Top Christmas Horror Movies that you should watch this Holiday Season

Top Christmas Horror Movies
Top Christmas Horror Movies

Top Christmas Horror Movies: Christmas has got much more up its sleeves than vibrant lights, rounds of celebrations, and loads of eatables. The darker side of Christmas is engraved in this list of Christmas Horror Movies. It will send you in a parallel universe making you experience everything from uncanny to uncomfortable to brutally horrific.  For a moment you will want to recall all the merry moments of yours from the past Christmases but the very next scene will lure you deeper into the cringy happenings. 

The lights have filled the streets and it’s the most beautiful time of the year. You should probably be playing in the winter snow but there’s something even more exciting to do. On such an occasion, there could be nothing better than watching a Christmas horror movie with your loved ones. You might also want to have a look into the Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Top Christmas Horror Movies

Therefore, here’s a curated list of Christmas Horror Movies  that’ll give you shivers: 

Black Christmas: “when psycho met psychos”

Black Christmas

Initial release: 11 December 2019 

Directors: Sophia Takal

Finally, the Christmas holidays are here and Hawthorne college has been thawed. Students are eager to return home and spend the holy time with their families. However, Riley and her sisters have got other plans. While the sisters throw up a seasonal part, a mysterious person invades the celebration and causes brutal mayhem on the campus. Riley and her friends, refusing to die without any reason, pair up and fight for their survival. Turns out, the cloaked figure is a psychotic killer. If you want action with a snort of horror, this certainly a great movie for you to watch this Christmas season.

Christmas evil:” The evil behind the Santa dress “

Christmas evil

Initial Release: 7 November 1980

Director: Lewis Jackson

The movie follows a story of a child who’s obsessed with Santa Claus because her mother was cruelly groped by his father dressed in a Santa Claus dress. The child being mentally traumatized due to this incident cuts his hand with a glass shard. Later on, the child grows up and murder people in a Santa Claus suit. Alternatively, the movie shows a toy-maker whose workpieces are criticized due to which he suffers from a mental breakdown. The heartbroken man then goes on a killing spree. This certainly a great movie to experience some brutal scenes with a highly practical storyline.

Krampus: “Young Max”


Initial Release: 30 November 2015

Director: Michael Dougherty

Young max, frustrated by the squabbling of his dysfunctional family, transforms into a horned beast known as Krampus. The storyline begins with people celebrating this magical time of year. Suddenly, the European folklore heads up running to warn people about the demon. Now, the family with a mother, father, and sister band together to remain safe from Krampus who wants to punish the family. This movie has a highly appealing mix of both horror and humor. Moreover, the scope of the story is somewhat narrow but doesn’t fail to give you some chills.

Gremlins: “the Christmas present “


Initial Release: 8 June 1984

Director: Joe Dante

On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, a gadget salesman is in search of a Christmas gift for his son. After searching for a while, the salesman finds a gift shop in Chinatown. Excited for the gift, the person meets the shopkeeper who introduces him to “mogwai”. However, while selling it, the shopkeeper warns the salesperson to never expose the “mogwai” to light and water. Failing to do so, the shopkeeper’s son messes up. It leads to a gang of gremlins destroying the whole town during Christmas eve. To fix their mistake, the salesman and son decide to stop this mayhem. With nice graphics and epic storylines, you’ll surely enjoy this movie with your family.

Dead End:” hitchhiker “

Dead End

Initial Release: 12 December 2003

Director: Jean-Baptiste Andrea

The Dead End movie Travelling is one of the best things you can do at Christmas. A family embarks on a journey for a gathering. While they set off their journey, they decide to take a shortcut through a wooden road. However, they weren’t aware of the surprises waiting for them next door. Everything was going fine until they nearly collided with a car. During their journey, they meet two strangers – a hitchhiker and her child. As soon as they pick them up, their journey becomes dark and scary. If you are comfortable with jump-scares, this movie is the perfect choice for you.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: “The pumpkin king”

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Initial Release: 9 October 1993 

Director: Henry Selick

The pumpkin king is a far more suitable title for the film, but who are we to argue over it.The movie begins with featuring Jack Skellington, a person from Halloween town, known as the pumpkin king. Being fed up with the usual routine of frightening people from the real world, Jack finds Christmas town. Suddenly, he gets enchanted with all the warm spirits and colors of mistletoe. With his new obsession for Christmas, he plans to take over the Christmas spirit by kidnapping Santa Claus. However, things don’t go as planned and Jack ends up realizing the importance of the Christmas spirit. This a great movie with an inspirational message at the end. 

Anna and the apocalypse:” Zombies in the town”

Anna and the apocalypse

Initial Release: 30 November 2018

Director: John McPhail

Christmas charisma blended with zombie madness, a delightful feast for zombie fans. The town of Little Haven is celebrating Christmas eve with the uttermost excitement when suddenly a zombie apocalypse takes place. The little town threatened by the living dead, feels hopeless. This forces Anna, the main character of the storyline to team up with her friends and fight their way to save the town from zombies. They immerse themselves in a race with the undead to keep their loved ones safe. However, after a lot of effort, they realize that they can’t win the war. The whole civilization falls in front of their eyes and all they can do is rely on each other. 

Rare Exports: “A Christmas Tale”

Rare Exports

Initial Release: 7 August 2010

Director: Jalmari Helander

The story features two young boys Pietari and Juuso who live beside one another. Being curious, the two friends secretly plan to drill a mountain near their house. After doing so, they discover a secret tomb where Santa Claus resides. However, contrary to the popular belief, this Santa is evil and not as friendly as the children expected. Pietari’s father, a popular hunter, catches an old man in his plotted wolf trap. The town of Northern Finland is discovering reindeers being slaughtered and children being disappeared. The old man may know the secret of all these creepy activities. If you are a fan of suspense movies, this movie is a perfect match for you.

Silent Night: ” Or maybe not so silent Night “

Silent Night

Initial Release: 30 November 2012

Director: Steven C. Miller

Based on a real-life event, a serial killer dressed in the attire of Santa Claus creates havoc during the annual Christmas celebration of a small town. While everyone is dressed in the same clothes, the killer successfully hides from the authorities in plain sight. The killer named Bruce Jeffery Pardo kills more than 9 people with his assault rifle. Later on, the cops discover the killer to be a 45-year-old man. At last, the police take control of the situation by taking him down through an encounter. If you ever heard about this incident, you may want to watch this movie to know what exactly happened on that silent night. 

The Lodge:” Remote cabin “

The Lodge

Initial Release: 25 January 2019

Directors: Veronica Franz, Severin Fiala 

Get set to go on a tour of nerve-racking, slow-paced cringy horror. On the event of Christmas Holidays, a family of four books a remote winter cabin to spend time together. Unfortunately, the father gets a sudden notice to report for work. Forcefully, the father leaves the two children and her girlfriend (Grace) in the lodge all alone. As soon as he leaves, a severe thunderstorm with high winds blocks all the entrances of the cabin. This calamity traps the children and Grace inside the lodge. When this happens, a series of terrifying events take place in the lodge. Later on, it is revealed that it was all part of the dark past of Grace. Now discover the Scariest Movies of All time

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