Best Campy Horror Movies of All Time

Best Campy Horror Movies
Best Campy Horror Movies

A gory horror film is curated to send chills of fright to the viewer’s spine. People in the quest for thrill and fun, visit uncanny and unusual places and this is when they are caught amidst demons’ deadliest fantasies. Here, we provide the details about the best campy horror movies.

We have numerous occasions in the past where high-intensity campy horror movies went down as cult classic movies. We also have movies featuring in this list where special effects are overly used to a level of absurdity, but the resultant movie is again a feast in itself. While zombies and failed scientific experiments are the budding topics of campy horror movies, movies with a comical touch, i.e, Comical horror movies are also getting a firm response, and you will find them in our list in decent quantum as well.

So without any further delay let’s start with our-

Best Campy Horror Movies of all time: 

10. The Cabin In The Woods 

Initial Release: 1 June 2012

Directors: Drew Goddard

During the time of vacation, a group of five college students namely Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams visit a remote forest cabin to enjoy their holidays. However, they didn’t know about the troubles awaiting them.

One after another, the group become victims of flesh-eating zombies and their holidays turn into the most tragic events of their life. The story takes an unpredictable turn when the survivors find out that the zombies were manipulated by two evil scientists.

9. Tucker & Dale Vs. EVIL 

Initial Release: 9 December 2010

Director: Eli Craig

A duology of friends named Tucker and Dale decide to go on a vacation to their cabin in the verdant mountains. While roaming around the vast terrains, they meet a group of college students and decide to join them for the vacation. However, their journey takes a nasty turn when they realize that those college students are chainsaw killers.

Tucker and Dale need to survive these killers by figuring a way out to escape. Chainsaw instantly reminds us of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, this film is potent enough to match the prowess of the above-mentioned film.

8. An American Werewolf in London

Initial release: 21 August 1981 (United Kingdom)

Director: John Landis

Two tourists named Jack and David visit a remote place in Great Britain for their holidays. While visiting a local club in the place, they encounter an attack by a werewolf. Panicked David and jack run to locals to warn them about the incidents of a werewolf. This movie is a classic 80’s film. 

However, the locals completely deny any knowledge of the wolf. Jack and David soon realize that there’s some sort of secret that locals are hiding from them and now they need to uncover the mysteries of the place.

7. Jennifer’s body

Initial release: 18 September 2009 (Canada)

Director: Karyn Kusama

A girl named Jennifer makes a pact with the devil. However, things don’t go as planned and her soul is sacrificed to Satan. Due to this, Jennifer becomes possessed and transforms into a succubus. She vigorously starts attacking her friends.

When Jennifer’s best friend Anita learns about it, she tries to stop Jennifer before she kills her lover Chip. Now, Jennifer needs to get out of the demon’s possession with the help of her best friend.

6. Braindead

Initial release: 13 August 1992 (New Zealand)

Director: Peter Jackson

An overprotective mother named Vera Cosgrove spies on her grown son named Lionel when he visits the zoo with his girlfriend lovely Paquita. While following the couple, she accidentally gets bitten by a fearsome rat-monkey. Due to the bite, the mother turns into a zombie.

When Lionel learns about it, he locks her into a basement but she escapes anyhow and attacks their neighbors. Eventually, the whole area turns into flesh-eating zombies and crash a high-society party organized by Lionel’s uncle.

5. Lake Placid 1999

Initial release: 16 July 1999 (USA)

Director: Steve Miner

A popular and calm vacation spot known as Black Lake in Maine is terrorized by a man-eating crocodile. Due to this, the visitors run for their lives and escape the place to survive. A group of experts is hired to get rid of this crocodile and tackle this menace.

Now, the group of experts needs to hunt down the reptile and help its terror. However, the process is full of blood, flesh, and havoc. The crocodile is on an absolute carnage and is in no mood to spare anyone.

4. Leprechaun

Initial release: 8 January 1993 (USA)

Director: Mark Jones

While on a vacation in Ireland, A man named Dan O’Grady finds a treasure chest of a leprechaun with gold coins. Due to his greed, he steals 100 coins from the chest and walks back home. However, he’s unaware of the fact that he’s being followed by the leprechaun.

When dan comes to know about it, he locks the murderous midget in a crate at his home. After several years, J.D Redding and his daughter rent Dan’s house and accidentally release the leprechaun. To claim his stolen gold, the leprechaun goes on a murder rampage and creates havoc in the city.

3. From Dusk Till Dawn

Initial release: 19 January 1996 (USA)

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Two criminals named Seth Gecko and his paranoid brother Richard conduct a bank heist. During the escape, they kill several police officers and also kidnap a priest and his kids on their way. In no time, they reach the Mexican border and sneak across it in a family RV. They decide to take cover in a topless bar but didn’t know that it’s also a home base for blood-sucking vampires. Now, the criminals need to find a way out of the bar to survive.

The movie was an instant success at the theatres,  despite receiving a mixed bag of reviews from the critics. Layer on the film was adopted in several video games and media adoptions.

2. Critters

Initial release: 10 September 1986 (France)

Director: Stephen Herek

A sci-fi movie offering intense thrill, drama, emotional action, and this all in one and a half hour! You will witness overambitious aliens, humans that keep family values above all, overall this mix is a must to watch.

An unknown race of furry and small aliens escapes from an intergalactic asteroid prison by hijacking a transport spaceship. During their escape, they crash into a farming town on earth and decide to get shelter for a couple of days there. After a couple of days pass, the alien race starts planning an attack on the locals of the village.

1. Motel Hell

Initial release: 14 August 1980

Director: Kevin Connor

Siblings named Vincent and Ida run a struggling rural hotel. Their main source of income is a food-stand known for its world-famous sausages. After several years of operations, the hotel becomes a known place and they make it a booming business.

However, the plot turns on its heads when we are made aware of the fact that the main content of their sausages is ground human flesh. Yup, you heard me right! They were serving sausages made of ground human flesh. Vincent and Ida over the years are actually murdering their hotel servants and serving their flesh.

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