I Zombie Full Movie Details

I Zombie Full Movie News
I Zombie Full Movie News

I Zombie is the Chronicles of Pain is a Hollywood film which was released by Fangoria Films in 1998. it was written, directed, produced and scored by Andrew Parkinson. It tells the story of a young man who gets infected by being bitten by a zombie and gradually starts turning into one himself. Below in this article, you will find the details of I Zombie Full Movie News.

I Zombie Story

A Ph.D. student (Mark….Gile Aspen), while doing research in a deserted patch of woodlands, is attacked and bitten by an unknown woman. Dazed by his injuries, the blackouts. Only later does he realize his new carnivorous urges for human flesh are real.

Unable to seek help from the authorities, Mark rents out an apartment in hopes of freeing himself from these demons that now drive him to kill. At first, it is like clockwork, feeding every 12 days, but as sickness grows, resistance becomes harder. He continues to be haunted by strange visions as he tries to maintain his human existence. The “parasite” as he calls it, eats away at his very soul and bolsters his need for fresh meat.

All the while we are given glimpses and flashbacks of his girlfriend (Sarah…Ellen Softley ). She also struggles for answers as to Mark’s whereabouts. These two people fighting similar battles, unwilling to give up what defines them, but in the end knowing the final outcome is evitable.

The first film from Fangoria’s new Video/DVD line is a real winner. A quirky story that examines the whole zombie mythology in a non-traditional fashion. Don’t expect Romero-type zombie here folks. Alan Parkinson has done a wonderful job dissecting the human psyche as the body around it decays away. Thereee’s plenty of gore and a solid storyline. Fangoria has also announced two new additional video lines, Fangoria Favorite (older, worthy films overdue for reappraisal and/or release) and Fangoria Specialty (latest and best horror films from foreign countries). Hopefully, this the begin of something special from Fango.