10 Best Indie Horror Movies That You Never Heard Of And Where You Can Watch

Best Indie Horror Movies
Best Indie Horror Movies

Horror films are for the people who love them or not. There are many chances that you might wonder why people watch horror films. Well, everyone has a different taste when it comes to cinema. What should people do when they feel a tingling sensation in their spine before fear is induced inside them.

Logically, people should avoid horror films, but they don’t. Horror films have a lot of audiences who draw into the genre. After countless top-notch horror films, the horror motion picture has become a popular genre over the years.

Who doesn’t like a dose of heart-pounding, pulse-racing sequences that the horror genre offers? Given that many great filmmakers can bankroll a sound gross collection, the mainstream horror genre still lacks ambition.

Mainstream horror films feel slightly similar, such as a little bit of paranormal activity, a couple of deaths, grotesque background score, and unwanted yelling. The most-loved genre’s inescapable truth is that filmmakers and studios are using a similar formula over decades now.

These reasons led to the popularity of indie horror films as they begin to thrive among the audience. Best Indie Horror Movies have challenged the mainstream genre’s norms; they’ve ripped up the script entirely. Slow burn brilliant filmmaking has reinvented and innovated the genre holistically.

Before we begin any further to list the films and where you can watch them, let’s clarify that Netflix has aided brilliant Indie horror filmmakers to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience globally. Take a peek at the 10 Best indie Horror Movies that you can watch today!

Best Indie Horror Movies

Girl on the Third Floor (2019)

Girl on the Third Floor

Available on – Netflix

Girl on the Third Floor is an open, reliable chiller with a gooey twist horror flick taking place on a yarn. The critics regard ‘Girl on the Third Floor’ as one of the scariest films of all time. The mentally disturbing film has a horrifying setting which distracts the viewers from the epitome of shallowness.

The film also uses a subtle metaphor that foretells toxic relationships and behaviors. The impulsive, impressive haunted cinema is more like a mechanism for producing seductive imagery while effectively demonstrating blatant ethical dynamics.

Wilding (2018)


Available on – Netflix

The film first premiered at the SXSW Festival in 2018. Fritz Böhm’S Wildling features Bel Powley alongside Liv Tyler, who is also one of the film producers. Wilding is a modern-day creature feature representing habitat for unconventional creatures.

Further, the film also addresses adolescence, which is on the convergence of the digital age’s social issues. In a very unusual manner, the director and actors convey female empowerment. The central character Anna portrayed by Bel Powley grew up secluded in an attic. The isolation takes over when she stumbles across a beast that devours and snatches children.

Sea Fever (2020)

Sea Fever

Available on – Hulu

Critics have compared the film’s plot to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. It was first premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. The film revolves around a naval crew who find themselves marooned in a trawler.

However, this is not the entire plot. There’s a parasitic infection that comes after them one after another. Given that the film has horror elements that will keep the potential viewers jump off their seats, it is still a sci-fi film with well-acted actors with modest entertainment. The film represents the age-old battle between nature and humans.

Mom And Dad (2017)

Mom And Dad

Available on – Hulu

The film is one of the critical projects where the legendary actor Nicolas Cage invested, further making it one of the Best indie Horror Movies of all time. What would happen if parents turn into your enemies? Well, an enigmatic mass hysteria makes parents become something that kids fear.

A teenage girl and her brother must survive their parents’ wrath for 24 hours. Throughout the film, the parents do showcase quite some violence. The film features some of the hotshot Hollywood actors such as Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair. If you’re a fan of Cage, you’d be glad to know that he delivers a crazy performance like his other roles.

Thelma (2017)


Available on – Hulu

Thelma is a special mention in the list as the Norwegian drama has entered into the Oscars in Best Foreign Language. The main character shares the same name as the film, i.e., Thelma. The young student comes from quite a religious family from a small Norwegian town. However, the young woman’s internal struggles trigger her telepathic powers to manifest and whatever folds afterward is bizarre.

The director of the film, Joachim Trier, illustrates timely themes by embracing conventional gothic settings. Potential viewers will find the film equivalent to Suspiria.

1BR (2019)


Available on – Netflix

The film centers on Sarah, an inspiring costume designer played by Nicole Brydon Bloom. Sarah chases her dream by moving to a new one-bedroom apartment. Even her neighbors at great, well, at first. However, the delightful residential complex turns into a cult, and they want to drag Sarah into their community forever.

Yes, the film does have a cliche horror theme, such as The Stepford Wives. Moreover, it also shares a setting from Midsommar; however, it has a fresh modern-day take on the genre that could entice the viewers. Millennials are going to love the uncomplicated flick.

Green Room (2016)

Green Room

Available on – Netflix

Green Room is a breakout film from Jeremy Saulnier. The film revolves around a struggling punk band, namely Ain’t Rights, who witness a murder.

The band is then entrapped in a metal club’s green room where they are stalked by Darcy Banker’s skinhead neo-Nazi gang. The director did envision the film to be a complete thriller which is set around a green room. The film’s cast did deliver blood-splattering thrills featuring Sir Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, and Imogen Poots. Green Room film one of the best horror movies available on Netflix.

In Fabric (2018)

In Fabric

Available on – Prime Video

The 2018 film ‘In Fabric’ is one of the Best indie Horror Movies out there. Classic horror genre lovers will fall for the blissful classic horror cliche of the cursed dress. The film In Fabric comes from the mind of Peter Strickland.

 In the movie, a beautifully dreadful gown is passed down from one person to another. The twisted execution is the highlight of the film. In addition to this, the cast also moves alive a terrifying curse that the dress holds

Hush (2016)


Available on – Netflix

Mike Flanagan returns with another masterpiece after Oculus’ massive success. Hush is a hidden gem featuring Kate Siegel. In the film, Siegel portrays the role of a horror writer who is mute and deaf. There is a bonus, Siegel’s character resides among the woods. Yes, the film is exponentially spooky.

Nevertheless, Siegel’s character faces life-threatening danger from a masked psychopath who wants to end her life. The character in the film sure does have restrictions. However, the performance by the protagonist and antagonist is brilliant.

Host (2020)

Available on – Shudder

The host is the perfect horror film to watch in 2020-2021 as it is set during the global Pandemic (COVID-19). The film revolves around six friends who attempt to contact the dead via Zoom. However, things take different turns when they unleashed a mysterious presence, and then there are the consequences and repercussions of the séance. There is only one bummer; viewers need to be on Shudder to watch the film. The film’s premise is not new, but it will give you the best scares in your life.

We’ve curated this list to give you enough dosage of anxiety to make you shut off your windows and doors for at least a week. Best Indie Horror Movies are the most haunting and visceral flicks that you can get your hands-on today!

Best Indie Horror Movies have challenged the mainstream genre’s norms; they’ve ripped up the script entirely. Slow burn brilliant filmmaking has reinvented and innovated the genre holistically.