Argumentative Writing Guide

Argumentative Writing Guide for College Students

Argumentative Writing Guide: There are a few types of academic essays, which even though seem to be quite similar, are extremely different in both their purpose and style. When talking about an argumentative essay,...
5 Creepiest Candles

5 Creepiest Candles for Your Quirky Friends

For the majority of people, when they think of candles they would simply associate them with light. Some people like to burn scented candles when they take a long bath to aid with relaxation,...
Horror Sounds

Horror Sounds List – Army Cvn , Awwhowl, Ballons, Boy

Here below in this article, we introduce the details about different types of Horror Sounds. Army Cvn Awwhowl Ballons Boy Boy2 Burnem Cast Cocks Compels Couch Deadbody Death1 Devil Finished Five Food Fuckout Game Iamnoone Johnny killbrain Legend Letjesus Loomisp Loveyou Redrum Severing Wolfman  


Major news from the folks behind the Edward Douglas directed project titled THE DEAD MATTER. This one is sounding good, read on for the complete press release: Midnight Syndicate Films has announced its first cast...

Major Update On THE RAGE

One of my favorite horror icons Robert Kurtzman dropped me a line tonight to let me know what he has been up to.  His latest project THE RAGE has wrapped and steamrolled into post-production.  Read on...
A Diary of Diary

A Diary of Diary

A Diary of Dead: Any of you who frequent the horror cons have seen Michael Felsher making his way through the throngs of people. Long acquainted with the fine folks at Anchor Bay Michael...
Listen to the Comic Con Grind House Presentation

Listen to the Comic Con Grind House Presentation

Comic Con: Stumbled across this today and it�s cool as hell. Netscape has been covering the San Diego Comic con and they have posted a podcast of the presentation that Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino...
Genghis Con

Genghis Con 2005 Overview

This weekend I was invited to take part in what I understand is the first time Festival/Convention called Genghis Con. Held from Friday, November 18th through Sunday the 20th in Pittsburgh this little gathering...
Horrors Of War

Experience the Horrors Of War

Got word tonight on a new project called Horrors of War. Using WWII as the backdrop this film takes the real-life horrors that happened and adds a genre twist. Here is the official synopsis: Horrors...

MONSTERS Attacking Blu-ray/ DVD

Missed MONSTERS during it VOD run so I've been looking forward to getting this news.  MAGNOLIA has announced the date and specs for its home video release of MONSTERS and as they tend to...