Best Horror Movies of 2017 – Get Out, IT, Gerald’s Game, Annabelle, 1922

Best Horror Movies of 2017
Best Horror Movies of 2017

We can call the year 2017 as the year for remakes of some outrageously popular horror movies. We got the luxury to witness the sequel of Leatherface, The Blair Witch Project, and fan favorites like Annabelle and It. 

Having said that we have some iconic remakes in this list of The Best Horror Movies of 2017. We never intended that we don’t have the likes of some new releases. And of course some movies from stalwarts like Stephen King. 

Once the lust of a true horror fan kicks in, the only way to satisfy it is to pick the best-suited one from this list and have a comfy bed. We have done our research all right and as we say applied just the right filters. To curate this list of the Best Horror Movies 2017. Recommendations: in case you are still hungry for horror watch our list of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix. Or maybe the Best Japanese Horror Movies. 

List of the Best Horror Movies of 2017:

Get Out: “theArmitages”

Get Out

Initial Release:  24 February 2017

Director: Jordan Peele

The movie with no cliche horror scenes yet satisfies viewers with enough thought-provoking scenes. The presence of plausible events without any unnatural presence gives a relatable nature to the characters. The lead, Chris, visits his girlfriend’s parents and strange things begin to unravel which should have a reason. The next thing he remembers is finding himself tied to a chair and that he is the next bait for Armitages. We also witness a breathtaking escape attempt from Chris, with Jeremy, and Missy dying and Georgina getting hurt. For its charismatic screenplay, it bagged the Academy Award. 

IT: ” the losers club “


Initial Release:8 September 2017 

Director: Andrés Muschietti

With a bunch of teenagers as the lead cast, the movie might look trifling to most. Yet the movie is not for the faint-hearted. Each member of the squad goes through the haunted experience of the foul-mouthed clown who attacked Georgia. The children refer to themselves as ” the losers club. The clown hunts for the children of Derry every 27 years before setting for a prolonged hibernation. The movie undoubtedly succeeded in making each viewer relive the worst fear of their childhood. With a shapeshifting clown, Pennywise starts attacking infants, again! 

Gerald’s Game: ” Handcuffed “

Gerald’s Game

Initial Release: September 19, 2017

Director:  Mike Flanagan

Based on the story by Stephen King, the movie has the viewer chained to the bars of a bed with their spouse dead and hopelessly searching for a way to escape a slow death. The scenes are so gripping that the audience will start thinking a way out. The spirit in the film is named Gerald and it gets into the subconscious mind of Jessie. Jessie ultimately had to cut her arm to free herself from the cuffs. This particular scene will send you packing into nastiness. This shows how much the movie succeeds in portraying the state of the protagonist’s psychological state.

Annabelle: “Creation”


Initial Release: 18 August 2017 

Director: David Sandberg

The Conjuring franchise is one that everyone got a scare on, and Annabelle is no new name. The spirit of the 7-year-old daughter Samuel Mullins wants a soul for herself as a host. The demon which resides in the scary doll is found by a nun and six orphan girls when Samuel and Ellie let them in. The spirit gets inside Janice and makes her drive crazy for the blood of her sisters. What follows is the gruesome killing of the rest of the girls. The way the backstory of the doll unfolds is unachievable by any other horror character. The closing scenes depict Annabelle growing old and joining the satanic cult. 

1922:” Post committing a crime”


Initial release: 23 September 2017

Director: Zak Hilditch

Stephen King is everywhere when it comes to horror stuff. 1922 is another such gem from him that focuses on the horrors that haunt a man who made the wrong decisions for selfish pleasure. The cold-blooded murder by a rancher along with his son starts eating his life itself. Wilf kills his wife Arlette by tricking her. But soon the troubles began to come thick and fast for him. He is remorseful of his sins and is growing insane. Goosebumps are sure to occur when the Wife confronts the spirit of his wife. Her spirit is shown eaten by the same rats who have troubled him for long. 

Happy Death Day:” In the loop”

Happy Death Day

Initial release: 12 October 2017 (Brazil)

Director: Christopher Landon

Someone must have given a prolonged thought to come up with the concept of making a movie going in the loop. The movie is about a girl who has to relive a day in repeats until she finds her own murderer. We find Carter taking a great deal of interest in solving the mystery and finally revealing that he was playing a prank on Tree.  With proper choreography, the movie makes the repetitive sequences that are necessary for the plot, watchable with the increasing suspense. It’s quite natural to find the striking resemblance of the movie with “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Creep 2:” The videotape “

Creep 2

Initial release: 6 October 2017

Director: Patrick Jack-Brice

Seldom does a sequel movie from the Horror genre surpass the original one. This time, the serial killer, who is the lead, is up for another videographer and she, Sara, is very hard to scare. Sara is taken by shock when she is asked by Aaron to make a documentary on him or else he will hunt her down too. Also that he has killed 39 others. Sara is left with no choice but to shoot his videotape. We come to witness the irrational acts of Aaron probably on account of his depression. When Aaron tries to kill and bury Sara, she stabs him and runs away. The movie sure will leave a mark on the viewer. Quite intelligently we are made aware of a third sequel. When Sara is being chased by a ghostly person in NewYork.

The Lure:” The mermaids”

The Lure

Initial release: 25 December 2015 (Poland)

Director: Agnieszka Smoczyńska

Based on the book “The Little Mermaid”, this Polish movie with a bizarre and alluring story of killer mermaids from the 1980s. The plot takes a rollercoaster ride when both mermaid siblings come in contact with a band. Silver falls for Mietek and Golden meets Triton. Silver, in order to remove her tail, gets them operated and replaced with a pair of legs. She is unable to impress her love and ultimately Mietek marries another woman. Silver must kill Mietek or else she will turn into foam. But how can she murder the man she loved? She couldn’t and consequently turns into foam. This where the evil side of Golden comes to all guns blazing. 

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Cult of Chucky:” Chucky is back”

Cult of Chucky

Initial release: 20 October 2017

Director: Don Mancini

This Child’s Play franchise movie is taking a humorous yet horrifying turn with the lead villain Chunky. The ability of the creator to surprise the audience even after these many parts is astonishing. Nica is taking therapy classes after being framed for the death of her family by Chucky 4 years ago. In the following days, Nica finds written on her wrist “not so fast” And Angela is dead. Nica is taken aback because she knows Chucky is back. Chucky even enables her to get rid of the doctor Forey who has been sexually assaulting her. The entire movie series is connected through dots to one another. One might face difficulties in understanding some of the scenes without having watched the previous installments.

It Comes at Night:” World under siege”

It Comes at Night

Initial release: 9 June 2017 

Director: Trey Edward Shults

A new type of horror movie with suspenseful scenes to make it extremely clutching. The slow but steady progression of the plot in a confined house setting is unsettling and agog.Th

the world is under the captivity of a contagious virus. Paul and his family must pace their way through it. They were doing quite well until they gave shelter to their friend Andrew. Their son discovers that Andrew is infected, but it’s too late. Travis, their son is infected and we see him lying on his deathbed. Sara and Paul aren’t left out too, they too are infected. The last we see of them is that they are sitting on the dining table. With death-like silence surrounding them, almost as they are waiting for their death. That moment of hopelessness will haunt you for sure.