5 Pro-Tips to Make Your Videography Experience Shine on Your Resume

    Tips to Make Your Videography Experience
    Tips to Make Your Videography Experience

    To showcase your reel experience to a recruiter, you need to write it in your resume. Be it film-set terms like a copy, brick, etc. or some technical tools, your resume should have all the essentials that are required in a potential videographer.

    You can achieve this by curating your resume in a manner that brings forth your relevant experience regarding the skills related to the target profile, and your key accomplishments.
    Hence, making sure that you leverage your experience in a way that will help you get shortlisted.

    Here is how you can do that:

    Make your portfolio link visible

    Let’s be honest, as a videographer when you are trying to showcase your expertise, a portfolio is of paramount importance.

    Though as recruiters do not spend much time on a resume, you need to make sure that your portfolio link is visible and not hidden in the content.

    Hence, you should always place it at the top of your resume with the name, job title, contact information, etc.

    Further, make sure other links that can add value to your profile are included as well. For example, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

    Write the professional experience section

    Resume format helps you organize important information in your resume. But this information should have all the contributions and accomplishments you achieved in your career.

    Hence, all the statements regarding your work experience and achievements should be included in the professional experience section.

    This section should have all the points/statements that can help you showcase your contribution as a videographer.

    Here is how to construct this section:

    • Bucketing: Showcase your videography skills by clubbing 2-3 statements together under relevant subheadings. For example, video production & audio equipment, etc. Further, you can use the buckets in this section as skills.
    • Highlighting: While crafting this section, you need to make sure that the readability is top-notch. Though you can do that by customizing one-liner bullets, it should have important information highlighted. The idea is to display information in such a way that it is visible at a glance.

     Use the job description

    You can follow all the resume guidelines to make sure your resume is perfect, however, it all goes to waste when your resume is not related to the target profile.

    Let’s say the position for which you are applying requires a potential candidate to have a sound knowledge of Final Cut Pro. 

    If you have worked on this tool before but omit it from your resume, it might become a cause of rejection.

    Hence, it is important to make sure that your resume has all the essential elements asked in the job description.

    Research using the job description to figure out the relevant keywords that you can include in your resume.

    Mention your skills

    Resumes are achievements based. Hence, you need to flaunt all your relevant skills. Further, these skills give an overview of your expertise to the recruiter as they are trying to connect your profile with the job post.

    Hence, you need to make sure your resume has all the skills required in a videographer. Be it either soft skills or tools/methodologies.

    Here are some skills that are important for a videographer resume:

    • Video Production
    • Shooting
    • Post-production Editing
    • Audio Equipment

    Further, include all the tools/methodologies that you are familiar with. For example:

    • Final Cut Pro
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Premiere

    Write an overview of your resume

    For any profile, recruiters are restricted to 6 seconds or so when they go through a resume. Hence, it is important to write an overview of your resume in a professional summary section.

    Here, you need to include significant highlights and the most valuable expertise that intrigues the recruiters into shortlisting your profile.

    Written in a paragraph format, make sure your professional summary has keywords and important requirements listed in the job description.

    Here is a professional summary for a videographer resume:

    4+ years experienced Videographer with a proven track record of meeting business objectives and creating trending content. Adept at utilizing video editing software for post-production changes and leveraging social media channels to improve the video’s performance regarding the visibility. 

    Key Takeaways

    Below, I summarize a few highlights from the article:

    • Do not provide the whole URL of your portfolio. Just write “Portfolio” and hyperlink it to add the URL.
    • While mentioning the skills, make sure you only add the soft skills that are asked in the job description. Otherwise, refrain from adding such skills and personality traits in your resume.
    • Make sure your professional summary is in a paragraph format.