Top PG-13 Horror Movies of all Time


Being uprightly honest PG-13 movies aren’t of the R rated grade. But having said that it is not intended at any point that Top PG-13 Horror Movies aren’t backed with enough arsenal to scare the hell out of you. They still can have a lasting impression on you with their nasty, foul-mouthed, goop-puking, and head-spinning content. 

What exactly is PG-13 Certification

In the 1980’s in an attempt to restrict such horror content from teenage children that can impact on their mental health, PG-13 was introduced. In America the films which are rated as PG-13 aren’t suitable for children under the age of 13. However it is at the discretion of the parents if they still wish to expose their children to such films. That is the very reason why the abbreviation PG  (parental guidance) is deployed. 

List of the Best PG-13 Horror Movies of all time. 

10. Drag me to hell: “Dark world at its peak”

Drag me to hell

Initial release: 15 March 2009

Director: Sam Raimi

With the evil dead films, Sami Raimi successfully delivered a lot of R-rated movies. However, by delivering drag me to hell, he proved his caliber of making scary entertainment without much gore. Drag me to hell certainly breaks the competencies among other PG-13 movies. Majorly, the movie consists of various scares and dark humor. In this movie, the actor Alison Lohman plays the character of a loan officer. Alison refuses to lend money to an old lady to save her home who curses her for the same. Thereeefore, it results in various scary and frightful events in the life of the officer.

9. Devil: “the elevator”


Initial release: 17 September 2010

Director: John Erick Dowdle

Inspired from a story written by M. Night Shyamalan, the small film released in 2010 didn’t fail to give chills to its audience. A group of unknown people is trapped inside an elevator. Out of all the humans, one is the devil. Throughout the movie, there are various terrifying events. Now, the audience needs to judge who is the devil among the mortals. With such an interesting concept, the audience really enjoyed their participation in the movie. Initially, it was meant to be a part of the Shyamalan’s “the night chronicles”. However, things didn’t go as expected. 

8. The Grudge: ” Tokyo under turmoil ”
The Grudge

Initial release: 1 January 2020

Director: Takashi Shimizu

After the immense success of The Ring, Sony grabbed yet another opportunity to serve the American audience with the Japanese horror concept. This time, it was the remake of Ju-On, a Japanese horror film by Takashi Shimizu. The main role, played by Michelle Gellar, is a nurse. She lives and works in Tokyo. However, while taking care of one of her patients, she is tormented with a curse. While the person dies with rage and sorrow, the cursed reborn and passes to another person. Due to the immense success of the movie, there was a remake in 2020 and two other installments were produced as well.

7. A Quiet Place: ” Shhhh someone’s listening “

A Quiet Place

Initial release: 6 April 2018

Director: John Krasinski

We all hate the person who makes unnecessary noise in the theater. However, the movie “A quiet place” completely changed the concept. With low dialogues and complete silence, this movie made all the so-called “theater guardians” feel awkward. But, the feeling of awkwardness gave a unique title to the movie. The story is based on a family who has to live in silence forever. Otherwise, if they make any sound, the monster will sense and hunt them down. You’ll definitely enjoy the story of struggling parents who fight for the survival of their children in eternal silence.

6. Arachnophobia:” Spiders “


Initial release: 18 July 1990

Director: Frank Marshall

While most of the horror movies portray spiritual creatures or monstrous beings, Arachnophobia delivers a brand-new concept to terrify its audience. Using the deepest feat of people, this movie skips the beat for people afraid of spiders. A rare species of spider kills a man in a rainforest. When his body is departed to his hometown, the eight-legged creatures ship along with him. Coincidently, the climate of the town is found to be perfect for the survival of these spiders. As a result, the whole town is infected with theses, deadly invaders.

5. The Sixth Sense: ” Otherworldly people “

The Sixth Sense

Initial release: 2 August 1999

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Even after so many amazing stories, the filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan never enjoyed the fame he deserves. However, after the release of The Sixth Sense, she suddenly gained limelight among the pg-13 audience. With a set of talented casts, the movie created an odd tension among the audience. A young boy who fails to cope up with his peers explains to a counselor that he can see people from an alternate dimension. The counselor advises him to identify clues left by the spirits for him.  The movie did so well that it was recognized by Oscar and nominated for numerous awards.  

4. The Ring: “the video cassette”

The Ring

Initial release: 1 February 2017

Director: Gore Verbinski

Featuring yet another remake of a Japanese horror named Ringo, this movie is an all-time famous movie that creates scares through the atmosphere and mood. After this movie, there came a trend to remake Asian horror movies for the American audience. A journalist finds a video cassette filled with terrifying and supernatural visuals. Soon after the cassette is found, she gets a call that threatens her that she has got a week to live. With the limited time left, her only aim is to unc0oover the secret of the videotape. While combatting with her fate, she successfully unwraps the truth behind the mystery.

3. The Others: Supernatural events”

The Others

Initial release: 2 August 2001

Director: Alejandro Amenábar

With an amazing narrative with an influencing tone, The Others is a great horror film from the early days that delivers an amazing experience that the audience can hardly forget. A woman waits restlessly for her husband who takes part in the fight of World War II. While taking care of her children in a big mansion, her younger child complains about seeing visitors in the mansion. Terrified woman, who is unable to see anyone, witnesses numerous bizarre occurrences. Even though the movie doesn’t show supernatural visuals, you can feel the existence of immortals through the horrifying sounds and shreds of evidence.

2. Insidious:” The other world “

Top PG-13 Horror Movies

Initial release: 31 March 2011

Director: James Wan

Soon after the release of this movie, filmmaker James Wan becomes an all-time horror master. Insidious is a unique horror film that makes the audience terrified with its paranormal visuals. The film features a couple with a nice young boy. The kid claims that he can see terrifying people in his home. Initially, the parents believe it to be an image of the child and don’t pay attention to it. However, when the child is diagnosed with an unidentified illness, they find a new world of monsters who want to invade the world of mortals.

1. Tremors: “town under attack “

Top PG-13 Horror Movies

Initial release: 8 September 1990

Director: Ron Underwood

During the time of 1990, horror movies majorly consisted of catholic and churches. However, this movie featured a monster and the concept of exploitation for survival. It features a small town where sudden disappearances take place in a mysterious way. Later on, the town is attacked by a troop of prehistoric creatures that look like gigantic worms. They suddenly appear from under the ground and grab the victim. Fortunately, the existing survivors find out the way these creatures sense their prey. Now, they exploit the weakness of this creature to stay alive and beat the humongous creatures.

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