Best Horror Movies of 2016 – The Tag-Along, Train to Busan, They Look Like People, Don’t Breathe, The Conjuring 2

Best Horror Movies of 2016
Best Horror Movies of 2016

The year 2017 was no different by any means as far as the carnage of horror movies in the world cinema is concerned. It is perfectly alright to state that there are truckloads of horror movies that are dumped for us each year. But you cannot and you should not go on watching each one of them. Nobody simply wastes his 100 minutes on a movie only to regret the decision. Here, you can find the details about the best horror movies of 2016

Now when you have paved your way to having a bite of the Best Horror Movies of 2017. We will bring you the top films from the vault that put up quite a remarkable show. We don’t really judge a film solely on its collection records. Scare-quotient, audience response, rating reviews, sometimes influence of the cast, and many more factors needed to be taken care of. Leave that behind the curtain work to us. Best Horror Movies on Netflix. 

Binge watch list of the Best Horror Movies of 2016: 

The Tag-Along: “Modern day ghost story”

The Tag-Along

 Initial Release: 19 November 2016

Director: Cheng Wei-Hao

The director Cheng Wei-Hao transformed the popular urban legend of Taiwan (a child in a red dress who follows strangers in the forest and takes away their souls) with writer Jian Shi-gang into a modern-day story of ghosts and grief. With a slowly building atmosphere and several effective beats, this one of the best horror movie succeeded to take the breath away of the audience. As you proceed with the characters in the darkest nightmares, you’ll be too worried about what’s behind your back. However, you’ll also be too afraid to figure it out. It is extremely effective and capable of providing you goosebumps. 

Train to Busan: “zombie apocalypse”

Train to Busan

Initial Release: 13 May 2016

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Forget about terrorists hijacking a plane, this movie actually shows living dead flesh eaters invading a passenger express. With a great blend of an action movie’s rapid-fire pace and a zombie apocalypse, this Korean movie successfully hit the charts in 2016. By watching this movie, you’ll definitely enjoy a nightmare filled with adrenaline. Apart from horror, the movie portrays a loving relationship between a father and a daughter who is traveling to his wife for the birthday of the daughter in a Train to Busan. Amidst their journey, they get trapped inside a zombie outbreak and their journey becomes a nightmare. Now when we are talking about ace horror films from the Korean industry you might want to have a look at the Top Korean Horror Movies. 

They Look Like People: “Visible signs of paranoia”

They Look Like People

Initial Release: 25 January 2016

Director: Perry Blackshear

What if demons are actually taking over the world in human form? What if your best friend is none other than Satan himself? Well, if you believe in any of these, signs are that you have paranoia. In the movie They Look Like People, the story features several people suffering from mental illness. Unlike other horror movies, this movie explores one of the most untouched topics of humans while entertaining you. One of the people with mental illness constantly visualizes a strange character. This makes other people believe that there’s something paranormal in the hospital. 

Don’t Breathe: ” Robbery gone wrong “

Don’t Breathe

Initial release: 25 August 2016 

Director: Fede Alvarez 

People say money is the root cause of all problems. Director Fede Alvarez, through the medium of this movie, delivers a strong message of greediness. In this movie, three Detroit thieves named Rocky, money, and Alex gain their fortune by robbing rich people. One fine day, they come to know about a veteran who became a millionaire overnight by winning a cash settlement. Believing him to be an easy target, the trio sneak into the house of a veteran in the middle of nowhere. However, they’re now trapped forever and need to fight for survival after uncovering the dark secret of the victim. 

The Conjuring 2: ” Taking the Conjuring legacy forward”

The Conjuring 2

Initial Release: 10 June 2016 

Director: James Wan 

After the immense success of The Conjuring, director James Wan never looked back and continued working on the horror genre. Unlike other sequels, The Conjuring 2 didn’t fail to impress people. In fact, it was even better than the primer. Based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine, the movie embarks on a horrifying experience of the couple and their young daughter in North London. One day, the daughter starts showing traits of demonic possession. Now, the couple does every possible thing to help their young child. However, them being unaware of the powers of the demon, become the next target of the spirit. 

Lights Out: “Childhood fears”

Lights Out

Initial Release: 21 July 2016

Director: David F. Sandberg

Initially found as a YouTube short film, Lights Out finally received a full-length film. The movie portrays one of the most underlying problems of humans i.e., depression and mental health. However, you’ll hardly find that the movie is going preachy at any point. The movie features Rebecca, a girl who left her home for good. She believes her childhood fears to follow in her adulthood. Now, her brother feels the same events in a terrifying way. The story uncovers how the siblings have an uncommon attachment with their mother. Now, a supernatural power has returned to pay back to the family for their sins. 

The Neon Demon: “Model in LA”

The Neon Demon

Initial Release: 23 June 2016 

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

Once you watch the trailer, you cannot resist yourself from watching the whole movie. Moreover, it’ll surely blow your expectations with its perfect blend of thrill, action, and suspense. Following a teenage girl Jessie, The Neon Demon shows her journey of becoming a model in Los Angeles. Throughout her career, she needs to deal with the odds of the beauty standards that contaminate our society. Even though the movie doesn’t deal with spirits and monsters, it shows the real face of demons among us. 

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The Witch: ” New England of 1630″

The Witch

Initial Release: 18 October 2016

Director: Robert Eggers

Period films blended with just the right proportion of horror elements are too tough a combination to beat. No director’s debut could match the competency of Robert Eggers gained with The Witch. With the absurdity in the plot and the perfect scares, the movie instantly became a fan favorite overnight. Taking you back in 1630 in New England, a farmer and his family suddenly develop a panic when his youngest son disappears unknowingly. Thomasin, the elder daughter, is blamed for his disappearance because she was taking care of him the earlier day. Along with the pain of losing their youngest son, the farmer finds out about the dark secrets of Thomasin who was involved in Witchcraft and dark magic. 

Ouija: Origins of Evil: ” Alice Zander”

Best Horror Movies of 2016

Initial Release: 20 October 2016

Director: Mike Flanagan

We’ve all sacrificed our sleep for the Ouija Boards story narrated by our grandmother. Director Mike Flanagan, with his 2016’s hit Ouija: Origins of Evil delivers a terrifying experience of a widowed mother from 1967 in Los Angeles. Mistakenly awakening the evil to her home, Alice Zander embarks through a set of horrifying experiences. When the spirit captures the body of her youngest daughter, the family of Alice needs to face the spirit to save the family. You must watch the movie to know how the brave family sends back the spirit to its origin through constant efforts. 

Under the Shadow: ” War in Iran”

Under the Shadow
Best Horror Movies of 2016

Initial Release: 30 September 2016

Director: Babak Anwari

The idea was to present the plight of horror amidst a battlefield. Shot in Farsi, the movie under the shadow makes a highly mediocre setting with stunning sound effects and a brilliant acting team. During the war of Iran-Iraq, the building of Shideh was hit by a missile. Amidst the destruction, one of the neighbors suggests that the missile was somehow cursed and contains evil spirits. After the attack, a supernatural power tries to possess the daughter of the victim. Now, the daughter and the mother need to fight the forces and save each other from the evil powers. They must defy the clutches of the evil forces at the same time trying to set themselves free from the building.