Vault: When I originally decided to do a web page, I needed to determine what I wanted to do with the site. I spent many hours throwing around ideas. I’d do a page dedicated to Evil Dead, but there are quite a few out there, most of which are very good. I’d do a page about myself, but who wants to know about me? Finally, I decided to provide horror fans with a resource, which would put at their fingertips information on some of mine and hopefully some of your favorite horror movies.

In the beginning, this may seem like another fan page, but over time I hope to live up to my tag line: “The Ultimate Horror Movies Web Page.” With your help and my dedication to this genre, the “future is going to scare you.” Now that I had decided to do this site, I needed to come up with movies that I thought had set the standard for horror. Most were based in the modern era of horror and this in no way diminishes the importance of other classic horror films.

Many classics will be examined in the nine subcategories of THE VAULT. Let me also say that I am always open to suggestion and that this site will always be changing to meet your needs and mine. The movies and categories below are IMHO, those that revolutionized the way we watch horror. Again, please feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, criticism, and suggestion at this email address.


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I am an avid watcher of movies, particularly the historical movies, action movies. I have also been a software developer for more than 20 years working for American an Indian Companies like JDSU, Global Logic. Before I founded a couple of startups, I was taking Soft Development and Digital Product Development and sales for a medium scale business in Mumbai.  Currently I am pursuing digital media publishing and helping a number of youngsters to become digital entrepreneurs. 


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