Why do people get addicted to watching horrors?

watching horrors

Have you ever wondered what it is about horror movies that makes you go to a cinema every time something new comes out? Why do people love to be afraid and even terrified and keep choosing this type of entertainment over and over again? Yes, horror movies are great, but why? What is the exact reason for people getting addicted to this chill down their spine?

It’s all about the thrill

Our brains constantly seek possible danger and threats and can be easily triggered into a so-called fight-or-flight response. It does not always differentiate between what can be a real danger to what is unreal, imagined or watched on a TV screen. When something suspicious happens, the brain gets ready, adrenaline rushes through the veins, and the muscles are getting pumped up to be ready. You will achieve the same response when being scared on a street and when watching a horror movie. For many people, this rush of adrenaline is addictive. Why? When your brain gets in the fight-or-flight mode, the adrenaline starts circulating in your body, together with other brain chemicals that induce the euphoric feeling in your brain, mostly dopamine and endorphins, in order to get you in the right shape and readiness to, well, fight or flight. In this state, you can feel like you would be able to take over the world, and that’s what people love.

Horror movies have yet another feature that might get your brain addicted. It’s this feeling of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen next. It’s also the novelty of the experience, something you won’t get in real life – after all, how many times have you been chased by a haunted doll? This also evokes certain chemicals in your brain that might make you feel excited and send a thrilling rush down your spine. Not only horror movies can do that, in fact. Anything that involves the elements of anticipation and surprise is equally satisfying – for example, casino games. They are becoming so popular that everyone can now feel the rush of adrenaline, from every place in the world, you only need to choose the best online casinos in India or Europe, and involve yourself in a safe, exciting, and interesting game that only brings you benefits. You can win real money, improve your budget and provide your brain with this thrill of excitement. Just register on a secure website, like the ones listed on Asiabet.org, and enjoy this new form of entertainment that’s as good as a horror marathon.

It is scary but safe

Some people just like to be scared. There is no need to delve into this any further. Horror movies are just perfect to satisfy this need to feel fear. Why? Because it affects your brain the same way real events might do, but at the same time, you are completely safe. This means you are getting the best of both worlds – the safe real one and the scary fictional one.

The psychological issues behind feeling good when scared might be different. An interesting fact about horror movies is that they allow us to explore some dark, unknown parts of ourselves in a safe environment. What does this mean? Psychologists claim that people like to identify themselves with the characters that are getting their revenge for some harm they have experienced. Many people know the reality of being tormented or bullied, and like it was in the case of Carrie, watching horror movies with the right screenplay can help them identify with the character and explore their more twisted side.

You are better than the victim

How many times have you watched a horror movie and screamed at the main character for making stupid decisions and being killed in the end? Psychologists say that even though we are mad at the victims and think that they brought harm to themselves with their actions, we like the fact that they fail. It makes us think that we could, and would, do better. A horror movie leaves us with the impression that we would cope and survive the apocalypse. What’s more, such a movie lets us believe that we are well-prepared for any occasion, including murderous paranormal villains.