5 Underrated Horror films for Spooky Season

5 Underrated Horror films for Spooky Season
5 Underrated Horror films for Spooky Season

Horror movies stand out from other genres as they scare and, at the same time, entertain the audience. The making of horror films involves extra effort and a lot of work. Due to the wide audience that horror movies attract, many horror movies are made on different subjects such as ghosts, zombies, monsters, and mythology. Below, in this article, you can find the details about 5 Underrated Horror films for Spooky Season.

A horror movie or any other movie for that matter is taken to the audience by the promotions before the movie’s release and then by reviews and opinions of the audience to the masses. While many horror movies are being made and released in recent years, it is hard to recognize every good horror movie. Movies become a blockbuster due to various factors like well-known actors, the cost put into the making, and other commercial elements, but some movies are genuinely good and unique but do not get as much attention as big movies due to various reasons.

A small budget horror movie with new actors and a fantastic storyline does not make it to the top-rated horror movies despite being extraordinarily scary and entertaining; eventually, the audience for such movies is limited. These horror movies sometimes are better than commercially well-executed movies. Underrated movies always have some element which is entirely fresh and not so usual.

Hence, here is a list of underrated movies that didn’t get deserving treatment from the audience…


This movie is a new take on the typical horror story formula of the lead character entering into a haunted mansion. The protagonist is a girl who is deaf and is continuously threatened by a mad man in the mansion. With fewer dialogues and how each scene is crafted is an absolute treat.


A very different plot where you see Elvis Presley and a potentially reanimated corpse of John F Kennedy. There are many unusual endeavors by the two lead characters like fighting an evil Egyptian mummy. The movie revolves around how these two characters save the souls of their friends.


The Zombeavers is a movie where dead beavers, the Zombeavers chase a group of college students. The horrifying and bloody visuals that are scary enough qualifies the movie to be a fantastic horror experience. The subject “Zombeavers” is an entirely imaginative one; hence willingly suspending your disbelief will help enjoy the movie.


This movie may seem to be a quirky romantic comedy where the lead character just wants his co-worker’s attention, who also has a talking dog and cat. Things turn gory when the protagonist kills a co-worker and puts his head in his refrigerator, and the head keeps talking to him. It further gets bloody when his crime rate increases as he commits further murders.


This movie tops the list because of its subject, which is not so widely dealt with in commercial movies and particularly in this genre. Lord of Chaos, directed by Erik H. Gordon, has brought in the book’s authentic feel on which the movie is adapted. With the Swedish black metal scene as the background, this movie will surely be a not so ordinary experience.