Best Horror Films Available In Cable TV Today In The US

Best Horror Films

Do you have some free time and want to enjoy a good movie that will give you an adrenaline rush? Then try checking out some horror movies. They can give you the chilling, thrilling, feeling you so desire. You will get to feel the characters’ fear and despair and you’ll also get to let go of your worries for a while.

 Are you up for a trip down horror lane? Below are some horror movies you can find on cable TV in the United States today. Check here if you’d like more information on some of the best cable TV packages. Even if you aren’t keen on horror movies, a trial may convince you that you’re missing out on some serious fun.

 5 Best Horror Movies For Your Enjoyment

 A lot of cable TV packages have different horror movie channels, which means that you have a wide range to select the one that’s suitable for you. Here are five of the best horror movies available on cable TV in the US today:

 1. The Mist (2007)

 Written by Stephen King, The Mist is an adaptation of the short horror novella of the same title. Directed by Frank Daramont, The Mist introduces you to the terror that envelops a small town. If you think supermarkets are just places where you buy stuff, think again. Against the backdrop of a small town, a character named David Drayton tries everything he can to keep his son safe. In this movie, the horror is almost relentless. It’s all fun, though, as you get to see famous faces such as Melissa McBride, Laurie Holden, and Marcia Gay Harden.

 2. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

 This could prove to be a classic example of how horror movies can actually reduce anxiety. You will get so wrapped up in the riveting storyline that you’ll forget about your own troubles and anxieties for a while. Beds are meant to be safe and secure, but not in this movie as the protagonist Freddy Krueger transforms just about every place into a danger zone. Due to unresolved vengeful feelings, Freddy goes on a killing spree, ready to take down the offspring of those who made his life hell years ago. Do you want to stay alive? Just don’t fall asleep because the moment you do, Freddy appears to snuff the life out of you. This seemingly impossible task is what the main character Nancy and her friends had to accomplish. Watch Nightmare on Elm Street to see these young protagonists strive to stay awake and stay alive. How many hours or days can you go without sleep? Did Nancy and her friends conquer their greatest nightmare? Find out in this blood-splattered adventure.

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 3. The Babadook (2014)

 How can one apparently harmless pop-up book wreak so much havoc? Even the name sounds spooky, so that’s promising, isn’t it? Well, there’s more. Thereee’s just a fine line between trauma, grief, and delusion here. A young grieving widow is traumatized so much that she can’t tell reality from her inner world. This woman reads a spooky pop-up book about a dark figure with a terrible heart to her already traumatized son. From there, everything goes haywire as the mother loses control of her son. Don’t expect to see a monster in this movie because the monster is only in your head. Thisn’t Annabelle, nor is it Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This the Babadook in its scariest form, so remember to breathe as you watch this sinister tale.

 4. The Ring (1998)

 Based on a novel of the same title by Koji Suzuki, The Ring takes you for the ultimate horror ride. The Ring’s plot revolves around a series of events that has to do with a disturbing videotape triggering different occurrences and causing the death of whoever watches it. Watch various protagonists strive to save their lives. Paranormal alert – there is a curse. Everything is connected in a disjointed kind of way; you get to figure it all out while watching.

 5. Evil Dead 2

 Though there are several Evil Dead movies already on the shelf now, most horror movie addicts wondered what Evil Dead 2 would be about when it was first released. Would it be a sequel or remake of the original Evil Dead movie? Bruce Campbell, the movie director, explained the movie to eagerly waiting horror movie fans. Evil Dead 2 was a prequel to Evil Dead. If the original Evil Dead movie was anything to go by, then Evil Dead 2 would be similar, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t seen the original Evil Dead, you have nothing to worry about. They’re standalone movies, so you would definitely understand Evil Dead 2. However, do watch Evil Dead as well for a thrilling experience. In Evil Dead 2 Ash, and his girlfriend Linda, fight to stay alive after playing a reading of Necronomicon out loud. If you love a mixture of comedy and horror, Evil Dead 2 is just perfect for you.


 With these movies, you’ll get to experience a scary ride in the world of horror right from your room. Get ready to chew your fingernails while munching popcorn all curled up on the couch (maybe have a “blankie” handy). With cable TV, you’re set to have an almost cinematic experience.