The Golden Zombie Award

Check out the list of Golden Zombie Award Winners List in the below-mentioned article by House of Horrors.

House of Horrors Golden Zombie Award Winners

A great site dedicated not only to the original classic but the three sequels. There is also a look at the recent remake. This page is perfectly put together and very easy to navigate. Check it out!!!A new site put together by my old pal Chris (formerly of the Unofficial Dawn of the Dead Page). Complete coverage of the Romero trilogy, as well as, up to date info on Resident Evil, the 4th Dead film, and the NOTLD TV series. Check it out!!!
EVIL DEAD – An Ode To AshPhantasm Website
Probably the best Evil Dead Page on the net and one of my most favorite based on it’s the spectacular layout. The “official” website of this strange, but the unique movie. Very nice layout and tons of info on the Phantasm series. Check out the Tall Man’s domain!!!!
Hammer House of HorrorThe Terror Trap
Everything that is Hammer Horror is right here. A horror fan’s delight. Check it out!!!A fairly new page and a real winner for the fans. Covering some of the best films in the genre. Check it out!!!!
The Man with the Hypnotic EyeThe Sentinel
A great tribute to Donald Pleasence. Tons of info. Check it out!!!A great site dedicated to the Phantasm series. Lot of great information on all the films. Check it out!!!
Horror Movie DirectoryTribute to Freddy Krueger R.I.P
Great info on over 200 horror movies. Easy to navigate and great reviews. Check it out!!!A great page on the Nightmare on Elm Street Series. A lot of really cool features including “KRUEGER’s CORNER: THE ART OF KRUEGERISM”. This is a great site. Check it out!!!!
The Mark of Naschy: The Paul Naschy Web SiteHELLBOUND WEB
This a great site on legendary horror king, Paul Naschy. Find out all you need to know about this great man and also where to get his movies. Great layout, very informative, and easy to navigate. Check it out before the next full moon!!!By far the “ultimate” site on the Hellraiser movies. Lots of great sounds and pics on all the movies. Great graphical layout matched equally with tons of information easily makes this the next site to visit on your trip of terror through the internet. Check it out!!!!
A great site dedicated to the Friday the 13th series. Join the Camp Blood Mailing List. Very easy to navigate. A must for all Jason fans. Check it out!!!The “official” site of the Halloween movies series. This is the most complete site on the Halloween movies series. Information is galore. If Michael Myers lives on the net, this is where you will find him.
The outpost of the VampireThe Zombie Farm
his site is dedicated to two great movies, “The Thing” and “Day of the Dead”. Well designed and easy to navigate. Nice sections on Alien and Zombie biology. Check it out!!!The best page on the net for Dawn of the Dead. Everything you want to know and more. Lots of great information from this ex-Fangoria writer. He even provided some memorabilia that is on Elite’s Director’s cut of Dawn of the Dead. Check it out!!!
Homepage of the DeadLosman’s Lair of Horror
A great page dedicated to George A. Romero’s Dead Trilogy. Well designed and easy to navigate. There is also some great original zombie fiction. Check it out!!!Losman’s Lair of Horror is a great stop on the tour through the world of virtual horror. Very well designed. A great resource for any horror fan. Check it out!!!
A Fistful of Argento
A site dedicated to one of my favorite directors, Dario Argento. This has a great look and is easy to navigate. Great use of frames. Lots of information on Argento and his films. Check it out!!!