Top 5 Horror Movie-Inspired Slots

Top 5 Horror Movie
Top 5 Horror Movie

Slots dominate online casinos’ game portfolios. These are simple-to-play products that provide enticing rewards. Their gameplay consists of merely pressing spin and waiting for a second to see if good fortune smiles upon you. That simplicity coupled with seamless mobile compatibility has contributed to online gambling recently exploding. 

Thus, spinning reels on the internet is now just as popular as enjoying poker with friends, which is also an option at digital gambling platforms. The variety of titles available in the slotverse is another factor that drives hordes of gambling enthusiasts to this genre, which has games to suit all users. Yes, even horror movie fans. 


If there is a Halloween slot, naturally, we cannot leave it out of this list, as John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece laid the foundations for one of horror’s most established genres – the slasher flick. Luckily, the reel-spinning counterpart to the legendary film is of premium quality, featuring all the characters from the movie and multiple bonus rounds. It is a Microgaming product that can send chills down your spine while lining your pockets with cash.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Jack Arnold’s 1954 classic is a creature feature that was a milestone in makeup and effects. Though the suit used in the film is crude by today’s standards, the famous Gill-man has etched his name in movie history as one of its most recognizable horror villains. Swedish developer NetEnt was the one who decided to transport this iconic beast onto digital reels, giving it a splash of color. Creature from the Black Lagoon hit online casinos in 2013 and is still a relatively popular title that accepts bets as low as a penny.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Wes Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street was 1984’s sleeper hit. It frightened and awed audiences, introducing them to Robert Englund and Johnny Depp. It got the remake treatment twenty-six years after its release, and in 2012, it made its slotverse debut. Sadly, the slot game in question features the characters of the 2010 film and not the original. It is still a decent reel-spinning romp suitable for high-rollers who can afford to lay down $250 per spin.

From Dusk Till Dawn

While most people think of From Dusk Till Dawn as a Robert Rodriguez flick, few are aware that the screenplay for this movie got written by Quentin Tarantino, who also acts in it. It spawned two sequels and a TV show, and in November of 2020, it entered the online gambling sphere via a product by Novomatic’s interactive gaming division – Greentube. This game may be more upbeat than the original film, but it still features all the familiar faces, from George Clooney to Harvey Keitel. 


Speaking of vampires, Blade is in the news again, as fans of the Marvel comic and movie series are awaiting the Mahershala Ali reboot, which should start filming in 2022. Those who crave slashing action and cannot wait that long can take on the role of the half-man, half-vampire in Playtech’s 2012 slot release and hunt for massive prizes while ridding the world of virtual bloodsuckers.