Top Funny Horror Movies of all time – House, Beetlejuice, The Frighteners, The Quiet Family

Top Funny Horror Movies
Top Funny Horror Movies

Top Funny Horror Movies: One might argue Comedy and Horror, what sort of combination is this? For once Horror, and Aliens, or Horror and Cosmic presenting Cosmic horror movies, is understandable, but horror and comedy don’t gel up naturally. Here you can find the details about Top Funny Horror Movies.

If you too are having similar doubts, I bet you won’t be having any after going through this article.

Best funny horror films of all time

If you love watching horror but you are a person with a weak heart then this kind of films are made for you. The combination of scare and laughter will never make you disappointed if they are put together skillfully. Below are the shortlisted funny horror films of all time from the classics of the late 90s to the 21st century. It’s a fact that these funny horror movies won’t be as scary as any of the Scariest Horror Movies, but they have their own charm, you won’t regret your decision to space a chunk of your precious time on them. 

Ranking the Top 10 Funny Horror Movies ever made: 



Initial Release – 30 July 1977

Director – Nobuhiko Obayashi

House is a Japanese horror comedy film premiered in 1977. Back then the film vanished from the charts quite easily and stayed as an underrated horror film. It was only when someone noticed the true potential of the film and it was re-released in North America in the years 2009 and 2010. 

The story revolves around the girl known as Gorgeous who makes a plan to visit her ill aunt living in the countryside during summer vacation with her other six friends. Everything seems fine when they reach and greet Gorgeous’s aunt until the old woman disappears and eerie things start to take place all around the house. The objects in the house appear to be possessed by evil spirits as they haunt and eat the girls one by one. 



Initial Release – 29 March 1988

Director – Tim Burton 

Beetlejuice is an American comedy film with fantasy fiction. The plot concerns the Maitland couple who drowns into a river while meeting a car accident on their way home. When they wake up in their house unable to remember their way back home, they realize that they are dead and now some other family has taken over their house. 

The couple then mischievously tries to scare the living family out of the house using various means of enacting supernatural events with the help of a bio-exorcist. 

The Frighteners(1996):

The Frighteners

Initial Release – 17 July 1996

Director – Peter Jackson 

The Frighteners is an American comedy horror film released in the late 90s. The film is about an architect who turned exorcist Frank who acquires the ability to see ghosts of dead people after his wife’s death caused due to murder. 

He befriends the spirits and uses them to haunt and scare people to ‘play’ exorcism on them and charge heavy fees in exchange. He was having a great time with the spirit, however, he later finds himself in jail for being the prime suspect of the murder caused by the mysterious evil spirit who also had some connection to the death of Frank’s wife. For what was going as a smooth run for Frank turned out to be a mud pool for him. 

The Quiet Family(1998):

The Quiet Family

Initial Release – 25 April 1998

Director – Kim Jee-Won

Quite uncharacteristic to the name of the film, the movie has a lot to speak and to ke spoken about. The Quiet Family is a South Korean horror film with the tips of sarcastic comedy. The film consists of a six-member family with a middle-aged couple and three adult children and their uncle who wants to leave the city life and decides to settle in the countryside home. 

They turn their big mountain home into a lodge for the travelers for their earning but the misfortune occurs with the very first guest who commits suicide. Unfortunately, the series of death continues for every guest as somehow they end up dying. 

Shaun of the Dead(2004):

Shaun of the Dead

Initial Release – 9 April 2004

Director – Edgar Wright

The very first of the installments of Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, Shaun of the Dead is an English comedy-drama. This cult following film stars Shaun living his life for nothing gets drunk with his friend Ed one night and only wakes up the next morning to find that the whole London city is under zombie apocalypse. Shaun, his girlfriend Liz, and Ed then try to save themselves and their relatives out of sloppiness. It’s kind of hard for them to believe what they were seeing in front of their eyes, the only thing they could remember about last night was them partying and getting drunk. 

You can relate this film to “The Hangover” series, the only difference being the horror factor. 



Initial Release – 2 October 2009

Director – Ruben Fleischer

Zombieland is an American horror movie following the zombie comedy as its sub-genre. It is one of the top zombie movies of the time. The story of the film involves the search and escape game of Columbus who is on his way to find his parents after the whole country is infected by zombies which originated from a cow disease. Columbus meets a few people, a violent man, and a pair of sisters on his way while fighting through zombies. 

This pack of people from varied dimensions of life team up to beat the hell out of the zombies trying to pounce upon them. They managed to put up quite some carnage throughout the movie, and eventually made it. Though the odds of them surviving the outrage weren’t too encouraging still they somehow did. 

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil(2010):

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Initial Release – 22 January 2010 

Director – Eli Craig

Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a comedy horror movie that entails a concatenation of events that eventually make up the whole story of the film. Allison, a young girl goes on a camping trip in the woods with her friends while she encounters Tucker and Dale at a gas station on the way. 

Dale and Allison have a short interaction that scares Allison. Later the group finds Allison missing and because they misinterpret the events that occur, makes the group think that Tucker and Dale are killers. In the process of saving Allison, the members of the group lose their lives one by one only to create a bigger confusion that puts Tucker and Dale in difficult situations along with Allison. 

Pee Mak(2013):

Pee Mak

Initial Release – 28 March 2013

Director – Banjong Pisanthanakun

Pee Mak is a 2013 Thai romantic horror comedy film adapted from the Thai folklore of Mae Nak Phra Khanong that proved to be the highest-grossing film of all time in Thailand. The plot is set in the warring period of Siam, the former name of Thailand during the era of Kings. 

A soldier named Mak had to leave his pregnant wife alone at the village to go to a war where he meets other soldiers who become his best friends. Soon after the war is over, Mak and his friends come to visit Mak’s house where he introduces them to his wife Nak and his newly born baby. However, funny and scary things are noticed by the friends around the Mak’s family when they hear a rumor in the village market of Nak being dead and her spirit haunting the house. Mak’s friends then try to separate the couple to save Mak from his ghostly wife. 

The Babysitters (2017):

The Babysitters

Initial Release – 13 October 2017

Director – McG

The Babysitters is an American horror comedy film released on Netflix in 2017. The plot of the film concerns a teenager Cole who is left with his babysitter named Bee for a night by his parents. 

On the insistence of his friends, Cole decides to peek on his babysitter and see what she does behind his back when he is asleep. Much to Cole’s surprise, he witnesses a scene of Bee killing a person and realizes that she belongs to a demonic cult. Cole realizes that the baby he was looking after doesn’t need to be looked after, instead the baby shouldn’t be kept in the vicinity of anyone. What was looking like a melancholy scene, turned into a gruesome one for Cole, and he cannot do much about it. 



Initial Release – 31 August 2018

Director – Amar Kaushik

Finally some Indian flavor amidst all these foreign films that have almost flooded every available genre. Stree is an Indian romantic horror comedy film which is based on the urban legend of Nale Ba concerning the spirit who knocks on people’s door at night in Karnataka. 

The film is about a young tailor named Vickey who sets on a mission to investigate the mysterious legend of the Stree, believed to be a witch that abducts the men while ripping their clothes at night during a four-day festive season to save his friend. While doing so, he encounters a woman whom he falls in love at first sight but later grows suspicious of her being a witch because of her strange behavior and actions. This film was largely appreciated by the audience for its compelling story and the star cast, which makes it an obvious choice for you to have a bite. 

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