5 Creepiest Candles for Your Quirky Friends

For the majority of people, when they think of candles they would simply associate them with light. Some people like to burn scented candles when they take a long bath to aid with relaxation, and others might light one for a romantic dinner.

 Candles can be used for many more purposes than just providing light or an air of romance, however. They make great gifts, they come in all manner of shapes and sizes, and they can even have uses to aid health. Many people use them for ear candling to remove wax. Others use them while meditating.

5 Creepiest Candles

 Creepy-looking candles can be great fun around certain events such as Halloween, or just as a present for a certain friend who you know will appreciate them. Here is a little look at some of the strange and useful things that you can do with candles, and some of the creepiest ones you can find. 

Where did candles come from?

The true origin of candles is actually hard to nail down. It is believed by some that candles originated around 5,000 years ago and may have begun with the Ancient Egyptians. There is evidence of use by Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and the Chinese too.

 The oldest candles in existence are from Ancient China and date back to 200 years before Christ. The methods for making candles have changed dramatically over the years too. While the basis of having a wick running through a cylinder of wax still holds true, the materials used and the appearance have completely changed.

 Nowadays, candles are made usually from paraffin wax but can also be formed from palm wax, soy wax, or beeswax. In the past, candles could be made from tallow, beeswax, and spermaceti which come from the sperm whale.

 Candles were clearly designed to bring light in times before electricity existed, but now they are used for much more than illumination. 

Uses for candles today

Back in 1746, Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf decided to have himself a rather grand birthday party. At this event, he had a large cake that had a number of candles stuck into the surface. This was the first time on record that somebody had used candles to show their age with a cake, and a tradition was born.

 Candles have been used in esotericism for various rituals or spells also. The meaning of black candle smoke can be determined as an occurrence of a magical attack or negative powers at work. Different color candles can have different uses and meanings too.

 Scented candles can be used in different ways too. Some people use these to aid productivity, increase energy when practicing yoga, and also for adjusting moods and emotions. Candles can also provide ambiance and help set the mood for different events. 

What can scented candles do?

This is an interesting area to investigate as scented candles are more than just nice fragrances. Certain aromas can have different effects on the user. For instance, eucalyptus is well known for helping with the common cold, and a lit candle with this scent can help give an individual a boost.

 Lemon scents can vitalize someone working from home and helps to provide a welcome burst of energy to start the day. Peppermint can clear the mind, coffee can wake it up, and lavender can help to soothe.

 Remote workers, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone looking to improve their mental wellness can use scented candles to revitalize, shake off the cobwebs, and relieve stress or anxiety. 

Candles create ambiance

Simply lighting one or a few candles is an effective way of completely changing the mood in a room. Bistros and restaurants often use this method to create a feeling of intimacy at their tables. They are also useful for meditation.

 When someone is looking to meditate they need to clear their head from all negative or distracting thoughts, and the flicker of a candle in a darkened room can be almost hypnotic.

 At Halloween, candles are used in pumpkins to provide a sense of theatre, ambiance, fun, and a little bit of horror. You could catch the best horror movies of the ’90s in a darkened room lit only by a few candles to up the chill factor. Creepy candles can also provide some of this ambiance. Thanks to modern candle-making techniques, there are some very intricate scary candles available now. 

The five creepiest candles to give to your quirky friends

Although there are still plain, white candles in shops, there is a whole range of tricolored, multicolored, shaped, and novelty candles available now. One area that seems to have inspired candle makers is the horror genre.

 Perhaps because candles are linked to spells and magic, or maybe it is just because the medium works well with horror, but there are monsters, ghosts, and ghoulish candles available online and in retail stores now. 

1) The candle with the scary surprise

This is one candle that looks perfectly cute when it is seen on the store’s shelf. However, once it is lit and starts to melt it reveals a surprise that would go down well as a practical joke – for the right person – or at Halloween.

 The PyroPet Kisa candle has a surprise in store for any cat lover buying it by mistake. The candle comes in a range of colors and is shaped like a perfectly nice-looking cat. As the wax melts, the cat’s skull and skeleton are slowly revealed. Would be perfect for Tim Burton fans. 

2) The candle that can summon spirits

If you are looking for a candle that will last a long time, then a battery-powered one may be a good choice. One available at Etsy has an ouija board etched onto the outside. 

3) The one that is genuinely creepy

This is definitely not going to be for everyone, but there are also candles shaped as babies’ heads. Etsy seems to be the go-to place for creepy candles and this one can be found there. If you are thinking it looks cute, picture it when it starts to melt. 

4) The one that bleeds

A bleeding heart-shaped candle could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift if your partner has a love of the macabre. The candle appears white but as it melts, scarlet wax starts to pour out from the inside. 

5) The one that (almost) lends a hand

Severed, bloody finger candles are also easily found on Etsy, home to every creepy candle under the sun. These little sticks of wax come in different lengths and are also colored as either human or zombie for a little variety. 


Candles are a very simple way to creatively light a room and create some ambiance. In November you can catch the spirit of Halloween with some scary movies, creepy candles, and some friends at your home. Alternatively, you can use scented candles to improve your meditation or yoga practice.

 If you are going to buy someone one of these or the many other creepy candles available then make sure you choose the right victim, sorry, the recipient. Some of the candles are very creative and also a little macabre. Tim Burton would be very proud of some of the creations available.