5 Must Watch Indian Horror Movies

Indian Horror Movies

Indian cinematography is full of masterpieces that can match anything that comes out of Hollywood on so many levels. Horror movies are no exception, and one could even argue that Indian horrors are often scarier in many ways, as they use fewer special effects, but the horror scenes often appear more realistic.

We take a look at the 5 Indian horror movies which you must see if you haven’t already, with a short intro into each and a little description of just what kind of horror you are in for.


Kothanodi is a movie interpretation of a popular Indian folk tale. In the movie, a young girl is married to a python by her family, who believe this will bring them fortune and stability.

Superstition and sects are common in the Indian folk tales, and this is one such tale. Devil worshiping, child sacrifices, and devilish schemes are all an integral parts of Kothanodi.

What is the reason behind the python marriage and the infanticides? You will find out if you are brave enough to watch Kathonadi to the very end.


The movie starts with a freak accident that doesn’t appear ominous at all, just an unfortunate fall from a tree that could happen to anyone.

Yet, as Vinayak will soon discover, this fall was just an omen of what is about to come, as he is put on an adventure of his lifetime, venturing into the ungodly catacombs of Vaada.

In his journey, he will encounter his ghoulish grandmother, come face to face with a scary demon, and be forced to face his greatest fears. A horror story you will want to see if you like getting scared. If you don’t, we suggest staying away from this title and enjoying a more peaceful hobby such as online betting in India.


The story of a young girl possessed by a demon is one often told in western and eastern horrors alike, but Gegrayee tells the story, unlike any other movie.

As always, the possession starts one step at a time, with small glimpses of the demon’s presence appearing in Uma’s life.

Scenes go from gory, with a family dinner going rotten within minutes of being cooked, to unnatural and taboo, as Uma tries to seduce her brother in front of her entire family.

The demonic possession becomes a major problem for the family, whose head figure refuses to accept the problem. According to reports, the role in this movie is what got Amrish Puri an invitation for Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


If there is one thing you want to avoid in life, it’s moving into an apartment that is already haunted. Unfortunately for Vishal, he does just that, and his life changes forever.

From a storyline point of view, Bhoot is not an impressive film. However, the horror scenes themselves and the camerawork are absolutely astounding, and if you want to have moments of true dread, you should see this film.

The sleepwalking scenes, coupled with the dismemberment that Swati is able to conduct using unnatural physical strength, will give you chills you will not soon forget.


Aamis starts with a highly educated and normal couple sharing a somewhat mundane and very busy life in Guwahati, Assam.

Nirmali, the main character, grows bored of this life and meets a young Ph.D. student whose interests are in the feeding habits of people in India.

Together, they start exploring different foods, including a variety of unusual meats. This journey takes a twisted turn and the couple quickly progress into taboo that may make those with weak stomachs lose their lunch.