Best Horror Movies of 2011 – Detention, Livid, The Tunnel, Ring of Curse

Best Horror Movies of 2011
Best Horror Movies of 2011

The Year 2011 picked up right from the note where Best horror movies of 2010 left. Ranging from gruesome monster flicks, period horror to paranormal flicks 2011 had enough for the horror audience. Moreover, it was the time when the craze in the Americans for horror as a genre was on a roll. More and more people were coming in numbers to show their interest in this genre.

Horror is a durable genre and no point of time its popularity will experience a dip. We are claiming so because ever since the time of Top horror flicks of the 1980’s we are yet to experience a dip in the viewership.

The advent of technology has made it seamless for the movie makers to take the help of VFX and special effects to add yet another dimension to the genre.

Without taking much of your time, let’s jump straight into-

List of the Best Horror Movies of 2011

  • Detention:


Initial release- 6 April 2011

Director- Joseph Kahn

Detention is an American black humor horror film that revolves around the ordeal of a group of friends who are put into detention by their high school principal at Grizzly Lake after one of their classmates is killed by a serial killer who goes by the name Cinderella. The coterie of friends is the closest suspects of being the felon and are now tasked to find the real killer among themselves. What they don’t know is that they are inflicting extramundane and unearthly zing zap.

  • Livid:


Initial release- 7 December 2011

Director- Julien Maury Alexandre Bustillo

Livid is a French supernatural fantasy horror film. The plot of the film tells the story of Lucy, a nurse in training under Mrs. Wilson. Once Lucy visits a coma patient who lives in a secluded mansion and learns that the old patient owns a large amount of treasure hidden somewhere in the mansion. Lucy with her boyfriend decides to hunt the treasure in the basement where she discovers a young girl’s corpse in a ballet outfit. What they then experienced made their blood run cold.

  • The Tunnel:

The Tunnel

Initial release- 18 May 2011

Director- Carlo Ledsma

The Tunnel is an Australian slasher horror film shot in a documentary style based on the underground tunnels in Sydney. The very fact that it is filmed in an underground tunnel, makes it ghastly and gloomy obviously to the next level. The film is about a run and chase game of a journalist named Natasha and her work friends who set on an investigation of underground closed railway tunnels in Sydney. While looking for clues, they are chased to death by an unknown supernatural figure that resides in those tunnels and doesn’t want someone to enter the area.

  • Ring of Curse:

Ring of Curse

Initial release- 29 October 2011

Director- Mari Asato

Originally named as Gomen Nasai which means I’m sorry in Japanese, Ring of Curse is a Japanese language horror film. The story of the film is based on the novel titled “I’m sorry”. The film’s storyline shows the scuffle of Yuka, a school-girl who manages hard to increase her life time little by little to save herself from the curse of one of her classmates Kurohane. Kurohane has a knack of putting witch spells. She curses all her classmates by spelling curse words in school festival play who dies eventually.

  • The Devil Inside Me:

The Devil Inside Me:

Initial release- 2 July 2011

Director- Zhang Qi

The Devil Inside Me is a Chinese horror thriller film. The plot follows the after effects experienced by Lin Yan, a young woman who has gone through heart surgery. She starts going through an escapade of hallucinations that consists of the memory of the original heart owner. Yes, you heard it correct, she is having hallucinations memory bites of the person whose heart she is implanted with. Yan is tormented by the sudden appearances of the heart owner and loses her mind when she gradually engrosses the original owner’s personality.

  • Spellbound:


Initial release- 1 December 2011

Director- Hwang In-Ho

Also known as My Girlfriend can see Ghosts, Spellbound is a South Korean romantic comedy horror film that consists of the story of a magician and a girl who can see ghosts. The plot concerns a street magician who turns an overnight star illusionist after he performs a show inspired by a dull girl Yeo-Ri. Yeo-Ri has an ability to see dead people which she acquired after meeting an accident. Since then she has a vengeful ghost tagging along her everywhere that has made Yeo-Ri sick, but she starts to feel herself after having continuous interactions with the magician.

  • 23:59:


Initial release- 3 November 2011

Director- Gilbert Chan

23:59 is a Singaporean- Malaysian horror film. The story is set back in the early 1980s when the group of soldiers are camping on a jungle island. They hear a rumor about an old woman who haunts the island at exactly 23:59, the thing which is special about this time is that the lady died exactly at 23:59. Jeremy, one of the soldiers, starts investigating the rumor when his friend dies one night suspiciously. But fate has other plans for Jeremy As the secrets unfolds, Jeremy finds himself tied to an ill fate. Now he must struggle for his own survival.

  • Last Screening:

Last Screening

Initial release- 9 August 2011

Director- Laurent Achard

Last Screening is a French horror thriller film called Dernière séance in french, that shows the dark side of the theatre worker. It is a typical theatre basement flick, exploring the darks of a theater basement. A nutter theatre employee named Sylvain who lives in the basement of the theatre has a batty obsession of collecting the portraits of movie stars and decorating them with real flesh of the persons he murdered.

  • Laddaland:


Initial release- 28 April 2011

Director- Sopon Sukdapisit

Laddaland is a Thai horror film that covers the frantic events experienced by a family who moved into the new house at Laddaland real estate. Soon after their onset in the new house, the family realizes about the paranormal activities surfacing in the neighborhood. Murder, violence, suicide, supernatural phenomenon, everything strange and unfortunate occurs around them as well as with them.

  • Grave Encounters:

Grave Encounters

Initial release- 1 June 2011

Director- Colin Minihan, Stuart Ortiz

(The Vicious Brothers)

Grave Encounters is a Canadian found footage cult horror film directed by The Vicious Brothers. The Grave Encounters is a reality program show that covers the stories of paranormal activities which is produced by Jerry. He shows the last remaining footage of the program crew that went missing after they headed to the Psychiatric hospital to record the supernatural occurrence as the evidence for their reality show.

Hope you enjoyed this thriller of a countdown, if yes, then do watch our Top horror picks from Netflix, it consists of some enticing content for you.