Best Horror Movies of 2019 – The Prodigy, Pet Sematary, Crawl

The filmmakers have showcased their A-game as they have presented some really out of the box horror films that were defying the orthodox horror definition. Some might believe that horror movies are on the eerie side. Still each year there comes a whole new batch of horror movies released. The year 2019 was no exception to this practice. In the context 2019 saw some of the most iconic movies of the horror genre. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best horror movies in 2019 that went on to make a special place for themselves. Also watch Top 5 most expensive movies

The exciting thing about horror as a genre is that it has a separate viewership which is quite dedicated. Moreover, horror fans are extremely loyal when it comes to binge-watching the latest arrivals. Similar was the case with the best horror movies 2019, the viewership saw a steep incline in 2019.

Sneak peek into the list of “Best Horror Movies 2019”

No denying to the fact that a lot of movies were released under the horror genre in 2019. However, there are always some movies that outshine the others. The reason may be anything, their horror quotient, the suspense element, in addition to the talisman performance of the cast, theme, or something else.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark:

Released On: 7 August 2019
Director: André Ovredal
A perfect copy-book title for a horror film you could ask for. In the movie, the cornerstone character of Sarah Bellows is all trapped in her distorted life. A series of events horrific ones get to life when a group of teens makes their way into her spooky house.
The movie cornered young children as its target audience and must have made the audience relive their scariest nightmare once again.

The Prodigy:

Released On: 7 February 2019
Director: Nicholas McCarthy
What happens when a perfectly normal-looking kid starts to turn into a demonic personality. Sarah and John Blume are delighted to notice the fast development in their kid. Only to find out that their son is under the influence of some dark supernatural forces. The film starts to get creepier with Miles starting to get cruel to animals and humans as well. Some claimed that the film massively appeared like The Omen released in 2018.

Pet Sematary

Initial release: 4 April 2019
Directors: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
Quite a usual setting for a horror film with a family moving out to a new place, accommodating a new house. Little to their knowledge the burial ground in the proximity of their house is haunted. Pet Sematary is a movie adaptation of the work of Stephen King. Their dog Church returns from being dead on account of some supernatural powers of the burial ground. Louis when tries to take undue advantage of the powers of the burial ground, things go the other way for him, he is trapped in his ploy. Read more

Ready Or Not:

Release date: July 27, 2019
Directed by: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

This film is a valiant attempt to present horror draped in the cloak of comedy as most of the previous attempts went in vain. In the film, we witness a cat and mouse sort of brawl between Samara Weaving, the bride, and her in-laws that too on their wedding night. The movie finds its setting in a historic mansion where the entire Le Domas family has gathered for a wedding ritual. As a ritual, they must convert the bride into a ghost-like them. And this where the real “bloody kill them all” outing kicks in.


Initial release: 10 July 2019
Director: Alexandre Ajax

Crawl is an epic animal turned into a monster film. The demonic visualization of alligators as monsters is so real that their first appearance will make you shriek out of fear. Haley and Dave are sandwhiched between a category 5 hurricane. That’s fast approaching and the wrath of alligators who are behind their flesh. The movie depicts humans chewed to pieces. Limbs ripped off in a jiffy, and blood flows like alcohol in a drunkard’s backyard. The movie follows a simple concept with a father-daughter duo fighting for survival, still, it’s ingenious and flat-out terrifying.

The Lighthouse:

Release: 18 October 2019
Director: Robert Eggers

This film has a perfect 90’s setting of an old stranded lighthouse that in all sorts is haunted. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are the ones in the lead cast and they play the lighthouse keepers. The Lighthouse tries to surface feelings that dwell inside a person when exposed to isolation. Thereee a tinge of claustrophobia as well. In the climax, we see how desperately Howard and Wake are trying to get rid of each other. The feeling of being alone amidst creepy happenings like water turning to blood, ax flying, and much more is cherished in The Lighthouse.


directed by Jordan Peele
This film enshrines a really uncanny and fairly untempered concept of doppelgangers. Adelaide Wilson when along with her family of 4 returns to the place where she spent her childhood. She invites deadly troubles for her family. The invaders are none other than Wilson’s body doppelgangers. Somehow the family managed to escape and went on to kill Tyler’s doppelgangers. In the end, we see the rise of the doppelgangers after Adelaide is secretly killed and taken underground.


Release: 18 June 2019
Director: Ari Aster
Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor pay a visit to Sweden. To attend a cultural event with their friends that takes place once in 90 years. Their expedition soon takes an awry turn when they fall into the clutches of a spooky cult. The cult leaves Dani with the important decision of selecting 9 people from the cult and the visitors who will be sacrificed to satisfy the evil. She has to decide whether to save paralyzed Christian or not. Dani turns demonic when she witnesses the temple collapsing.

IT Chapter Two:

Release: 26 August 2019
Director: Andrés Muschietti

It won’t be incorrect to claim that IT Chapter Two was one of the most anticipated films for the year 2019 as far as the best horror movies 2019 are concerned. The first chapter is known as one of the best horror movies in ages. We witnessed Losers’ Club defeating the Pennywise, one of the scariest and sadistic clowns you would come across. Consequently Pennywise returns 27 years later to take his revenge. In the sequence the childhood friends once again collaborate forces once again to finally bring the downfall of Pennywise. Besides some nerve-rattling horror quotient for the viewers.