Listen to the Comic Con Grind House Presentation

Listen to the Comic Con Grind House Presentation

Stumbled across this today and it�s cool as hell.

Netscape has been covering the San Diego Comic con and they have posted a podcast of the presentation that Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino made for Grind House at the show.  It is great.

They talk about the generation of the idea for Grind House and proceed to bring on stage some of the stars of the film. Fans ask questions, secrets are revealed.  It�s almost as good as being there.  Okay, so I�m lying, it sucks to not have been there but this is better then nothing.

You�re going to want to click here right now and go check this out.

They�re still saying a December release is expected. Rodriguez should wrap Planet Terror this coming week and Tarantino is slated to start up on Planet Terror in about a month. Doesn�t give them a lot of time for post-production but hopefully, they�ll still make that Dec. release deadline.  Keep it here for the latest.

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