The Best Horror Films of the 1990s – Misery, The Silence of the Lambs, Braindead, Cronos

The Best Horror Films of the 1990s
The Best Horror Films of the 1990s

If the 1980s had been crowned as the flag bearer of the decade which brought horror as a genre to the mainstream audience. 1990s horror movies can brag itself for nourishing and enriching the prowess of horror movies. Here you can find the details about the best horror films of 1990s.

To be honest, the 1990s was the perfect era where horror movies proved that they are capable of much more. Then just coming up with some out of the box flicks once in a while. Breeding ground is what we can call the 1980s for the actual horror we get to witness today. 

1990s horror movies paved the way for the infinite landscape upon which the imaginative horror flicks of the current day are drawn. Their traces can be found way back in the 1980s.

Celebrating the spirit of the 90’s we have come up with the 1990s horror movies that were a class apart from the rest. The movies that are still remembered by the ones who have truly devoted themselves to horror movies. Thereee can’t be any brighter opportunity for you to take the onus of savoring some of these 1990s horror movies. Mark my words that they will impart a lifetime of experience. 

A curated list of the Top Horror Movies from the 1990s that you shall not miss: 

Misery (1990):” Paul Sheldon “


Initial release- 29 November 1990

Director- Rob Reiner

Stephen King is the name that will keep coming to you when psychological horror flicks are in talking. We find the novelist Paul Sheldon as the protagonist and most of the story goes merry go round him. Paul meets an accident and is saved by a nurse Annie who proclaims herself as a big-time fan of him. But only to reveal later that she has other intentions. Soon he learns that he is held captivated by her and she wants him to write a book on her life incidents. Paul struggles to free himself and gets into a violent fight with Annie which causes him psychological trauma. 

The Silence of the Lambs(1991):” Has 5 Academy Awards to its name”

The Silence of the Lambs

Initial release- 14 February 1991

Director- Jonathan Demme

The Silence of the Lambs is an American horror-thriller film derived from the famous novel by Thomas Harris, also having the same name. The film experienced a marvelous hit by winning five Academy Awards that took in all the main categories. The story concerns FBI trainee Clarice Starling who sets out on a mission to find a serial killer who is known by the name Buffalo Bill. Clarice meets an imprisoned serial killer Hannibal Lecter who is also a former psychiatrist, to get information on Buffalo Bill. However, Hannibal proposes an “a favor for a favor” deal to get him to transfer the prison in exchange for information. Clarice agrees and makes a fake deal in the hopes of getting clues…but her chase becomes more difficult as her past events haunt her.

Braindead(1992):”zombie horde”


Initial release- 13 August 1992

Director- Peter Jackson

Braindead is an amazing movie from New Zealand. It is a zombie-based comedy horror film. The story follows the life of Lionel who lives with his possessive mother Vera in Wellington. Lionel has a Spanish girlfriend Paquita whom Vera doesn’t like. To separate them, Vera follows Lionel and Paquita to their zoo date. In the zoo, she gets bitten by a mixed hybrid rat-monkey creature after which she starts doing weird things. 

Later it is revealed that she turns into a zombie and harms the people around her too thereby resulting in a zombie horde. Learning about the messed-up situation Lionel locks them up all in the basement in his house. But Vera and zombies breakthrough and the real adventure arises for Lionel and Paquita.

Cronos(1993):” The 400 years old mechanical device”


Initial release- 5 November 1993

Director- Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro also has the bragging rights of writing the script. In the plot, we see an old antique dealer Jesùs Gris who happens to find a 400 years old mechanical device. When he tries to unfurl it, a strange insect-like creature appears and injects Jesùs with an unknown solution. After injection, Jesùs body transforms into the body of a young man. He also starts craving for blood. However, Jesùs soon gets adapted to his internal body changes and likes it. Meanwhile, someone is after him for the Cronos device that provides eternal life.

Interview with the Vampire(1994):” Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in action “

Interview with the Vampire

Initial release- 11 November 1994

Director- Neil Jordan

Interview with the Vampire is the horror film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. If you are a fan of romance and horror, then this the perfect one to watch as it is one of the rarest romantic horrors with a good storyline. The story is a period film set in the 1790s to 1990s about a plantation owner Louis. Louis recites the miserable tale of his life to an interviewer. He tells him about how he was turned into a vampire by another vampire named Lestat after he lost his pregnant wife and suffered because of being a vampire. Lestat offers to join him and they together raise a little girl named Claudia. Lestat is the one who enjoys feeding on humans while Louis disgusts this and survives himself on animal blood. The film is about the two vampires with completely different personalities living together and raising a girl.

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Lord of Illusions (1995): “The Puritan”

Lord of Illusions

Initial release- 25 August 1995

Director- Clive Barker

Lord of the Illusions is an American supernatural horror film based on the short story Books of Blood vol.6. Lord of Illusions follows the story of a private detective Harry who also has a keen interest in exorcism and magic. He meets a fortune teller for his investigation and learns about a man known as “the Puritan”. He is then hired by a stage illusionist named Swann to investigate the murder of fortune teller. Harry then gets entangled in the fuss of illusions and magic spells. He also finds himself tied with an unknown enemy. 

The Craft(1996):” Teenage girls”

The Craft

Initial release- 3 May 1996

Director- Andrew Fleming

The Craft is related to the cult thing. It has a massive cult following even till date. The storyline is of four teenage girls who form a group together when a girl named Sarah joins a new high school in Los Angeles. They are in league with each other and perform magic spells for they are known as witches. What do you think would be the worst outcome of your supernatural powers? How would you deal when your so-called good powers backfire on you? Well, Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle experience something like this when their magic spells which they used to take revenge for the humiliation they received, turns into a nightmare and find themselves entrapped in their pit.

Event Horizon(1997): ” Space exploration went wrong “

Event Horizon

Initial release- 15 August 1997

Director- Paul W. S. Anderson

Though Event Horizon was out in 1997, it is a science fiction based futuristic Hollywood film that is set in 2047. The film’s story covers the journey of a team of astronauts that are sent to space to find a missing spaceship. It is believed that spirits exist in this world, but do they exist outside the world on the other side of the universe too? One day, an unknown signal is received from the space which seems to be coming from a spaceship Event Horizon that went missing years ago. To investigate and find the missing starship, a group of astronauts is sent to space. Even though they find the spaceship but they lose their ship in which they initially came in the process. While they try to revive the Event Horizon they start experiencing hallucinations and illusions from their past which mostly include all the mistakes they did on earth. Soon they realize that Event Horizon is haunted by an outlandish spirit appearing from another dimension.

Ringu(1998):” The videotape” 


Initial release- 31 January 1998

Director- Hideo Nakata

When talking about horror this movie cannot be excluded. It’s a classic movie that still has its fame burning among the horror genre. Ringu is a Japanese horror-thriller film inspired by the mystery novel Ring written by Koji Suzuki. It was marvelous as it got remakes from television series to international films. The film’s story is about the character of a news reporter Reiko who investigates the mysterious deaths of young ones caused by a strange videotape. She unfolds the clues after her niece falls victim to one of these deaths. But soon Reiko and her ex-husband Ryūji encounter horrifying events when their son is trapped in this ruckus mess.

Sleepy Hollow (1999):” The headless horseman”

Sleepy Hollow

Initial release- 17 November 1999

Director- Tim Burton

Sleepy Hollow is an American mystery horror film based on the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow written by Washington Irving. Set in the late 1790s, the plot of the film concerns the investigations by a police officer Ichabod who comes to a village called Sleepy Hollow to solve the mysterious murders which are believed to be committed by a headless horseman among the villagers. After inquiring through the victim’s family and deaths, Ichabod concludes that all the murders are interrelated and the horseman is controlled by someone who is a part of the conspiracy.