Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Planning to satisfy your fright appetite with a horror movie? Gear yourself with some popcorn and take the comfy side of your bed! Netflix has your back covered. Netflix has some fine cut horror stuff ranging from classic 90s horror movies to recently released ones. Horror as a genre has a firm presence on Netflix with over 1000 movies waiting to scare the hell out of you. 

We have traversed for hours through the horror genre offered by Netflix in order to pen down the top 10 gems for you. The Best Horror Movies on Netflix that you should not miss. You certainly won’t be planning to spend the first one hour or so to find the appropriate content. Thereee’s every possibility that you might end up sparing your valuable time watching some trash content. 

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List of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix. 

Let me tell you one thing very clear, not allowing yourself a bite of these films might send you packing into the thoughts of sorrow. This list is regularly updated for the latest addition by the streaming giant and also for the content that has been removed by Netflix. 

Under the shadow: “Demons in the war”

Initial release: 30 September 2016 

Director: Babak Anvari

Under the shadow

This film proved the fact that war grounds can serve as a perfect setting for a horror movie. Under the shield is set in the 1980 Tehran. When Shideh’s building is struck by a missile. On top of it the entire place is in a great deal of turmoil. Her new neighbors Ebrahimi beware of the presence of ghostly spirits in the apartment and the spirits will come for each and every soul. The rest of the movie depicts the frantic efforts of Shideh and Dorsa to escape the building. From what was a Sheidh rescuing Dorsa it turned on its heads being the latter one rescuing the former from the ghost’s clutches. 


Errementari: “The Blacksmith and the Devil”


Initial release: 2 March 2018 

Director: Paul Urkijo

The film is set in a 19th-century village, the entire film is shot in a gloomy background which just adds to the horror theme perfectly. The story revolves around a blacksmith who out of his rage has captured a demon. He tortures the demon for his past deeds and tries to exact his revenge. Things were quite lucid until a girl mistakenly set the evil free. Now the evil will hunt for the people of the village like anything. The director added some great detailing to the film. Like the chickpea and the evil scene which just makes this film an absolute feast to the eyes. 


Climax: “Celebration turned bloodbath”


Initial release: 19 September 2018 

Director: Gaspar Noé

This French movie takes the audience to a wired party, which takes place at a deserted school building in a remote area. Where a bunch of dancers chooses to rehearse. Soon, the mood changes into a full-blown celebration which turns dark when they find out they are all in LSD. The fun-night turns into a bloodbath with the hallucinating effect of the drug, where violence, crime, and rivalries take the top-note. The movie makes bold statements with several hidden as well as obvious meanings about French culture where ethics in sex and social interaction is stated. Director should be appreciated for keeping the movie exciting till the real story begins with the blood-spill.

Videodrome: “80’s classic horror”


Initial release: 4 February 1983

Director: David Cronenberg

With a failing TV channel protagonist, Max Renn takes up Videodrome. A TV show which features brutal punishment as the highlight. In the meantime, his girlfriend goes for the audition of the show and never returns. This concerns him to take a detailed look into the backside of the show. Only to discover nerve-wracking truth behind the graphic violence which turns out to be real. Moreover, the movie is made to stick to the viewer’s conscience. 

Sinister: ” The former occupant”


Initial release: 5 October 2012 

Director: Scott Derrickson

This movie revolves around a crime-writer, who moves to a new home condemning the slump in writing he has found himself in. In the desperate search for a good story, he bumps into the brutal death tapes of the former occupants of his new house. His curiosity leads him to find out the fatality of continuing in that sinister house with the presence of a wicked supernatural force. The way the movie convinces the story into the viewer is appreciable with an applaudable ending.

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INSIDIOUS: ” Scariest of em all”


Initial release: 31 March 2011 

Director: James Wan

Insidious has created a separate fanbase for itself up and above the boundaries of the genre. People waited like anything for its second part. It is about a couple of Josh and Renai Lambert who moved into a new house with their children expecting a fresh start. However, the idea of a fresh start decayed soon when their son Dalton falls prey to some supernatural powers that reside in the house. The family must protect their member from the captivity of the demon who was none other than the woman who troubled Josh when he was a kid. 


The Autopsy of Jane Doe: “Even the dead speak volumes”

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Initial release: 23 March 2017 

Director: André Øvredal

Tommy and Austin, when asked to do the autopsy of the body of a beautiful lady found dead on a homicide crime scene, were unaware of the bizarre facts they were about to discover. Soon they start to witness uncanny happenings like bodies in the morgue gone missing, lights exploding, the tooth of that lady found in her stomach wrapped in a cloth with Roman initials. Even after facing several third-degree burns and declared dead , Jane Doe’s brain tissue cells remain active. On examination of the piece of cloth, they discovered that she was a woman turned into a witch and now she seeks her revenge. 

Gerald’s game ” From game to death “

Gerald's game

Initial release: 2017 

Director: Mike Flanagan

The film finds its setting based on Stephen King’s novel that came in 1992 with the same name. The movie will take you on a topsy turvy ride on claustrophobia and hallucination. Jessie and Gerald planned some intimate outing with Jessie being tied to the bedpost and Gerald seducing her. Scared by some demonic happening around her Jessie mistakenly kills her husband. In an attempt to free herself Jessie cuts her arm and that scene will make you shut your eyes, she somehow manages to escape. The man-made of moonlight who was responsible for all this still haunts Jessie as she tries to decode the mystery. 

The Witch “Set in 17th-century New England”

Initial release: 18 October 2015 (USA)

Director: Robert Eggers

A family’s attempts to square themselves from the hustle bustle are turned upside down. Especially when they discover the presence of sinister forces around their new accommodation. William and his family were aggressively attacked by the powers to death, not only their property, their animals, and everything is at bay. Black Phillip who was behind all this takes the form of a goat and asks Thomasin to be one of them. And in return, these paranoid activities will be halted forever. Watch the film to find out if Thomasin agrees. 

Green Room  “Neo-Nazis”

Green Room

Initial release: 15 April 2016 

Director: Jeremy Saulnier

This film perfectly depicts when unwanted troubles start routing their way towards us. Pat, Sam, Reece and Tiger, members of a band board on a bar outside Portland for some fun. They happen to witness the murder of a lady by the Cowcatcher band and are held captive at the bar. The Cowcatchers want to eliminate all the alive witnesses of the murder. Kyle and the company retaliate aggressively to the skinheads Clark and Alan. Only Pat and Amber survived the attack on them and made their way through the side by road.