A Diary of Diary


A Diary of Dead: Any of you who frequent the horror cons have seen Michael Felsher making his way through the throngs of people. Long acquainted with the fine folks at Anchor Bay Michael now runs his own production company called Red Shirt Pictures and he has been responsible for some of the best DVD documentaries to make their way onto a disc. You can see his handiwork on the special feature on EFFECTS and Dark Sky�s recent re-release of TCM. Great stuff.

So, Michael has now found himself stuck right in the middle of Romero�s latest zombie epic and has begun posting video diaries from the set A Diary of the Dead. The first segment is posted and it�s good real good.

You�re going to want to click here to check out the first chapter in what I hope will be many more to come.

You can click here to head on over to the MySpace page for Diary

Click here for the MySpace page for Felsher�s Red Shirt Pictures and click here for Red Shirts official website.

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