Best Horror Movies of 2010 – Let Me In, Red Nights, The Last Exorcism, Atrocious


2010 was right on the money to mark the onset of a marvelous decade for horror lovers. Best Horror Movies 2010 ticked the boxes perfectly and set the tone for the years to come.

Horror fans might have feasted upon some of the films on the list as some of them were amongst the awards. 2010 was the time when digital filmmaking was still under frequent and significant changes and most of the filmmakers were reluctant to change. Especially to the horror genre where anyone could use cheap cinematic sound and visual effects to set the base for a low budget horror film. But having said that, films that still focused on detailing and the story went on to be on top of the viewing charts for years.

Top 10 Horror Movies of 2010: 

Let Me In: 

Let Me In

Initial release- 1 October 2010

Director- Matt Reeves

Set in the early 1980s, Let Me In is a beautifully portrayed romantic horror film of American-British production. The film renders the story of Owen, a young teenage child of divorced parents who are persecuted by bullies in his school. He meets a young girl Abby who moved into the neighborhood. Soon they become bosom buddies and Abby encourages Owen to face the bullies. However, Abby is revealed to be a vampire who struggles by feeding on missing neighbors. Owen falls for Abby and proposes a blood pact by making a cut that invokes Abby’s vampire form. Owen accepts her real form and helps Abby to leave the town after she kills the detective in-charge of the missing.

Red Nights:

Red Nights

Initial release- 10 September 2010

Director- Julien Carbon, Lauren Courtyard

Originally named as Les Nuits rouges du Bourreau de Jade, is a French-Hong Kong film based on Hong Kong Giallo. The story follows the chase of a French woman who arrives at Hong Kong with an artifact containing a cryptic poison stolen from her dead lover, by a sadist and psycho killer. The legend is said to be believed that the poison brings death with pleasure.

The Last Exorcism:

The Last Exorcism

Initial release- 27 August 2010

Director- Daniel Stamm

The Last Exorcism is an American supernatural horror film that narrates the journey of making a documentary film on exposing the fraud of exorcism performed by the minister of church Marcus. He accepts the request of performing an exorcism on Nell, who is possessed and pregnant by what is believed to be a demon. But this is not all it is. There seems to be something more to the possession of Nell which is yet to be dealt.



Initial release- 15 October 2010

Director- Fernando Barreda Luna

Atrocious is a Spanish family horror film that follows the storyline of Quintanilla siblings July and Cristian who decides to investigate the legend of Melinda who is believed to haunt the boscage since 1940 near their family home in Sitges, Barcelona. As they move forward with investigating mysterious stories, the myth seems to be discovered at their own house. After a week, their whole family is found baffling dead.



Initial release- 17 October 2010

Director- Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado

Rabies is the first comedy feature-length horror film of Israel. The plot is about two siblings who have a carnal relationship and are on a run to hide this from their family. While hiding they find a deserted island where a sister is entrapped by a psycho killer and the brother tries his best to rescue her. However, in the process of extricating her, they encounter other people and spot themselves traveling in the survival game. When everyone is fighting for survival, the plight is horrid.

Black Death:

Black Death

Initial release- 11 June 2010

Director- Christopher Smith

Black Death is a mystery horror film hailing from German. The diegesis is set in the medieval period of 1348 when England was caught by the plague. The story is about a monk named Osmund living in the monastery near a forest, embarks towards the village with a group of soldiers who are met with death on the way. Osmund investigates to prepare a report on the death and unearth the mystery of people who are resurrected.

La Casa Muda:

La Casa Muda

Initial release- 16 May 2010

Director- Gustavo Hernández

La Casa Muda translated as The Silent House is a Spanish language Uruguayan horror thriller film based on the real events that believed to take place in the 1940s. The plot of the film shows the story of a girl named Laura who visits a secluded house with his father with the intention of repairing it. Not long after they enter the house, they find themselves locked in there without any means of getting out. Few ghostly events occur that result in the death of Laura’s father. Horrified Laura discovers photos of the house owner from the past and then something eerie happens…

Bitter Feast:

Bitter Feast

Initial release- 18 June 2010

Director- Joe Maggio

Bitter Feast is an American psychological horror dark comedy film that deals with the recipe of horrifying terror. It features the story of a famous and successful chef who is kicked out of his job after a food blogger gives scathing reviews on his food. Indignant chef set’s his sight on a blogger and kidnaps him to take his revenge. The revenge so planned by the former chef will give you chills of uneasiness. He chains the blogger up in the basement of the secluded cottage in the woods and torments him to cook a perfect dinner.

Julia’s Eyes:

Julia's Eyes
Best Horror Movies of 2010

Initial release- 20 October 2010

Director- Guillem Morales

Originally named as Los Ojos de Julia in Spanish, Julia’s Eyes is a Spanish horror thriller film that follows the theme of sisterhood. Spanish horror is still under development, so it’s good to find a spanish film making it to the top 10. Julia experiences tormented events after the death of her blind twin sister. She feels spooky and uncanny activities around her and believes that there is something suspicious about her sister’s death. Things become more frightening and jittery for Julia when her husband dies and she soon loses her eyesight.

The Crazies:

The Crazies
Best Horror Movies of 2010

Initial release- 26 February 2010

Director- Breck Eisner

The Crazies belong to the sci-fi horror genre originating in America. This movie is an official remake of the 1973 film with the same title, which was a stalwart film in the 80’s. If you are fascinated about the horror class of 1980′ watch out for our top horror picks from 1980’s. The plot of the film is about the tussle of a couple named David and Judy who vamoose from soldiers after an odd virus called Trixie contaminates the town water resulting in the residents going maniac in the wake of getting infected. The couple exerts themselves to survive in the midst of terrorizing the sitch.  With terror all around the town, and death waiting for you the very next corner, The Crazies is a feast to watch.