The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2008

The late 2000s was popular for many coming-of-the-age films from different genres. However, it was 2008 that shaped the future of horror films around the world. Some of the fan-favorite horror films released in 2008 were The Midnight Meat Train, The Children, and The Ruins, among others. Given that these films have a massive following worldwide, they are still not cut out to be on the list of the 10 best horror movies of 2008.

The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2008

Among all the horror films that were released till 2020, compartmentalizing horror films of 2008 was quite challenging. Assembling the 10 best horror movies of 2018 though challenging, but it was quite enjoyable. Let’s take a look at the 10 best of 2008 horror movies:

Here’s our pick!

1. The Cottage

The Cottage

The Cottage is one of the most innovative dark comedy films by British filmmaker Paul Andrew Williams who has also written the film. The Cottage features Reece Shearsmith, Andy Serkis, Jennifer Elisson, and Steve O’Donnell as the star cast. What appears to be a simple kidnapping turns into quite a nightmare for four different characters in a remote countryside.

The botched kidnapping turns not only into a nightmare but a night of survival for everyone. The Cottage has an ideal rating in terms of the horror genre, and it will not disappoint any film lover. People can stream The Cottage online on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Eden Lake

Eden Lake

Jenny and Steve, a couple deeply in love with each other, make plans for a romantic getaway. Moreover, Steve has already made plans for proposing to the love of her life. He found quite an idyllic setting around a remote plate that is deserted and enclosed by woodlands. However, the couple’s special moments are ruined when a gang of kids, who are extremely obnoxious, encircle the camp and wreak havoc.

The kids begin to rebel by provoking adults and by stealing the belongings of the young couple. They even vandalize their car and leave the young couple excruciatingly stranded in the remote area. Steve, then tries to confront the kids and tries to ease the situation; however, a violent attack leaves him cold. On the other hand, Jenny, the last surviving adult, becomes an object of amusement for the kids entrapped in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase as she wants to get away from the woods.

3. Cloverfield


What would happen if a film is shot through a conventional video camera in POV. Well, the Cloverfield series is the best sci-fi alien invasion series of the decade, but it was the first film that paved the way for a franchise and several installments coming from the minds of genius filmmakers like J. J. Abrams. The film is narrated by five New Yorkers who are in the middle of a battleground from alien forces.

The film has a length of a DV Tape, making it quite authentic. It shows bits & pieces of video which are previously recorded on tape over and over again. The film’s premise begins when a monster, an alien, destroys an unknown origin and destroys a building. A few Americans venture into exploring several parts of the building and then head to the Statue of Liberty, which misses the head. The film then follows the few surviving friends who record the events before ultimately perishing.

4. Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo

Alice Palmer, a teen, drowns while she swims down the local dam. Later, her corpse is recovered from the lake near the dam, and the officials assume the girl’s death is completely accidental. Then the grieving family of Alice Palmer buries her and completes the funeral. Later, the family experiences a chain of inexplicable and strange events in their home and around them.

The Palmers are completely unsettled from the events and seek a neuropsychologist and a psychic named Ray Kemeny. It was Ray who figured out that Alice was already leading a double life. Then he stumbles upon clues that further lead the family to the place called Lake Mungo, where they uncover the secret past, Alice. The film is a thriller embedded with mystery and gothic elements.

5. Pontypool


Pontypool is a Canadian horror flick written and directed by Tony Burgess and Bruce McDonald based on Pontypool Changes Everything. Even if the film is Canadian, it deserves to be on the list of 10 best of 2008 Horror Movies. Rotten Tomatoes has given the film an 84% as the premise is witty yet restrained. The critics and viewers have found the plot to be taut. Pontypool might be a zombie film made on a low budget, but it is one of the best films out there.

The film’s premise revolves around a radio host who is successful in interpreting the possibility of a deadly virus. The virus infects a small-town Ontario, the town where the radio lives.

6. Cold Prey 2

Cold Prey 2

Even the most extensive film fanatics might be unaware of one of the brilliant horror films of the 2000s. The film revolves around Jannicke, who is shocked and wanders around the snow in Stehotinn. Here Ole takes Jannicke to a Hospital where Dr. Camilla, Ole’s girlfriend. In the hospital, Jannicke unveils the whereabouts of the deceased bodies of her friends Ingunn, Mikail, and Eirik alongside the psychopath killer whom the police officers are yet to locate.

By the time the investigation begins at the said location, the search parties’ group immediately finds corpses. Then they take the bodies to the morgue section located in the same hospital. However, mysterious things begin when Dr. Herman revives the psychopath while the Chief of Police, named Einar, begins his investigation.

7. Splinter


Polly Watt and her clumsy lover Seth Belzer go into the woods for camping. However, Seth, being as imperfect as he is, damages the tent they were supposed to sleep in. Then the couple decides to spend their night in a low-budget cozy motel. In the meantime, there is another instance that interconnects the story. Dennis Farell and Lacey Belisle, low-life criminals, have trouble with the runaway car while heading to Platt. Later, after the car breaks down, they begin to walk on the lonely road.

When Polly and Seth pass by those criminals, they stop the car, and Dennis renders them. Polly, on the other hand, hits something on the road while they were replacing a tire. Then they are attacked by a different fragment. Later, the group of four find themselves wrapped around a zombie outbreak caused by the parasitic splinter.

8. Martyrs


Lucie, a traumatized victim of horrific abduction and everlasting torture after fifteen years of the event, endeavors to seek revenge against the people who destroyed her inside and out. In the quest for revenge, Lucie isn’t alone. She teams up with her childhood friend named Anna, who was also a victim of abuse. However, Anna loses hope and descends into the madness of the delusion created by her psyche.

The twist in the story comes into being when Anna recreates the scenario that affected Lucie fifteen years ago. All Anna wished was to re-experience exactly what Lucie experienced.

9. Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In

The story revolves around a 12-year-old bullied kid who dreams of revenge. However, the poor soul falls in love with a peculiar girl named Eli. Eli cannot stand the brightness of the sun or needs to survive by the looks of it. In addition to this Eli, can only come to the room when she is invited.

Eli provides Oskar with the strength to hurt his bullies. However, Oskar has to drink the blood of other people to live. These consequences put the young lad in a perplexing place. The film is set in the 1982 suburban area of Stockholm, Blackeberg you will witness the touch of 1980’s in the setting of the film and it is among the Classic Horror movies of 1980’s.

10. The Strangers

The Strangers

A normal couple returns from reception, and they find themselves in a deserted vacation house. Everything seems normal until it’s midnight and someone comes knocking at the door.

The vacation house was then invaded by three strangers who hid their faces via masks. Now, the couple has to do everything in their power to survive the night.

This countdown is enough for your horror appetite for at least a fortnight, and take my word you won’t remorse on the decision to have a bite of these picks. Once you are done with these movies you can explore our Best Horror Movies of 2019.