Fear of Technology – A Recurring Horror Theme

Society is becoming more and more dependent on technology and, with that, there is also a growing fear of its possible negative effects. Some of those are not based on facts, but rather on people’s reluctance to change. According to https://sciencedaily.com/, being afraid of change is a natural response, since the brain registers uncertainty like an error that needs to be corrected. Here, you can get the details about the Recurring horror theme.

This anxiety of the unknown is being exploited by the horror genre, which, over the course of its existence, has projected on screens humanity’s deepest fears. Just like any other industry, horror films need to evolve and to reflect current affairs in order to stay relevant. Themes like Entomophobia (fear of insects), Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), and Nyctophobia (fear of the dark) have become oversaturated, and new subgenres are emerging.

Privacy and Security

Recurring Horror Theme

The anxiety regarding online security is growing, especially since most people have little to no knowledge of how data is being processed and used. Ratter (2015) is a film that explores the risks of our Internet-connected lives by tapping into our fear that we are constantly being monitored. Emma, a graduate student living in New York by herself, is being stalked by a man that has hacked into all of her devices and gets in and out of her apartment as he pleases.

Although extremely uncomfortable to watch, it makes people aware of notions such as cybersecurity and cybercrimes, as well as how easy it is for things to escalate from online to real life. To keep this fear under control, a variety of industries are trying to reassure people through all means possible. Therefore, security policies are top priority for companies that handle confidential data, such as online casinos. Plenty of new online casino websites and apps launch every year, so it is important to visit websites like https://bonus.ca/online-casinos/new/ to read reviews made by industry experts and choose the most secure ones.

AI Takeover

Not a horror per se, but The Terminator (1984) was the first film to introduce the idea that artificial intelligence could take over humankind. Back then, the fear had a face and it revolved around actual robots that could end up controlling or, worse, destroying us. Now, horror films build on people’s paranoia of AI in a different way – through mobile apps.

There is an app for almost everything, so how about an app that tells you when you are going to die? In Countdown (2019), people start downloading one that supposedly predicts their time of death. It sounds like fun in the beginning, but it rapidly becomes scary when the program tries to be accurate as well. Other Halves (2015) also explores an interesting idea, although not necessarily well done. A team of programmers is working on a new dating app, however, before its official launch, they discover its users lose all self-control.

Just like technology is evolving, so does directors’ desire to use it as a theme in horror films. People’s fear of new is justified, especially since we don’t know the extent to which technology will impact our lives. What we find scary has changed over time, says https://bbc.co.uk/bitesize, but what stays the same is that there is something out there that terrifies each and every one of us.

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