3 Things you can do that are almost as much fun as watching horror movies

horror movies

You might not think that you’ll ever want to stop watching horror movies in your spare time, but occasionally you might feel the urge to take a break and try something new. Of course, checking out the online forums or watching trailers of the movies you are looking forward to, don’t really count as a break, so here are three other things you could do, so you can come back to your favorite hobby refreshed and ready to go.

1. Learn how to fix homemade snacks for movie night

If anything can make watching a horror flick even better, it’s having snack while you’re doing it, so spending some time away from your movie collection and in the kitchen perfecting some new snack ideas is a win/win.

It can mean trying new flavors of popcorn (and trying some interesting colors too) or watching Gordon Ramsay making hot wings for the Super Bowl and copying the recipe to make your own version (with cauliflower perhaps, if meat isn’t your thing). This means your next big movie night with friends you have something special to mark the occasion that doesn’t involve calling for takeout pizza.

2. Catch up on your favorite sports

You might also be a sports fan and taking a break from horror movies gives you the chance to catch up on what’s happening in your favorite sports, whether it’s the NFL, the NHL or something a bit more left-field like cricket. While you can get updates in football and hockey just about anywhere, if you want updates for the IPL, https://sportsbetting.net.in/ is a good source to use.

While the adrenaline rush might not be the same as watching your favorite movie, there’s plenty there to here to bring you up to date with what is happening on and off the field. 

3. Plan a holiday visiting movie studio or locations

To add an extra dimension to your movie-watching experience, you can spend time planning your next holiday, along with your partner or friends, to the locations used for some of your favorite horror movies scenes or the studio where they were made (if the studio does tours). While this is not, strictly speaking, a break from horror movies, it gets you away from the screen for a while and makes the whole experience a lot more real, especially if you share it with the same people you watch the movies with. 

This also gives you the perfect opportunity to link up with fans of the movie who live in the same area, who you might have talked with online, but never actually met in person.

To wrap things up

Watch horror movies is great but if you fancy a break, you might not know what to do. However, by rustling up some snacks for the night big night, visiting movie locations or even taking a complete step back and taking time to watch some sports, you’ll soon be ready to go back to your favorite movie genre.