10 Must-See Foreign Horror Movies

Foreign Horror Movies
Foreign Horror Movies

Movies have always been a great source of entertainment. The characters and the storyline of the horror movies blow the viewer’s mind and leave a strong impression. Here, You can find the details about Foreign horror movies.

Horror movies are some of those genres of movies that shake the movie watchers. The dreadful music and the shock factors induce a kick out fear and a distinct sensation in the viewers which actually is the reason behind admiring the horror movies. It not only leaves a scary and strong impression in your mind but imprints a frightening spot in you.

10 Must-See Foreign Horror Movies

We have meticulously curated this list considering various aspects like public opinion, critic’s opinion, performance in terms of earnings made, and various others. Here are  10 foreign horror movies that must be seen by all horror lovers. 


If you are fascinated by drama horror movies then this movie will surely entertain you.

Released in 1964, Onibaba is a Japanese historical drama horror movie directed by Kaneto Shindo.  It is rated 8/10 by IMDb for its interesting plot. The movie is all about two women, one of which is an old woman and the other is the daughter-in-law of the old woman.

They kill soldiers and steal the food and belongings from them for their livings. The daughter-in-law gets into an affair which the old woman doesn’t approve of at all. Later on the old woman kills a samurai who was wearing a bizarre mask on his face. She somehow gets the mask and wears it to threaten her daughter-in-law by acting like a demon and the story goes on.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

This movie is especially for all vampire and cat lovers. This masterpiece movie which was delivered in 2014 is an American horror movie directed by Ana Lily Amirpour. It is rated 7/10 by IMDb. A  comical and love story that happened in a bad city of an Iranian ghost town.

A great mixture of affection, comics, and terror gives a fantastic feel to its audience. The girl in the story is a vampire who is lonely and grows fangs. She roams the streets at night in the search of her prey. On her way, she meets a young handsome hard-working Iranian boy.

The story contains beautiful soothing music and twists. A must watch movie for people who enjoy romance with fear.

Let The Right One In

This drama is for vampire admirers. Presented in 2008 Let the right one in is a Swedish romantic horror movie directed by Tomas Alfredson. The Movie is based on a novel having the same title as the movie and rated 7.9 by IMDb. It is about a 12-year-old boy who gets bullied in school by his classmates. He imagines taking revenge on them every evening and satisfy himself, self by seeing the murder case in the newspaper.

He met with a girl who comes to live in the apartment connected with his apartment with her father and eventually they both developed a bond. The girl was a vampire and her father killed people for the blood of her daughter. The girl helps the boy to take a stand for himself when his friends bully him and the story goes on. Watch this interesting movie for the pleasure you are looking for.

A train to Busan

This movie is specially designed for all action lovers who also desire some taste of the horror genre. Train to Busan is a South Korean action horror movie released in 2016 and was directed by Yeon- Sang-Ho. The storyline walks you through a journey that takes place from Seoul to Busan.

The whole story took place on the train itself. The breakout of the zombie apocalypse in the country leaves the people terrified and all the passengers struggle to survive on the train while fighting with the zombies.

The action in the movie attracts the action lovers and the horror scenes make the horror lovers elated and excited.

The Babadook

One of the finest and most genuine intriguing movies  ‘The Babadook’ was played on screen in 2014. This is an Australian psychological horror movie directed by Jennifer Kent. The movie is based on Kent’s 2005 short film ‘Monster’.

The movie revolves around a widow and her son. The widow lost her husband and struggled to raise her kid who is a bit problematic. The woman reads books for her son before sleeping and one fine night she reads a mysterious book named “ Mister Babadook” given by her son who got it from the house.

The book contains some awful and supernatural events that disturb both mother and son somehow. The son complains about being haunted by the book. The widow woman tears up the book and throws it into the garbage but the book never leaves them and continuously haunts them.

The movie does justice to the people who are into psychological horror movies.


Some deadly movies aren’t really deadly and force you to believe that some bad deeds sometimes are necessitated to perform. That’s what this whole movie is about. Released in 2008, Martyrs is a psychological yet horror movie made in the direction of Pascal Laugier. This is one the best foreign horror movies.

This movie has two main characters named, Lucie and Anna. Lucie was abducted and tortured by a few cruel people. Somehow she escapes from the slaughterhouse and after a few years finds those abductors and decides to take revenge with the help of Anna who also went through the same torment.

They both come to discover some deadly secrets as well. The movie is filled with suspense and horror which frightens the viewers to their cores.

The Devil’s Backbone

Dark secrets have always been attractive to listen to and discover and that’s what this movie provides to its viewers.

The devils’ Backbone Movie was released in 2001 as a gothic horror movie and was delivered by Guillermo del Toro with a 7.4/10 rating by IMDb. It is a story of a boy who lost his father during the Spanish civilian war and enters a school that has already encountered some ghost and haunted phenomena. The boy gets also haunted by the ghost.

At first, he used to get startled but as time passes he gets the urge to understand the scenario, and on his way, he unveiled many dark ghost secrets.

The movie is filled with dark suspense and thriller

The Haunting

Jan De Bont directed this movie in 1999 which is a supernatural horror film. The story plot revolves around a haunted hill house inside which some horrifying and appalling events occur that frighten its visitors.

Every visitor witnesses some strange and thrilling events that make them speechless and scared. A team of paranormal experts tries to solve the horror mystery of this ill-fated house. On their way, they also experience untold and terrible events.

The questions, fights, unraveling occurring between the team members adds spice to the horror movie that grabs the attention of the audience.

A Tale Of Two Sisters

A Tale of two sisters movie is a South Korean movie, released in 2003 and directed in the direction of Kim Jee-Woon. It is a psychological horror drama film that steals the sight of the viewers with its storyline and the positive reviews by its viewers. One can blindly trust Korean horror movies as they justify the genre like no one else. They have been making super reliable and quality movies for a few decades.

The story is about Su-mi, a character who is having a sister. Both of them undergo some haunting events in the house and manage to handle their stepmother. At the end of the story, you are going to witness that the girl is suffering from some dissociative identity disorder, and her sister isn’t a real character. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, the movie is worth watching and the suspense will blow your mind and body.


The circuits of the human brain already hit hard with the thought that the movie is based on real story strikes. Veronica is one of the movies that is based on the true story of a girl who died mysteriously after using the ouija board.

This is a Spanish supernatural horror film made in 2017 and directed by Paco Plaza.

The story is about a teenage girl who plays with an ouija board with her friends to connect with the deceased family members but something goes wrong and Veronica (a teenage girl) gets trapped in some hallucinating yet horrifying events that she feels happening at her home. On the way of safeguarding her siblings, she tries to find a way of breaking the contact from the ghost and the story keeps ongoing.

The movie turns into violent events as she tries to fight back from horror situations.

Horror movies always move you to the core and leave you paranoid for a few days at least. Above mentioned movies are masterpieces in their own way and absolutely hit the audience with their promising story plot and characters.

These are must-see movies and have been rated high by the critics. Grabbing some popcorn and going into the world of unnatural and ghostly events is what a true horror film lover needs for thrilling enjoyment.