The Golden Zombie Award

    The Golden Zombie Award

    The House of Horrors is proud to present its very own award, The Golden Zombie. You may be asking yourself why another site award. Well, I thought that I would recognize horror sites that share a similar vision and dedication to the genre that is evident from the House of Horrors. These sites need to be rewarded for their hard work and undying efforts towards promoting horror.

    As many of you know there are a ton of horror-related sites and a lot of them are made up of recycled pictures and sounds that can be found all over the web. The goal of this award is to reward those original sites that both entertain, as well as, educate. We need not only provide a tribute to the genre we love so dearly, but hopefully make available the resources that will pull others into darkness.

    The criteria for this award is quite simple. The site must “only” be about horror movies, directors, stars, personalities or make-up/special effect masters. The site must educate, as well as, entertain its visitors. The site must show that it will continue to grow to meet the needs of horror fans. Originality is very important. Pretty simple, right. Not really. This award will only go to the best horror sites. Those sites that I have personally bookmarked and visit frequently. This award was not established as a way to get others to link to my page. I don’t need to do that. I will not require its recipients to link back to my page if they do not want to.

    Who Have Received Golden Zombie Awards?

    Click here to see a list of GOLDEN ZOMBIE WINNERS. The award will hopefully be given out on a regular basis. If you are interested in having me review your site please e-mail. In your e-mail please include your URL and put Golden Zombie in the Subject of the e-mail and I will review your site.

    Good Luck to all. Hopefully, you will be the next recipient of The Golden Zombie. The Caretaker,

    P.S.-No SCREAM sites, sites using materials from the “House of Horrors”, or Link Sites will be considered.

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