Best Horror Movies on Hulu – Annihilation, 28 Days Later, The Conjuring, Antiviral

Best Horror Movies on Hulu
Best Horror Movies on Hulu

Hulu is the home of some exclusive class of horror movies. To some Hulu as a streaming platform might appear secondary to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But only those who have given themselves the onus to explore the content of Hulu realize the quality of the content available on Hulu. Here, you can get the information about the best Horror movies on Hulu.

With Horror now being among the mainstream genres of the binge-watching generation. No streaming platform would like to compromise with its horror library. Hulu is mindful of this fact and has managed to present a greatly enriched library of horror films. Constituting the best horror movies on Hulu we have a perfect blend of the fan-favorite movies, classic 1980′ movies, Japanese Horror movies, Korean Horror Movies, Scariest Horror movies,  and much more. 

So hereby demolishing the myth that Hulu is the house of TV series, 

Presenting the meticulously curated list of The Best Horrors Movies on Hulu:

10. Annihilation: “The Shimmer”


Initial release: 13 February 2018

Director: Alex Garland

A movie that is a blend of psychological and sci-fi horror genre got mixed reviews from the critics and audience. The movie strives to get rid of cliche scenes of general horror movies. The story is about unnatural occurrences in an unusual zone known as “The Shimmer” (Word Def: to gleam faintly, Courtesy: Viewlike Unscrambler) from which the protagonist manages to escape somehow. She takes us through the mutated world behind the veil that mysteriously appeared in Area X. Unlike the other horror movies, this one is not made just to scare us, it has something to think about.

9. 28 Days Later: “Zombies on the roll”

28 Days Later

Initial release: 1 November 2002

Director: Danny Boyle

You will find yourself on a journey to witness the disintegration of society after the accidental outbreak of a highly infectious virus in Great Britain. The cynosure in the movie is about the four people struggling after being outlived the virus infection. After 28 days of the initial release of the virus, Jim (one of the lead characters), is aroused from a coma and he finds that the infected people became deadly zombies. The survivors are being brought to a particular place by the soldiers and there Jim has to face some other difficulties. The movie was equally applauded by both the critics and the audience.

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8. The Conjuring:” Easily the fan favorites”

The Conjuring

Initial Release: 19 July 2013 

Director: James Wan

The movie is of a typical supernatural horror genre. With this one as the first movie, they started the Conjuring Universe Franchise. The Conjuring film is about a family moving to a mansion in Harrisville and they are facing some abnormal events at night. All the five daughters of the family are being attacked or confronted by a spirit and the parents approach two demonologists for help. They find that a number of people were murdered and committed suicide in the houses built on those premises. They are astounded when they find the nature of the spirit. The movie received excellent reviews all over the world.

7. Antiviral:” The lab”


Initial Release: 19 May 2012

Director: Brandon Cronenberg

Based on an entirely new concept, antiviral is a horror movie based on science fiction. After rigorous competitions and revisions, the movie gained traction through the 2012 international film festival in Toronto. A biological lab is known as Lucas Clinic pathogens and viruses from celebrities and injects them to die-hard fans who want to make a connection with celebrities. Syd March, an employee at Lucas Clinic and Hannah’s Husband senses something terribly wrong in the death of her wife. Now. Syd needs t6o to uncover the secrets before the virus kills him too. 

6. Baskin: “The emergency call”


 Initial Release: 11 September 2015

Director: Can Evrenol

Do you ever feel like passively being a part of the movie and feeling whatever the character experiences? While most of the movies fail to do so, Baskin allows you to be a part of the movie when the nightmare begins to unfold. A unit of cops serving their duty, receive an emergency call on the radio. They soon head towards a building that is situated in the middle of an entirely unknown place. Before they even realize anything, they find themselves trapped in the world of demons – hell. With rich graphics and a great storyline, you will surely enjoy this movie a lot. 

5. Children of the Corn: “The town “

Children of the Corn

Initial Release: 9 March 1984

Director: Fritz Kiersch

If you have an aggressive feeling, join Burt and Vicky on a trek gone wrong. Physician Burt Stanton is happy for this new job across the midwest. Burt and his girlfriend Vicky, relocating to the new place, suddenly encounter a boy’s dead body in the middle of the road. The terrorized couple, in search of authorities, make the biggest mistake of their life. They head towards the small town where the young children have killed the whole adult population. Later, the couple realizes that kids are in the possession of Isaac Croner (a sinister young preacher). Chills straight to the bones is what this movie offers. You never know what is coming the very next moment. 

4. Body at Brighton Rock: ” Middle of nowhere “

Body at Brighton rock

Initial Release: April 26, 2019

Director: Roxanne Benjamin

State parks are the best place to enjoy the summertime. Wendy, a teenager filled with enthusiasm, seems to agree with this fact. However, things don’t go as expected. Wendy starts working at a mountainous state park as a part-time summer employee. In order to prove her friendly, she takes an extremely dangerous trail assignment to let them know she deserves the job. Due to this, she accidentally takes a wrong turn and gets lost in the middle of nowhere. All she can see is a possible crime scene with a dead body. While she has no communication with the authorities, she must find her way back.

3. Culture Shock: “Across the borders “

Culture Shock

Initial release: 2019

Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero

Coming up, yet another nightmare from the anthology of Blumhouse into the dark, it is a move that seems to be plucked from an entirely parallel universe. The storyline shows a border-crossing story of a woman in labor named Marisol who tries to cross the borders to the United States. However, her attempt results in a big fail. Even after a failed attempt, the woman puts her efforts to sneak into the US. However, while trying to do so, she’s captured by a group of unknowns. The group takes the woman to a town known as Cape Joy. The woman thinks that her attempts are successful. However, soon she realizes that there’s an operation on-going in the town where humans are treated worse than lab rats. 

2. The den: ” Someone’s Watching “

The den

Release Date: 12 December 2013

Director: Zachary Donohue

If there’s a mix of “saw” and “paranormal activity”, it would probably look like “The Den”. A girl, obsessed with monitoring people, hacks into the webcam chat users. She begins studying the habits of those people. One common day, when she was watching the people on the web can as usual from her safe home, she witnesses a live murder of a girl. The murderer soon realizes that someone is watching him. He eventually finds out about the girl and makes her the next target of his inhuman activities. The girl needs to find her way out of the situation anyhow. The nastiness of the murderer will draw shrieks out of you every now and then. 

 1. The Domestics: “The gangs”

The Domestics

Initial release: 28 June 2018

Director: Mike P. Nelson

Have you ever wondered what an apocalypse feels like? Well, the domestics will provide you a realistic experience of survival in the middle of the murderous gangs. With blood all over, limbs being ripped off like anything, it’s difficult to survive. Isn’t it? After a week of the apocalypse, the world splits into deadly factions of murderous gangs. Mark and Nina have to find a safe spot for their survival. One of the factions put all their efforts to find the couple and kill them. Now, the couple must have faith in each other and help one another to survive. Going through the film for half an hour you will find yourself gazing slack-jawed at it. 

Rest assured from our side, we will ensure that we are regularly updating this article for any latest releases.

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