Why Do We Find Horror Movies So Compelling?

 Horror Movies So Compelling

Horror is one of the most popular genres in cinema. Movies like the Paranormal Activity series, the Insidious series, and many more hugely successful franchises have dominated at the box office with each new release. 

However, despite the genre of horror being so incredibly popular with audiences all around the world, it is also one of the most controversial and divisive genres. Most of us probably know at least one friend or family member who simply “cannot watch horror movies.” So, if so many people don’t watch them at all, why are they so successful?

The fact is that it is the exact same features of the horror genre that make it so distasteful to many people are that make it so compelling to other people. When it comes to horror, the chances are that you either love it or you hate it.

Why Do Some People Hate Horror?

There are many reasons given for people’s aversion to the genre. Some people may be religious, for example, and take issue with themes such as devil worship and ritual sacrifice that are so prevalent in many horror movies. People who disagree morally with violent content in movies also tend to dislike the genre, even though slasher flicks are only one of many subgenres within the broader horror style.

For most avoiders of horror movies, however, there is no moral distaste for the genre but simply an aversion to being scared. In some cases, this may be due to life experiences or specific phobias. Think of it this way: if you believed that your house was haunted, you would probably be less likely to watch a movie about possession or poltergeists as it would remind you of your own fears. Even if people believe movies to be unrealistic or the premises to be far-fetched or impossible, the experience of viewing content that makes them feel anxious or makes them jump is just unpleasant for a lot of people.

Why Do So Many People Love Horror?

For fans of horror, it is usually the experience of being at least a little scared that makes the experience of watching these movies so thrilling. One of the symptoms of fear is the production of adrenaline, a chemical that is also associated with fun and excitement. Neurologically speaking, the thrill of taking part in extreme sports or gambling at Spin Casino is very similar to that of being scared by a horror movie.

While real-world fear about scenarios that could potentially cause us harm is rarely enjoyable, watching it on a screen allows us to remain logically aware that we are safe, while still experiencing the same adrenaline rush we would if the threat was real. In a way, watching horror movies is like tricking part of our brains into giving us a “rush.”

It is no wonder that the genre is so popular. Whether you love horror movies or cannot stand them, their popularity is likely to endure for a long time.