Top House of Horrors in USA – Skyrim House of Horrors, Hugos House of Horrors

House of Horrors

  1. Skyrim House of Horrors

A role-playing fantasy game, Skyrim is loved by many players online. The Skyrim House of Horrors is a game of quest that is ideal for those who like to enjoy adventure games with a mix of slight horror. With the common fantasy game tropes like shields, swords, magic, dark elves, and dragons, this is nothing short of classic fantasy. However, it gives more than that with its lore and quests. In its marriage system, you can get a hint of romance. In its serial killer stalking the roads of Windhelm, you can get an air of mystery and much more. There are many genres mixed here, and you can enjoy among the scariest quests in this game.

Skyrim House of Horrors

There is a dark and scary backdrop to the old city of Markarth, and the suspense will make you love to play it. If you love Skyrim and consider yourself a horror quest fan, you would obviously enjoy playing this game that mixes horror with fantasy elements. If you manage to survive till the end of the quest, you will come across the Mace of Molag Bal. This is among the strongest weapons that the game has on offer, and can make you a victor.

  1. Hugos House of Horrors

A graphic adventure game, Hugo’s House of Horrors is about Hugo, whose sweetheart has disappeared after going to a haunted house for babysitting. To get her back, Hugo needs to explore the entire place. He has to look inside the home as well around, and solve all the secrets while trying to survive the many dangers that lurk everywhere.

In this game, players need to use the arrow keys to move Hugo’s character, and also type in commands like eat steak to be able to act along with the environment. A few of the challenges happen to be puzzles that have to be solved through the smart use of things that can be found in the home. Others need careful and fast movement or can test how much knowledge you have.

Hugo’s House of Horrors is a shareware trilogy. The eponymous game is the first of this trilogy. The entire game was brought out as a sample of the whole trilogy, which consists of the game as well as the titles ‘Hugo’s Amazon Adventure’, ‘Hugo’s Mystery Adventure’, an automatic solver that lets you play the game in a movie format and also a hint book. This is an enjoyable game trilogy.

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  1. Dr. Terrors House of Horrors

Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965) is a horror movie by director Freddie Francis with stars like Christopher Lee, Neil McCallum and Peter Cushing in the lead roles. It tells the story of a mysterious doctor who also happens to be a fortune teller. While on a train journey, he uses a pack of tarot cards to foretell the fortune of his 5 fellow passengers and predicts how each of them will suffer a strange death.

Dr. Terrors House of Horrors

One by one, the 5 stories are shown. The physicians doubt that his newly married wife happens to be a vampire, an architect comes back to his ancestral house to deal with a vengeful werewolf, a conceited art critic who is being followed by a severed hand, a jazz musician who steals a piece of music played at an occult ceremony and suffering its aftermath and also a vine that seems to have a mind of its own and engulfing an entire home.

This is one of those horror flicks that stays on in the mind for its creepy scenes and is for viewers who do not like to watch very violent or scary movies. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable movie that can be regarded as a thrilling classic.

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  1. Turpin Family House of Horrors

It was on 14th January 2018 that cops entered the home of the Turpin couple, Louise and David, in Perris, California. They found the 13 kids of the couple chained in a dark room to their beds. The kids, aged between 2 and 29 years, had been beaten and choked by their parents for many years. They were allowed to eat only once every day and take a shower only once annually. Due to malnutrition, the older kids looked much younger in age. Those aged 29 were only 82 pounds in weight.

Some of the kids seemed to lack even the knowledge of what the police and medicines were. They were kept unaware of the world. This is regarded as an extraordinarily pathetic case, given that both parents inflicted the abuse on multiple kids, and the torture and abuse that they were subjected to seemed to be systematic and calculated.

Both parents were arrested and later pleaded guilty on a total of 14 felony counts. These included false imprisonment, torture, cruelty to kids, and cruelty to dependents on grown-ups. The couple was awarded a harsh sentence that included imprisonment for life, with the chance to get parole only after a span of 25 years.

  1. California House of Horrors

The California House of Horrors is the infamous case of David and Louise Turpin, who made their 13 kids live in hellish conditions. Chained to the bed, they were denied even sunlight and were given to eat only one time every day. The eldest of the kids, the daughter of the Turpins, was so malnourished that cops could not believe that she was a 29-year old woman.

The daughters were not only abused but even ‘sold’ to rich men who would molest them at will. Upon investigation, it was claimed that Louise also practiced dark art, and had a fetish for booze, snakes, and gambling. A student of computer engineering, David worked in responsible positions in two defense organizations, and how he became an abusive dad is still beyond the comprehension of anybody.

The rundown, ugly Texan home of the Turpins was infested with snakes and rats. Two years after their parents were arrested, the children of the couple turned over a new leaf and were reported to be living a normal life. The younger ones went through less abuse, and they could rebound much quicker than the elder ones. However, some of the children preferred to change their name to have nothing to do with their past.

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  1. Blackstone House of Horrors

The Blackstone House of Horrors is the case of 35-year-old Erika Murray who was arrested after the terrible discovery of the bodies of 3 infants in her home. In September 2014, the discovery was made, following which she was arrested and put to trial. In her defense, Keith Halpern, her attorney revealed that she suffers from a mental illness. Her home was found to be littered with feces and trash, and insects had infested it. The skeletal remains of the 3 infants, with the remains of the third one being in the closet of another room, made the ambiance even scarier. That infant was fully clothed and diapered, with the placenta being attached still. There was also a dead dog close to that infant inside a bag.

Some living children were found in the home as well, who were seen to be suffering from impairment. While both parents of the kids pleaded not guilty, they have not been let out. The verdict is going to be out in some time. The judge holds that nothing is normal when it comes to the circumstances and behavior of the accused in the case. But it has undoubtedly shocked the people of Blackstone in Massachusetts.

  1. Plastic Surgery House of Horrors

Plastic Surgery is a type of reconstructive surgery that is used for either structural or cosmetic improvement. However, it has become more popular in recent days as the sure-fire way of improving physical beauty. Many celebrities are showing the way, and this has led to the Plastic Surgery House of Horrors. It is easy to find many celebs and especially average men and women suffering from botched or inferior cosmetic surgeries, and ending up with one or more scars. In the end, the results from the surgeries turn out to be significantly different from what they imagined and makes them horribly disfigured.

The facial appearance or the appearance of any other part of the body can be ruined due to these surgeries. It often takes one or more surgeries to get back to normal appearance. In some cases, the scarring is permanent. In the quest for beauty, people lose even the kind of normalcy in physical appearance that they had before the initial surgery. The Plastic Surgery House of Horrors comprises of the instances of many such people who have resorted to plastic operative methods and have borne the brunt of it. It is important to choose reputed centers and surgeons to undergo these processes.

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