Top Underrated Horror Movies that you should not miss

Top Underrated Horror Movies
Top Underrated Horror Movies

Top Underrated Horror Movies: You got to feel sorry for the films who never received the appreciated due. It must be heartbreaking for the makers and especially the star cast to acknowledge that their film isn’t performing to its true potential. That their film never got on the leaderboard and largely gone as underrated. 

Today in an attempt to bring such underrated horror movies to light, we have come up with this curated list of Top underrated horror movies. Discovering the probable reason behind these movies falling to make an impact is fairly difficult. And we don’t even wish to get into all that. What we can assure you is the complete toll of your time. 

If you wish to step up your game as a horror fan, watching an underrated horror movie might just be the game-changer for you. Watching a slightly off-radar film will bring you bragging rights of being a meticulous watcher. 

Top Underrated Horror Movies that a true horror lover must watch:

10. As above, So below: “the philosopher’s stone “

As above, So below

Initial Release: 19 August 2014

Director: John Erick Dowdle

The concept of “hey, I found cursed footage, but I’ll still risk my life for it” horror films has been dead since the mid-2010s. However, the movie “As above, so below” proves that it’s still capable of providing you with a lot of surprises. Starring the all-time favorite Scarlett Marlowe, the film portrays a catacomb where the philosopher’s stone exists (not the one from harry potter). Scarlett, along with her friends and a guide, embarks on a journey to Paris to find a powerful and valuable artifact. However, she’s totally unaware of the secrets and threats waiting for them in the dark catacombs of Paris.

9. Hush: “On a streak of bad luck”


Initial release: 12 March 2016

Director: Mike Flanagan

In horror movies, the climax never arrives until the main character says “What could have been worse than this?”. Well, that’s what the movie hush portrays. The moment you watch this movie you’ll be asking “How can somebody be even that much unfortunate?”. With a twist on retro home invasion stories, the story features a protagonist and a madman who wants to kill her for no reason. However, the character is deaf. On top of that, she has no communication channel to connect with the rest of the world. Furthermore, her house is just like that of Courage the Cowardly Dog – in the middle of nowhere. 

8. Pontypool: ” Cannibalism “


Initial release: 21 July 2008

Director: Bruce McDonald

History records the shreds of evidence that certain words have led to massive outrages. However, none of them ever resulted in a zombie apocalypse. In the film Pontypool, there’s a small town in Canada where people become cannibals after hearing certain secret words. People say it’s a horror movie about the power of languages. In the end, the people in possession only want to eat the mouths of remaining survivors who can speak. It’s a highly underrated movie with a totally new concept. Thereeefore, make sure you show this to your knowns who never stop chattering. 

7. Bubba Ho-Tep: “John F. Kennedy vs the mummy “

Bubba Ho-Tep

Initial release: 9 June 2002

Director: Don Coscarelli

If someone asks you to think of the weirdest situation, what would you imagine? Well, John F. Kennedy fighting a mummy would be on the top of our head. Well, the movie Bubba Ho-Tep is a masterpiece starring Elvis Presley, Bruce Campbell (Unofficial CEO of horror nerds), and an animated character of John F. Kennedy. In this movie, our brave heroes are trapped inside an abandoned nursing home. Moreover, people suddenly start disappearing in weird ways. Now, the two heroes need to discover the hidden secrets and save their friends. 

6. The perfection: “Netflix’s original”

The perfection

Initial release: 20 September 2018

Director: Richard Shepard

When it comes to original content, nothing can beat the competency of Netflix. With the star cast being Allison Williams and Logan Browning, The Perfection is a Netflix original horror movie. After Allison’s debut in getting Out, she finds her interest growing in the horror genre. The storyline shows two women crossing the path of the devil. At some point, you may find the movie gross. However, when it comes to a perfect blend of both crass and class, perfection is actually perfect. Thereeefore, make sure that you watch this movie to pull off the perfect strike. 

5. Cheap Thrills:” Thrill quest gone wrong “

Cheap Thrills

Initial release: 8 March 2013

Director: E. L. Katz

Wait, neither it’s Saturday nor you are broke. But you can still have fun with this black comedy. Cheap thrills will make you laugh at one point and shiver on the other. The storyline depicts a character named Craig, a mechanic, who gets fired from his job and needs to feed his little daughter and wife. In his journey, he meets an old friend and they both meet a psycho millionaire who asks them to play a game. In the game, they are asked to perform several terrifying tasks such as eating a dead dog. These tasks have no amount of brains involved, they are asked to do just anything. 

4. Goodnight Mommy: “Mommy is that you? “

Goodnight Mommy

Initial release: 30 August 2014

Directors: Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala

When talking about modern-day horror films, most of them are portraying the issues of motherhood. Similarly, in this movie, a mother returns home after getting cosmetic surgery on her face. Her twin boys are waiting eagerly for their mother to return home. Everything goes great during the journey and the mother returns home safe. However, the only problem is that the kids deny recognizing their mother due to her morphed face. Unknowingly, the kids tie their mother to a bed forcing her to admit that she’s not their mother. If you are a fan of dark and violent scenes, this movie will surely get you rolling. 

3. Ready or Not: “The board game”

Ready or Not

Initial release: 27 July 2019

Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

When it comes to the audience, quality matters more than quantity. Following the same, the movie “Ready or Not” may not be watched by many but the ones who watched it will surely remember it forever. In the movie, there’s a character named Grace who just marries a family that has the world’s biggest board games. However, she’s unaware of the fact that the board game is a trap to murder new members as a way to make a pact with an ancient demon. Ready or not is a great thriller movie with a unique concept. At first, you may find the storyline to be weird but as you progress, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

2. Tigers are not afraid: “loved ones are never away from you”

Tigers are not afraid

Initial release: 24 September 2017

Director: Issa López

Horror movies are not just about devil, witchcraft, or demons. In fact, the drug wars can also provide you chills with real-life horror. In this movie, you can enjoy a disturbing fairy tale that portrays a group of orphans who are granted three wishes. However, with each wish, there’s a twist that follows. For instance, one orphan wishes for her dead mother to come back. She actually comes back, but she’s still dead and looks like a corpse. The movie delivers a strong message that loved ones are never away from you. Maybe, they are still sitting by your side staring at you constantly. 

1. Crawl: “Killer Crocodiles”


Initial release: 10 July 2019

Director: Alexandre Aja

Earlier in 2019, a movie was released named Crawl. This movie provides you a number of thrilling as well as shivering moments. It also provides you a lot of shocks in between and maintains tension throughout the storyline. However, with the numerous summer offerings, the movie failed to gain the traction it deserved. The movie shows a person named Haley who recklessly searches for his father who got lost in a hurricane. Through constant efforts, he manages to find his father hanged down in a basement with killer crocodiles guarding the place. Haley needs to find his way to the basement and end the havoc once for all. 

Fell free to add your suggestions in the comments section, we will feel elated. Also watch The Top Horror Movies on Netflix.