Top Cosmic and Space Horror Movies

Top Cosmic and Space Horror Movies
Top Cosmic and Space Horror Movies

Top Cosmic and Space Horror Movies: In case you ever feel like experiencing how timid the human race is in this universe, watch out for the Top Cosmic Horror Movies. The horror when churned with equitable proportions of cosmic talking is enough to give you fits of fright. You might be interested in reading about Top Japanese Horror Movies. 

Taking of Cosmic horror without the mention of H.P. Lovecraft is like talking of the Harry Potter series without the mention of Daniel Radcliffe. Lovecraft is the craftsman who has given some exclusive gems of the Top Space Horror movies.

The films in which people are trapped in amusingly advanced space crafts. And are invaded by creatures from much farther back in time than human civilization. Such horror is no doubt uncanny and breathtaking but at the same time, it is agonizingly disturbing. The feeling of people getting stranded and attached by the unknown gets on top of your mind. 

Sit back and read through the List of Top Cosmic and Space Horror Movies. 

The void: ” The hospital”

The void
Top Cosmic and Space Horror Movies

Initial release: 22 September 2016

Directors: Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski

Things were pretty normal until we witnessed the entry of hooded cult people, and grotesque creatures. The hospital which was supposed to be the place for saving lives turned out to be the gateway to some dark world. When a nurse kills a patient while being in the influence of some uncanny powers. The other group of people is forced deeper into the hospital. They are teleported to a different world where their lives are at a risk.

The storylines of Powell discovering that he can defy death. To the unknown creatures setting the hospital on a battlefield, is enough to stutter you.

Event Horizon: ” Neptune “

Event Horizon

Initial release: 15 August 1997

Director: Paul W. S. Anderson

What if I tell you someone thought of making a film on sending a spacecraft on Neptune in 1997. The mere thought of it for us is fascinating, and someone managed to make a film out of it. That too with a touch of the cult experience. A titular mission was sent to explore Neptune 7 years earlier. But being the maiden attempt it failed.

Out of nowhere, 7 years later the lost ship contacts the base and asks for help. The spacecraft fell prey to a black hole and went into a different dimension. The rescue party that is sent to bring the inhabitants of the ship back found it that there’s much behind the scenes. They discover that the ship has opened the way for some alien creature through the space-time continuum. The film is originally set in 2047 so you can expect some beyond science concepts being cherished.

Pandorum: “Mission Tanis”


Initial release: 25 September 2009 (Bulgaria)

Director: Christian Alvart

The feeling of being abandoned and lonely is cherished beautifully in this film. When two of the crew members of the spacecraft Elysium come out of their prolonged hibernation. They find that some of the crew are killed and they aren’t the only ones on the ship. Some outer world creatures are hunting them down. The mission which was targeted to the earth like planet Tanis now held captive by cannibals. The creatures are sensitive to sound and are hunting for the crew madly. Nadia in the closing scenes discovers that it’s been 923 long years since they have been on the mission. And they landed on Tanis some 800 years ago. 

The Sunshine: “Stimulating the sun”

The Sunshine

Initial release: 5 April 2007 

Director: Danny Boyle

Let us take a note of what we have witnessed till now, a moon mission, a Mars mission, we even had a Neptune mission. But we have a movie depicting a Sun mission yes, I’m not freaking kidding. The Sunshine is a movie that tells about a mission launched to stimulate the sun which is somehow dying. The crew must deliver a payload of atomic material to the sun after the initial attempt failed miserably. They managed to find the previous spacecraft and went on to notice something uncanny about the ship. It didn’t take them long to digest that they aren’t the only beings breathing on the ship. An alien is there to get rid of them. The suspense element will drive you crazy. 

Life:” Life on Mars “


Initial release: 22 March 2017

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Speculations are red hot that there are life shreds of evidence on Mars, and we have seen movies with Mars missions before. We have the likes of The Martian and Gravity. But what establishes Life as a finesse class film is the alienate element. The film is about a team from the International Space Station ISS sent on a mission to discover life forms on Mars.

The life cell they found on the planet multiplies outrageously and sets itself free from their testing facility. Now they are under the attack of a creature they hardly know. The creature called Calvin is smart enough to cut them off from the earth. Before dying David attempts to warn the people on earth not to open the pod at any cost but little did his warning seem to work. As we witness the open pod in the closing scenes and that’s a clear indication of Calvin roaming free that too on earth! 

Beyond The Gates:” The board game”

Beyond The Gates

Initial release: December 2016

 Director: Jackson Stewart

I’m pretty sure you all must have gone through Jumanji, if yes, then consider Beyond The Gates as the copybook version of Jumanji. We have a board game in this movie that is the teleportation device to an unknown universe. Though the game warns the two brothers before the start of the old VCR game of their father.

They begin to witness eerie forces acting upon them as they proceed with the game cards. The players must restore all the four keys as directed by the game to go back to their normal life. The mere sense is horrifying that they either have to finish the game or die. Thereee is no other way possible for them. The film has got enough suspense and adrenaline arousing moments to make you go on a topsy turvy ride. 

Europa Report: ” Life on Jupiter “

Europa Report

Initial release: 2 August 2013 

Director: Sebastián Cordero

Mars, Moon, Saturn, Neptune, and even the Sun have seen movies sending out space exploration missions on every planet we could imagine. Europa Report has a similar objective of finding life on one of the moons of Jupiter. A 6 person team is assigned to explore Europa, the moon of Jupiter. The crew is held in the clutches of what looked like a solar storm. The crew must try to regain any sort of contact from the base.

The movie is special in the account of its storytelling method. All the scenes we see are excerpts of the footage from the crew’s journal updates. The footage which they recorded while on the mission. 

Absentia: “the tunnel of trouble”


Initial release: 3 March 2011 

Director: Mike Flanagan

Who told you that the movie must have a spacecraft and people going to space to qualify for a cosmic film. Absentia brought outer space to earth quite brilliantly though it was draped in blood and horror. Tricia is about to accept that her husband whose whereabouts are hard to find for the last 7 years is dead. Until one day a meek, malnutrition, tortured, ill-shaped Daniel appears at her doorsteps.

The root cause of all such happenings in the town in the past 100 years is investigated. And almost instantly we witness Tricia going missing. Callie who has done her research on the tunnel can be seen standing on the edge of the tunnel with the killer creature resting on her shoulders. Which is enough to explain that the trade went miserably wrong. 

The Endless:” The UFO thing”

The Endless

Initial release: 20 June 2018

Directors: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

The Endless is a film that you will find a way beyond the scope of our imaginations. It will keep you playing the guessing game until the very end. The movie is about a UFO crash site from where a cult group has supposedly escaped years ago. Justin and Aaron are asked to reinvestigate the site which will prove to be the costliest mistake of their life. Costly in terms of risking their lives. On the site, they are baffled by strange happenings and ostentatious clues.

They soon discover that the place is held in some kind of time loop. Those trapped in those loops will witness his painful death as the third moon rises. Aaron and Justin must escape the place before they too are trapped. The concepts of the outer world connection in the film challenge your understanding to a different level. 

Pulse: “ghosts making their way back “


Initial release: 3 February 2001 

Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa

If you are to tell someone the ill effect of using the internet, make them watch this film. In the film, the internet acts as a breeding ground for the gory ghostly spirits from the outer world. Moreover, the essence of loneliness and being stranded is shelled out so beautifully that any horror fan would love it. The movie runs two different stories side by side.

In the first one, we find Michi and Yabe receiving a call for help and ultimately falling prey to the demonic forces. The other story witnesses the invasion of the Kanto region by ghostly spirits. Ryosuke is held by the ghosts and the ghosts make him lose his interest in living anymore. Catastrophic havoc and large-scale destruction perfectly blended with gory screenplay are what Pulse promises. 

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