Why marketers should be inspired by horror movies 

 horror movies 

Social media marketing strategies, in essence, are based on the power of content capable of entertaining the audience, of continually exciting them, systematically pushing them to take concrete actions in the company’s virtual spaces. 

Therefore, it would not be totally wrong if companies, in order to find the right inspiration for their content, started to closely study the mechanisms used by professionals in the entertainment industry, i.e. those who produce and make films, TV series, documentaries, and TV content for the general public. A great director like Woody Allen said in one of his films that sometimes, to achieve the best results, one has to shamelessly copy from the best. 

Of course, we are not suggesting that companies steal the ideas of film producers, directors, or scriptwriters, but that they closely study the structure of the most successful films and television series and in particular all those cinematic endeavors that are capable of awakening genuine emotions in the souls of consumers, keeping them glued to the screen even for several consecutive hours. 

Those involved in digital marketing on social media, in a certain sense, must achieve exactly the same effect, creating content capable of emotionally engaging the audience and keeping them for as long as possible within the brand’s virtual spaces, in the hope that they will become increasingly attached to the companion and even make a few purchases, perhaps from e-commerce or from a special link strategically inserted into social media posts. 

The example of cinema 

What one should realize, before starting to elaborate a social media marketing strategy (and even before choosing which cinematic content to draw inspiration from), is that people who surf social media are bewitched by extremely basic content, based on instinctive emotions and sensations, simple to understand and experienced within a fraction of a second. 

Therefore, it is not a question of proposing complex, cerebral content that requires a lengthy intellectual elaboration, but simple, direct publications that awaken the instinctive emotions within each of us. 

The latter, in most cases, are basically three. Fear, hilarity, and the emotionality associated with some of the strongest feelings, such as those experienced during a love affair or during intense entertainment. 

Until a few years ago (before they were almost empty), cinemas were full of people eager to experience at least one of these three great emotions, because on a subconscious level they sensed that a film incapable of producing these strong (and basic) sensations would become completely unattractive. 

This is the reason why many people follow the genre of horror, of scary films, which are also based on one of the strongest and most attractive sensations for the human soul, namely fear. What really matters, for all fans of the horror movies, is precisely the film’s ability to trigger strong and incredibly intense feelings, capable of imprinting themselves in their consciousness for a long time. 

For them, the presence of scenes with a strong emotional impact is even more important than the plot, the plot or the screenplay of the film, because the only thing that counts is leaving the cinema in the grip of a strong emotion, an excitement that is difficult to quell. 

When creating content for social media, companies should follow the same example, offering posts and publications that are capable of shocking consumers for a moment, going beyond traditional product communication. These effects can only be achieved with content that is original and countercultural, funny and provocative, witty and elegant.

The role of emotions 

Brands must therefore acquire the ability to excite their users within each of its virtual spaces, including the corporate website, forum or blog. Strong content should not only be published on social media. Intense emotions can also be aroused with an exceptionally high-quality landing page, or with an extremely captivating blog. 

A good example of this strategy is offered by the best online gambling portals, which have been able to successfully complete the transition from the physical to the virtual (or phygital) world. In the huge catalogue of games and online casino reviews offered by the platforms, priority has been given to those games capable of engaging players on a very deep level, triggering their enjoyment and desire to immerse themselves in the world of online entertainment. 

The choice of games is not random, but is entrusted to the expertise and professionalism of an entire team of experts, who also carefully choose games based on their online safety and reliability. 

Nowadays, those who wish to conquer large portions of the public must follow the example set by the best horror films, always offering exciting content that leaves people speechless.