Spyglass Regenerating Ghostface in New Scream Movie

The new film would follow 2011’s Scream 4 and, according to Bloody Disgusting, Spyglass Media is developing the next film in the series – even after the passing of creator Wes Craven. It’s been almost nine years since the murderous Ghostface hit the big screen. After spending a few years racking up a body count on MTV’s series adaptation of the franchise, Spyglass Media Group is developing a new Scream film to bring it back to its theatrical roots, according to Bloody Disgusting. Below, in this article, you can find the details about Spyglass regenerating Ghostface in new scream movie and updates.

Ghostface in New Scream Movie

The first film, released in 1996, was a surprise smash upon its debut, helping to revive the horror genre for the decade and becoming the highest-grossing slasher movie of all-time until it was dethroned by last year’s Halloween reboot. The first’s success spawned a franchise that includes three sequels, the first of which remained equally as successful as the first while the previous two saw middling box office returns and mixed Movie reviews.

After years of struggling to get another film off the ground, MTV picked up a series adaptation that became a cult hit, with two well-received seasons from fans before it was passed off to VH1 for its rebooted third season, which saw mixed-to-negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, but was a minor improvement in the ratings from the second season.

Spyglass Media Group was re-launched as a content company in March by former MGM topper Barber, Lantern Entertainment co-presidents Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic and strategic investors Eagle Pictures and Cineworld Group.”

Lantern Entertainment is the company that acquired all of Dimension Films’ assets after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein put the company in bankruptcy.