horror flicks, we saw some breathing movies coming our way. The entire theme of the film is “The Shimmer”, an Area X facility of the US government that was created after an alien attack to the place. When a group of investigators enters the area they find it uncanny from the very beginning. They are brutally attacked by mutated plants and animals, Ventress, investigator, inspects the mutation in her and asks Lena to observe the changes in her. Lena cleverly makes the creature that has impersonated her fall prey to a grenade attack. Later we find “The Shimmer” vanishing and things getting back to normalcy almost instantly. This combo is a science fiction and horror will get beneath your skins and will haunt your 4 am dreams. 

Child’s Play (1988):” Chucky the doll”

Child's Play

Initial release: 9 November 1988 

Director: Tom Holland

Chucky was that one doll in 100 that defied the conception that dolls are cute and innocent. 

Child’s Play was the first film in the famous Chucky series that is still a fan-favorite series. Karen buys deadly troubles for her 6-year-old son Andy Barclay in the form of a doll ‘Chucky’. Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer resides in the doll and controls it. Karen soon figures out that Chucky is functioning on his own and the death of Maggie was on the doll’s part. Chucky is in no mood to spare Andy; he follows his trails to the hospital where Andy is being admitted and gives the hospital a messy bloodbath. In the climax, we see the valiant attempts of Mike, Karen, and Jack are successful as they ultimately blow Chucky’s head apart. 

The Descent: ” Trapped in a Cave”

The Descent

Initial release: 15 March 2006 

Director: Neil Marshall

The movie will make you take an oath to never seek cave exploration. When a group of voluntary cave explorers went missing. A search team is deployed to look for their whereabouts. Little did the search party know about the wild creatures from the depth of earth that will hunt them down. The blind but noise-sensitive creatures soon go frenzy for human blood and almost all the members of the search team end up having the same fate as that of the earlier visitors of the cave. Sarah along with a female cop make it till the very last, dodging the creatures as long as they can. The climax though is a bit heartbreaking and unsettling at the same time. 

The innkeepers: ” Investigation proved gruesome “

The innkeepers

Initial release: 3 February 2012

Director: Ti West

The Yankee Pedlar Inn is the host of some supernatural powers. Claire and Luke, the only employees of the inn, grow some inquisitiveness to check if the ghostly happenings around the hotel are for real. Their curiosity brought a lot of mishaps for them. They come on the radar of the paranormal activities inside the hotel and are scared to their bones. Claire had a one on one with Madeline’s apparition and dies out of an asthma attack. Luke escapes the next morning and the inn is seized forever. But the eerie experience the two keepers of the inn faced in complete isolation is truly a feast for the audience to watch. 

Midsommar: ” Vacation went deadly “


Initial release: 18 June 2019

Director: Ari Aster

Anybody would be fascinated to take part in a cultural festival that takes place only once in 90 years. Dani, who already is in a mess with her relationship with Christian, couldn’t resist his offer to accompany him to Sweden. The Scandinavian forest has other plans for them, they are held captive by a cult. They are forced to participate in creepy rituals, and soon the creepy rituals turned into deadly ones. Dani seems to be under the strong influence of the cult as she can be seen laughing at the burning temple. The whole cult concept is the real takeaway from the film as it is enough to mentally disturb anyone. 

The women in black: ” Gothic Horror “

The women in black

Release date: 17 February 2012 

Director: James Watkins

Daniel Radcliffe has tons of Harry Potter goofy experience behind his back to enable him to lead a horror film. The film is set in 1900’s London, a perfect setting for a horror flick.Arthur’s wife who died in 1906 is back after an agonizingly long gap of 4 years. She looks for fresh blood to feed upon. It is discovered that the “Woman in Black” is nobody else but Jennet. She is on a mission to eliminate the children of the village because her child died. It doesn’t take too long for Arthur to conclude that her next victim is his blood. Arthur must pacify Jennet before it is too late. 

Train to Busan: ” Zombies on the carnage “

Train to Busan

Initial release: July 2016 

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Zombie movies are pelting down on the world cinema like anything. We have almost seen every variation of a zombie film. Train to Busan is another classic zombie apocalypse movie. The train that will take the survivors of the virus attack from Seoul to Busan is attacked by zombies. Seok-woo and his daughter must pave their way through the stream of human turned zombies. The real eerie element kicks in when the zombies break free on the train. We witness survivors kicking the heads of zombies with baseball bats, smashing them against walls. Zombies tearing the limbs of people and much more visuals that will make you uncomfortable like never before. 

The uninvited: ” The revenge saga”

The uninvited

Initial release: 30 January 2009 

Directors: Charles Guard, Thomas Guard

Stepmothers are portrayed as evil 9 out of 10 times in fiction. This film was a rare incident where a horror film linked its roots with the awful relationship between stepmother and daughter. Anna, played by Emily Browning when she returns from hospital finds her father married to the caretaker nurse of her dead mother. Anna is baffled by this incident and suddenly starts to see her mother in her imaginations. Anna and her sister Alex have every possible doubt about Rachel being the culprit for her mother’s death. Things are the way Anna thinks or she is still recovering from her mental state?

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