Horror Movies featuring Cars and Vehicles

Horror Movies featuring Cars and Vehicles
Horror Movies featuring Cars and Vehicles

It’s the perfect time of year to watch some vehicle horror films. In addition to blood-souring screams, mask-wearing psychos, and creepy music. Many horror movies feature cars that have become a figure to their fans. While they’re packed with scary scenes, teenage victims, a lot of horror movies also feature cool classic cars, particularly if they were filmed in the ’70s and ‘80s of horror movies. Let’s step back in time and check out some classic horror movies where killer cars take an important role. But there’s always an underrated star in a horror that makes for an unforgettable, iconic car or vehicle scene that oozes horror and torment.

By this time the international flavor in the horror world was quite visible, The vehicle horror trend that started somewhere in the early ’70s was now no more a country-specific trend. It had its roots spread throughout the world making a salient presence in Halloween horror movies.

1. Highwayman:


The Highwaymen is that it’s not a biopic of the country supergroup that featured Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson or a biopic of the unrelated folk music act from the 1960s. They drive a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado to stalk and kill his victims in car accidents. If you looking for Cadillac extended warranty then click here for the best olive’s solution for a Cadillac extended warranty.

The Highwaymen emphasizes the real-life devastation caused by Parker and Barrow’s seemingly endless crime spree and shows Hamer as the leader of a crusade to put an end to the madness

2. Christine


Initial release: December 9, 1983

Directors: John Carpenter

The film is a 1983 supernational horror film, which is the top car movies of all time. Christine’s life has begun in the middle of 1957. As cars begin their model year production the year before, Christine was built as a 1958 Plymouth Fury, painted “red as a fire engine on the inside”.

Christine’s movie tells the story of two people Stephen King and John Carpenter. who buys a red and white Plymouth Fury from a mysterious man. The car is named Christine. It soon becomes clear that the demonic vehicle has a strange effect on its new owner and soon starts terrorizing all those who get in his way. And when the owner gets a new girlfriend, the car becomes frighteningly jealous. A classic of tension horror, Christine is the stereotypical scary car film.

3. Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers introduced fans to The Creeper, which is one of the hit films in 2001 horror movies. The story of Jeepers Creepers is about a terrifying monster that harvests and eat the organs of human beings. While the Jeepers Creepers franchise has never managed to hit the heights of the first film again, it’s important to remember just how popular that film was once upon a time. Upon its 2001 release, Jeepers Creepers earned nearly $60 million on a budget of $10 million, making for quite the return on investment, despite middling reviews from critics.

he Creeper is an ancient monster, and from far away it can sometimes be mistaken for a person, thanks to the coat, hat, pants – and sometimes – boots ensemble it wears to blend in when hunting. Once up close though, it’s clear The Creeper is far from human, although it does have some humanoid qualities, and would appear to be the male of its species, assuming there are any more like it. Exactly when The Creeper was born, or exactly what it is – many believe it to be a demon of some kind – remain unclear, but a deleted scene from Jeepers Creepers 2 confirms that the monster has in any event near and asserting victims since medieval times.

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get them peepers?

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those eyes?

A chilling song to complement a nightmarish plot.

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