Top 5 Most Expensive Horror Movies Of All Time

Top 5 Most Expensive Horror Movies Of All Time
Top 5 Most Expensive Horror Movies Of All Time

Horror movies are among the most popular genres within the film industry, and many studios shell out a significant amount of money to support them. While not all of these horror releases perform as expected, many do well and cash in huge amounts. Think of a low budget horror piece like Annabelle that grossed $206 million, having a budget of $6.5. The minute budget films with low risk are becoming more reliable because they generate cash. Hollywood and the entire film industry – is all about money. That being said, Nowloan brings you this article on the five largest budget horror movies ever to be made? here you can find the Top 5 Most Expensive Horror Movies Of All Time.

1. World War Z – $190 Million

Featuring Brad Pitt, World War Z is among the most expensive horrors ever to be released. Any movie that Brad Pitt produces seems to have a high budget. With the A-list celebrity taking part in major movie projects, the budgets are always on the higher size. World War Z horror was originally slated at $125 million, however, due to issues with scripts, the budget increased. The rewriting of some of the scripts pushed the budget higher, putting more pressure on the success of the film. Luckily, the film was a smash hit. It earned $200 million domestically while cashing in $540 worldwide.

2. Van Helsing – $160 Million

Released in 2004, Van Helsing is another big-budget horror. With the success of movies like The Mummy, there was a reason to put a huge amount of money into the horror piece. The aim was to make Van Helsing be a big hit, but that didn’t happen. Despite being allocated a huge budget and bringing in a lot of talent like Hugh Jackman, who took the lead role, there was no major difference. The film only grossed $120 million in the domestic market.

3. The Wolfman – $150 Million

Being a remake of the novel 1941 classic movie, The Wolfman was released in 2010. It is among the iconic horrors many people remember, but it did not live up to expectations. Featuring Emily Blunt, the movie could have been an impressive piece; however, it didn’t make it at the box office. It only made $140 million worldwide while managing to scoop an Oscar for Best Makeup. With a budget of $150 million, the movie would be a real bust, but that didn’t happen. That being said, Wolf’s transformation in the movie is incredibly inspiring. The pain point of horrors is that the studios pump in a lot of money, hoping that they will become a hit, but they flop and become a shame.

4. I Am Legend – $150 Million

Among the Will Smith’s memorable roles is I am Legend. Smith has the experience, and his appearance in this horror had a lot of expectations. He was to pull out a great performance, so the studio spent vast amounts of money. With a cost of $150 Million, the horror had fantastic reviews and was a brilliant box office. Also, with Smith earning about $25 million, the horror was expecting a win, and that’s what exactly went on – great performance.

5. Prometheus – $130 Million

The high budget for Prometheus would mean that it was going to be a hit. The production of the film featured 3D cameras, and this one of the reasons for attracting such a huge budget. The good thing is that the movie sold often grossing over $400 million worldwide. That’s being said, Prometheus didn’t seem to be an overwhelming horror among the moviegoers.

These are some of the big-budget horrors to have been released in the industry and make a huge contribution to the genre. Some became a hit, others flopped, but they were iconic pieces.