Best Thai Horror Movies of all time

Thai Horror Movies

One might not regard Thailand as a major contributor to the horror universe, and it’s not only about the horror universe, the same applies to the contribution made by Thailand to the global cinematic universe. But we simply cannot ignore the steady upward trend Thailand has posted in the past few decades. With movies like Rahtree: Flower of the Night people across the world have started to take Thai horror seriously.

Thai horror has an amicable cult following and most of the time it gets subdued to their South Korean counterparts. Time and time again Thai horror movies keep reminding us with some top-notch horror flicks that they aren’t inferior to anyone in any respect. They make a significant portion of Asian horror movies and have quite a reputation for contributing to Asian horror movies.

10. Ghost Game

Initial Release: 2006

Director: Sarawut Wichiensarn

A double trap is what was waiting for a pack of enthusiasts. A group of 11 youngsters decided to play a game, ignoring all the death alarms given by the local people but soon they regretted it.  The game is all about surviving a night in an abandoned, scariest concentration camp.

A set is prepared by the organizers of the game in Cambodia, they have made sure that Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest prevails. But what’s the real spoilsport for the players in the presence of spirits in the vicinity of the setup that will haunt them down to their graves. The prizes are huge, but so are the stakes.

9. The Victim

Initial Release: 2006

Director: Niall MacCormick

The reenactment of a crime scene takes an unthinkable leap when the spirit of the dead actress takes control.A struggling actress took a project to work with the police where she has to re-enact a crime scene.

Later she got to know, the crime scene was a high-profile actress’s murder scene. She later finds herself being followed by the spirit of a famous late actress. Then she was forced by the actress to find her murderer, solve the death mystery, and prove her innocence. But this was not as easy as it sounds. She had to undergo some serious mental trauma, and not to mention the overdose of her fright appetite.

8. Coming Soon

Initial Release: 2008

Director: Sopon Sukdapisit

This film remarks the directorial debut of Sopon Sukdapisit, obviously we can expect some rookie mistakes on her part in terms of depth in the script. Recording “Evil Spirit” became the deadliest event of a boy’s life who was passionate and keen to watch and know about ghosts and supernatural stories. The boy is haunted by the same horrifying ghost character in the film he recorded.

7. The Sisters

Initial Release: 2004

Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman

A decollated head in a hotel room leads to an unsolved murder mystery. A group of musicians found the head in an air vent of the hotel room they were staying in, later they felt some abnormal activities and realized that it was the spirit of a dead female prostitute. The ghost then haunts them and asks them to solve the murder mystery else she will kill everyone.

6. Bangkok Haunted

Initial Release: 2001 

Director: Pisut Praesangeam

Fun at a bar becomes a tale of horror stories. Three girls enjoying at a bar in Bangkok sharing ghost stories unrevealed tales of a haunted antique, a love potion, and the girl who commits a mysterious suicide. But they didn’t know what was going to happen to them the next moment. A question they were asking to each other will have the scariest answer and will be answered by the spirit itself!


5. Shutter

Initial Release: 2004

Director: Masayuki Ochiai

Jane and her photographer boyfriend Tun were going on a fun ride but it turned into a horrible ride of their life. They met with an accident and ran away after hitting a female in their car.

After few days of the accident, they were haunted by a female spirit that appears in developed photos. Now couples need to figure out who is the person they’ve messed with before it’s too late and their time runs out.

4. Nang Nak

Initial Release: 1999

Director: Nonzee Nimibutr

A Veteran soldier named Mak comes home after a long time from war to his wife Nak and his little son, but when he returns his neighbors tried to warn him of something ominous going on under his roof.

Neighbors told him that as he was not at home and his wife was alone so maybe she is in under some mysterious activities. After entering home Mak found something which blew his mind.

3. Laddaland

Initial release: 2011

Director: Sopon Sukdapisit

Moving to a new neighbourhood in hope of bettering their lifestyle and reconnecting with the family as everything was slowly falling apart but God has some other plans. A life-threatening event was waiting for them which just shattered their lives.

A scary murder case that made their life a living hell and what the family did to come out from this case was unbelievable.

2. House of Ghosts (aka Khon, Phee, Pisaj) 

Initial Release: 2004

Director: Christopher R. Mihm

When a girl lost her parents, she was very young. She lost her parents in a horrific tragedy. This sudden death of her parents led her aunt to take care of the young girl, and the aunt runs a printing house. One day a girl got to know that her aunt is not only a printing house owner but also a part-time spiritual medium.

Later aunt started doing some tricks on the baby girl too. This incident hammered the girl’s mind and left her with hundreds of questions in her mind. The behavior of aunt towards a girl was very cruel, she used to torture her a lot. One fine day the girl decided to take revenge on her aunt.

1. Rahtree: Flower of the Night

Initial Release: 2003

Director: Yuthlert Sippapak

There is always something fishy about introverted people, they always have most unexpected surprises up their sleeves.

An introverted girl named Buppah Rahtree was a student and died at a very young age. She dies from an abortion that went wrong after she was tricked into falling in love with the young spoiled son of a wealthy family.

Her spirit then took charge to take over her apartment that was now sold, and the new landlord of that apartment tried everything to get rid of the spirit of a vengeful entity.

With that we conclude our countdown, do tell us about your gory experience exploring the movies in the list. Also if you are looking forward to what horror universe has planned for in the days to come, go through our Most Anticipated Horror Movies in Theaters.

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