Tips and Tricks for Having an Epic Horror Movie Night

Epic Horror Movie Night

Close the curtains and turn off the lights, because it’s horror movie night! And if you want your horror movie night to be extra epic, you need to keep reading. 

Over the past decade, some amazing horror movies have dropped. The Witch, The Conjuring, Don’t Breathe, The Farm, It Comes at Night – honestly, the list could go on and on. 

Along with the classics, plenty of fresh and creative horror movies are being released, too. This is great, as it means horror fans are spoilt for choice! 

So, here are some must-know tips and tricks for having an epic horror movie night. 

Include some additional entertainment

The horror movie itself shouldn’t be the only source of entertainment when the lights go out. 

You should use your smartphone to take selfies and snaps of you watching – they’re pretty much guaranteed to make your friends laugh. Plus, you can play some games on your smartphone whenever the horror gets a little too terrifying. Online slots canada is a great way to distract yourself!

Choose your streaming service and horror movie (also, don’t forget to read reviews on Twitter!)

Nowadays, choosing which movie streaming service to subscribe to can be difficult. There are sooooo many choices, it can make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. There’s Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, and so many others – ah, decisions! 

However, most streaming services come jampacked with varieties of different horror movies, so you’ll never be short on options. 

Think carefully about which horror movie you want to watch. Twitter is a great source for horror movie opinions (as critic reviews can’t be trusted), so take a look there to see which horror movies have caught people’s attention recently. 

For example, A Quiet Place II dropped this year and caused quite a stir on Twitter – fans loved it! 

Stock up on snacks and drinks

Fact: you cannot have a horror movie night without snacks and drinks. Otherwise, it would just feel weird

So, head down to your local convenience store during the day and stock up on everything you want; from sodas to candy. Also, to make your life easier, put all your snacks into giant bowls so that you can easily grab them whilst your movie is playing. 

Invite your friends over 

Are you brave enough to watch a horror movie alone? Probably not! Don’t worry; most people are the same. 

Anyway, watching a horror movie alone sucks. You need your friends to be there – it makes everything so much more exciting. Plus, you can hide in each other’s arms when you’re scared!

Have a big blanket ready for jump scares

Speaking of being scared, make sure you have a really big blanket prepared for any jump scare moments. The second one happens; you can dive straight under it and save yourself! The more comfortable, the better. 

Dress up in scary outfits

If you’re friends are coming over for a horror-themed watch-along, everyone should dress up in their scariest outfits. Not only will this make the occasion more fun, it’s also a great opportunity to post scary selfies to Instagram. Smile!

Finally… don’t lose the remote

Losing the remote during a horror movie is like your car running out of gas when a monster is chasing you: it’s a recipe for disaster! Keep your remote close by so that whenever there’s a super scary moment, you can immediately pause everything and take a break! If not, you’ll have no option but to run out of the room.