Major news from the folks behind the Edward Douglas directed project titled THE DEAD MATTER. This one is sounding good, read on for the complete press release:

Midnight Syndicate Films has announced its first cast signings for the upcoming supernatural horror thriller, The Dead Matter, directed by Edward Douglas (Midnight Syndicate) and produced in coordination with Robert Kurtzman�s (KNB FX, Dusk Till Dawn) Precinct 13 Entertainment.

Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster, Air Force One), who was seen most recently as the eye-patch- wearing villain, Mikhail Bakunin, on ABC�s Lost and will be seen in the upcoming film, The Rage, will be joining the set of The Dead Matter as the character, Vellich, after completing work on a new, untitled, Steven Spielberg movie that is scheduled for release in May of 2008.

Vellich�s arch-nemesis, Ian McCallister, will be played by Jason Carter whose career spans everything from his renowned portrayal of Marcus Cole on Babylon 5 to characters on shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Angel, Charmed, Third Rock from the Sun, and in films like Demon Under Glass.

Horror-FX legend Tom Savini (Dusk Till Dawn, Dawn of the Dead), a fixture in the genre for over thirty years and seen most recently as Deputy Tolo in Grindhouse, will be portraying the devious vampire overlord, Sebed.

After wrapping production on his upcoming film, Ghouls, in April, producer Gary Jones (Xena, Army of Darkness) and producer, Edward Douglas, began pre-production for The Dead Matter.

The FX team at Precinct 13 has already begun work on what promises to be a visual treat for audiences. Photos and teasers will be available in the next month.

Look for more major cast AND crew announcements in the next week.

Keep it right here as we are all over this one. Set visits, interviews, you name it we got it. Stay tuned.

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