Best Scariest Horror Movies of all time

Best Scariest Horror Movies of all time
Best Scariest Horror Movies of all time

Best Scariest Horror Movies of all time: So now when you passed the resolution with the consent of your mind and soul to explore through the list of Scariest Horror Movies. The onus is all ours to enable you the insights to some flicks that will send you into endless loops of fright. 

We have flushed this list with some of the top picks of the classic horror in tandem with some latest flicks. Thereee’s every possibility that a legit horror fan must have gone through some of the movies on the list before. But there’s no better time than this to refresh your memory. top Camping Horror Film you just cannot miss


Surf through the Scariest Horror Movies of all time. 

10.The Thing: ” Creature on the hint”

The Thing

Release date: 10 December 1982 

Director: John Carpenter

Coming up with the concept of impersonation, or camouflaging whatever you may call it, in the ’80s is an achievement in itself. The film found its voice when it was aired on the television. A research team based in Antarctica is under the attack of an unknown parasite that takes the body of the host it attacks. The team has to figure out which member of their team is serving as the host. Those moments when you don’t know which member of the team will go frenzy for the blood of others. The alien visualization and special effects used in the film was way ahead of the time it belonged. 

9.Paranormal Activity: ” Is my house haunted “

Paranormal Activity

Release date: 8 January 2010 

Director: Oren Peli

paranormal Activity Movie You are strong of the opinion that there’s a ghostly impression on your house. You set up cameras throughout the house and your doubts are validated. Katie and Micah were facing some minor disturbances until they almost challenged the spirits. You will lose your calm in the climax when Katie is under demonic possession and is on the hunt. The camera records that Katie is standing on the doorway with her clothes dripping with blood, wearing a kinky smile. She killed Micah and fled. 

8. The Blair Witch Project: ” Video footage found “

The Blair Witch Project

Initial release: 16 July 1999 

Directors: Eduardo Sánchez, Daniel Myrick

The film is set in Burkittsville, Maryland. Three theatre students Heather, Mike, and Josh set on to film a documentary in the town. Despite constant warnings from the locals about the spirit of a woman whose feet never touch the ground. Their troubles start for real when Josh goes missing and his painful screams can be heard through the woods. Following the trails, the rest two Heather and Mike reach an abandoned house. The basement of the house was the base of the demonic forces and they were attacked as soon as they entered the basement, their cameras went off. 

7.The Jaws: “Sharks gone frenzy”

Release date: 26 December 1975 

Director: Steven Spielberg

Even before we saw the Jurassic world series there was The Jaws. Though due to the lack of VFX the Sharks appeared unreal the concept was new too. Matt Hooper, Quint, and Martin Brody will have to end the regime of the killer shark from the shore of Amity Island. The shark is absolutely in no mood to spare anybody who comes to the shore. In the end, a whole pack of scuba instruments, shark cage, and loads of bravery is mixed in delicate proportions to get past the killer giant. If you are watching the film watch out for water getting red anytime. 

6.The Exorcist: ” The best horror flick you will get in ages”

Initial release: 26 December 1973 

Director: William Friedkin

The Exorcist is based on the 1971 novel having the same name by Blatty. The film starts smelling like a demon’s plaything as soon as we witness the ouija board. Regan grows psychologically unstable and starts doing eerie chores. Her demonic possessions are however not reflected in any of the medical tests. Her parents hire two priests to exorcise the devil spirits. Eventually, Regan is freed from the clutches of the spirit. You might not find the film very rich in the horror quotient, but it did set the tone for the glorified future of the genre quite upright. 

5.The Hills Have Eyes: “Cannibals “

Initial release: 22 July 1977

Director: Wes Craven

The scene from the movie when a dog is shot down is eaten by humans, is really disturbing and might send some people packing into trauma. Bob along with his family is traveling from Cleveland, Ohio to San Diego. They actually fell for a precisely set trap by a group of mutants. The mutants are an outcome of nuclear testing by the USA. They are cannibals and feed upon human flesh. The family has almost zero chances of making it through but joining dots to dots they somehow made it. The closing scene where a mutant is watching them from the hilltop gives an obvious indication of a sequel coming our way.

4.Hereditary: ” Not everyone inherited soothing traits”

Initial release: 7 June 2018 

Director: Ari Aster

The perfectly on track and simple life of a normal-looking family turn on its heads when the matriarch dies. The family members believe that death isn’t as natural as it appears, on enquiring they discover the ghostly connection of their ancestors. Thereee comes Paimon taking the bodies of different family members captive and going on a killing streak. The whole storybook thing just adds to the eerie plot. Finally, Paimon is freed from his female host’s body and is asked to leave the family. The horror quotient of the movie kicks in for real as people began to die. 

3.The Conjuring: “The Conjuring Universe”

Release date: 2 August 2013 (India)

Director: James Wan

Little did anyone knew that this film is going to be a landmark in supernatural flicks. When Roger and their family moved into their cottage in Rhode Island, they soon knew they aren’t the only residents of the house. Clock stopping at 3:07 AM, birds flying out of the windows, Sadie found dead, Christiane witnessing a spirit only she could and much more to add to the tally of the paranormal activities the family witnessed. They contacted demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren the same people who investigated Annabelle a possessed doll. Watch out to see if the spiritual streak ends or continues to haunt the family.

 2.The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: ” Cannibal captivity “

Initial release: 1 October 1974

Director: Tobe Hooper

Sally Hardesty and her brother Franklin visit the grave of their grandparents after alleged grave stealing reports in the area. But they committed the biggest sin of their lives to enter a remote lodge to ask for gas. An elderly man wearing a mask made of human skin invites them inside and traps them. The man butchers one of their friends immediately and sets for Sally and Franklin in the woods. The man attacks Franklin with a chainsaw and he has nowhere to go and ultimately is all squared up. The entire scenes of the massacre are so terrifying that you would want to flee from your television sets. 

1.The shining:” The caretaker “

Initial release: 23 May 1980 

Director: Stanley Kubrick

It’s the kind of film that will make you feel on the edge and unsafe for the entire duration of 2 hours. Head spinning psychological horror that will surge into your mind. Jack Torrance, once a full-blown alcoholic, agrees to serve as the caretaker of the Colorado Rockies hotel. Thereee comes a family whose son Danny can see the horrid past of the hotel. He could communicate with the cook of the hotel having the same abilities through telepathy. 

Danny is left baffled to see past the previous winter caretaker of the hotel losing his calm and killing his own family. Loads of screams, blood oozing, chops of human flesh basement scenes, and much more, there is enough caliber in the film to grab the ultimate position in our countdown of Scariest Horror Movies of all time. 

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