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As if you couldn’t already tell from this site, “I love zombie movies”!!!! Just by looking at my all-time favorites about the half deal with a zombie theme (I would even consider the Evil Dead movies a mix between demons and zombies). Here we are introducing the Zombie Full Movie News.

I have always loved zombies, because of their dependability. I mean you can run by a zombie quite easily, but there’s always that dumbass that wants to kill the poor defenseless zombie, only to become the main course when he is suddenly surrounded by 20 of the walking dead. Shoot them in the head, kill the brain. That’s the only way to kill zombies, right. I can’t stand zombies who can’t be killed (with the exceptions of the Dead Next Door and Return of the Living Dead).

My all-time favorite zombie movie is Lucio Fulci’s “Zombie”. This awesome film has all the key ingredients that are necessary for a classic zombie epic. First, there are zombies and plenty of them. Second, there is plenty of gore, which is very well placed. Fulci was a master of gore, he used, but never abused it in “Zombie”.

The eyeball-puncturing scene is classic. Third, there are plenty of exploding heads. These zombies are slow-moving and easy to kill, but they seem to be everywhere. And, finally, man is made to pay for messing with mother nature. “Zombie” movies always seem to deal in some way with the apocalypse. These are the things that not only make “Zombie” good but great on the corpse scale.

Hopefully, these pages will serve as a fitting tribute to a man that was a true cinematic genius. Many people have turned their nose up at Fulci calling him a “hack”, someone who never did anything original, but when was the last time anyone in Hollywood or elsewhere did something truly original. To those people, I say, “your lost”. I can’t understand and don’t respect you if you have never allowed yourself to watch his films, based merely on rumors or hearsay. That is just plain wrong. Fulci rules and will live forever in the hearts of his fans!!!!!!!

I hope that this page, as well as, the site will help educate people about Fulci, a man who has met more to horror than most people are willing to give him credit for. Again, anything you can contribute to this site will be greatly appreciated. Go out, find “Zombie” and enjoy!!!!!!!

Zombie Story

Zombie StoryThe story begins as a deserted boat sail silently into New York Harbor. Unsuspecting cops looking for a little booty (and no not that kind) are attacked by a zombie. He is quickly shot (not in the head) and falls into the harbor leaving one cop dead. Can you see where this could be heading?

The story then changes course. Ann (Tisa Farrow) is called down to the boat because it belongs to her father. She hasn’t heard from him in a long time and decides to head off to the Caribbean Island of Matool. She is accompanied by a newspaper reporter Peter West (Ian McCulloch). Arriving on the island, they y find it infested with the walking dead. Oh no….the drums!!! Is it voodoo, or something else bringing these dead bastards back to life?

Dr. Menard (Richard Johnson) works feverishly to find a cure while leaving his super hot wife to died a gruesome death at the hand of the undead. Her eyeball puncturing scene is a truly magical cinematic moment (shown in exquisite detail on my Zombie pics & sounds page). Thereee is also a great underwater scene where a zombie does battle with a shark. Tons of gore, but what do you expect from a zombie movie. But don’t look behind you.

Zombie Frightful Facts

  • The actor scheduled to play the underwater zombie got sick at the last minute and had to be replaced by the shark’s trainer.
  • The Zombie script was based more on the films “I Walked with a Zombie”“Voodoo Island”, and“The Walking Dead” than on Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead”.
  • The make-up effects were done by famed Italian, Gianetto De Rossi The make-up for the zombies was caked on in stages and Fulci frequently referred to the extras as “walking flower pots”.
  • Some people believe that “Zombie” would have been an excellent prequel, rather than a sequel.
  • Also known as “Zombie 2” in Italy, “Zombie Flesh Eaters” in the UK and “Island of the Walking Dead” elsewhere.
  • Zombie is currently banned in Finland and heavily censored in the UK.
  • Released as “Zombie 2” in most of Europe (as “Voodoo, Schreckensinsel der Zombies” (Voodoo, Horror Island of Zombies) in Germany, and “Zombie Flesh Eaters” in the UK) due to the popularity of Dawn of the Dead, which was released as “Zombie” by Argento. Followed up by three lesser non-sequels although I found “Zombie 3” quite entertaining. If you are into zombies the way I am then this a must see.
  • To check out “DVD Review’s” look at the new Anchor Bay releases of Zombie, City of the Living Dead, and Don’t Torture a Duckling on DVD.

Zombie Merchandise

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Zombie Extra

Lucio Fulci passed away March 13, 1996. Rest in Peace Maestro.

Zombie Fanspeak


[email protected]

RE: Zombie.

Zombie is one of the best zombie movies (along with Night, Dawn, Day Of The Dead and The Dead Next Door) I ever saw. It is a true classic and Fulci’s absolute best. It has that magic vodo fealing that makes me wone scream. The first scene is fantastic when the boat comes into New York harbor. Just see how it is filmed and the shark attack is so different and unsuspected. I love the scary vodo music it gives so the atmosphere and the zombies look so cool whit there Rutten grey skin.

This a must for any zombie fan. FULCI LIVES IN MY HEART!…


Mike Mandeville

[email protected]

RE: Zombie

YES! Finally I was able to find “Zombie” on video! I’ve been looking for it for so long, and now that I’ve finally found it, I have to say that my horror movie collection is better than ever. I’m not sure what I can say about this amazing film, other than the fact that it is truly a cinematic masterpiece that no horror fan should miss. Many say it’s a rip-off of “Dawn of the Dead,” and since I’m a huge fan of that film, I felt certain I would hate it.

I’m happy to say I was very wrong. Never have I seen a film with a better opening scene. An abandoned boat sailing into New York Harbor turns out to be anything but abandoned. Only the passenger on board is no longer alive…but rather, a flesh eating zombie that escaped from a far off island. And might I add, I’ve never seen a finer ending. The survivors think they’re safe when they escape the island, until they turn on the radio and listen to the news…. Long live Lucio Fulci!!!



[email protected]

RE: the best horror film ever

I LOVE HORROR FILMS!!!! and Zombie in my opinion has to be the best horror film of all time. I have seen so many horror films(too many to count)and have found zombies films to be favorites of mine.dawn of the dead and the original night of the living dead used to be my favorites but when i finally saw Fulci’s Zombie the other night i changed my mind.Fulci has made a pure masterpiece here with this one.

Other zombie/horror films have been made but only a couple have came close to this one.horror films are usually called slasher films and haven’t been popular with the critics(except scream,i know what you did last summer and on of the worst ones of all time halloween:h20 which is basically scream and nothing like the 1st)but zombie films are horror films to and the best horror films.

They are the real terror when it comes to a horror film.all the other horror films are to much alike,a killer going around killing a bunch of jocks/preps and finally getting killed in the end by the out cast to the in crowd(friday the 13th though is the best when it comes to those films and so is the 1st 2 halloweens)but zombie films provide a fright to the viewer and you never know what will happen next,unlike the predictiable slasher flicks.zombie is the best and always will be the best film of it’s kind and zombie films will always provide horror films with it’s true horror. R.I.P Lucio Fulci !!!


Adam Bell

[email protected]

RE: Zombie

This one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. Thanks to this site, I have found new heights in my quest to be utterly grossed out. It began with Jason Goes to Hell but I wanted more. Day of the Deadsufficed for a while but after seeing the stills on this site for Fulci’s Zombie-I had to see it. Thereee is an interesting childhood story behind this movie. When renting movies began its craze, (I was maybe five) my parents and me went to the first video rental store in Kingston. I was looking around around and I saw the cover for Fulci’s Zombie and it scared the shit out of me!! I’m 21 now and when I saw a picture of the cover, it brought a twisted smile to my face and a flood of memories. I finally saw it after three months of tracking it down (my copy still isn’t in yet..) and new limits of gore were passed.

I’d like to thank John for the little trip of nostalgia and any horror freaks or gorehounds out there give me an email and let me know your best ten lists. Your gets mine!! A chill is the feeling you get when someone walks over your grave!!!


Scott Grantham

[email protected]

RE: Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE

T4: Reading others’ thoughts and memories on ZOMBIE stirred up my own memory of seeing ZOMBIE on the big screen back in 1982 in a theatre in Chester, S.C. Although I’d seen Romero’s Dawn of the Dead twice already (both times in a theatre, once with my grandmother, no less), nothing could prepare me for ZOMBIE. Horror in the eighties was anything but subtle. Witness the slasher subgenre for proof that subtlety wasn’t in vogue. But ZOMBIE did have its subtle moments: I’m thinking specifically of the scene just preceding the infamous “eyeball” sequence, in which Dr. Menard’s wife (Olga Karlatos) is drying herself with a towel while standing in the shower.

The scene is literally framed from outside the house, through a closed window, allowing the viewer to voyeuristically participate in the sequence. Suddenly, a rotting hand appears and touches the glass. As the fingers try to reach through the glass to grab her, the soundtrack emits “squeaking” sounds as the fingers stroke the glass surface. Everytime I watch this sequence on Image’s out of print laserdisc (which will hopefully soon be replaced with the Roan Group’s widescreen, remastered version), I get chills. Through lighting effects, and otherworldly sounds, Fulci managed to make a film that combines the best of both worlds when it comes to horror cinema.

Zombie is both subtle and graphic. Another subtle moment that comes to mind is a shot of a crab scuttling across a dusty, windswept street; when later we see a zombie walking slowly down that same street, we’re reminded of the crab and that things both natural and supernatural are co-existing on thisland. In closing, I’ll say that despite my love for ZOMBIE, and THE BEYOND, and especially GATES OF HELL, my favorite Fulci movie remains HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY. I realize that thisn’t necessarily an opinion shared by the majority of Fulci fans, most of whom prefer the metaphysical horrors of THE BEYOND, but if pressed to argue the point, I’d be glad to do so. Thanks for the use of your soapbox.

Scott Grantham

Alexis Xanthopoulos

[email protected]

RE: Zombie

Zombie is one of the best zombie movies i?ve seen. The underwater scene and th splinter in the eye?s scene are totally gruesome. And I like that in a zombie movie.

I think “Zombie” is Fulci’s best film right after “city…”! Also the ending so zombie-typical with that everything?s fucked up that?s the best with zombie-movies!

By the way you?ve got the best horror-page on the web, no doubt about it! Keep up tha good gory work.


Bryant Lovelace

[email protected]

RE: Zombie

Zombie is probably “the” ultimate zombie film (isn’t the title self-explanatory?). I would say that Dawn of the Dead is right up there with it, but Zombie has a “creepiness” that Dawn seems to lack. In fact, the first time I saw Zombie, which was a little over a year ago, I threw the video away (I only paid $4 for it). It creeped me out that much. However, , when it came back out letterboxed by Anchor Bay I repurchased it and now love it. In fact, I now have the laser and the original one-sheet poster.

Bryant Lovelace


[email protected]

RE: Fulci’s zombie

The first time i came into contact with fulci’s masterwork was at the local drive-in.the poster was hanging in the snackbar(what a deliciously appetizing sight to the unprepared moviegoer!).anyway i can still remember asking my father why the man on the poster had string in his eye!(i was approx five yrs old at the time.my second encounter came with a televised presentation on a french-canadian station in the early to mid eighties,i didn’t make it past the first five minutes(my previous living-dead experience was romero’s “dawn”).

Then i finally found the old wizard tape for rent at a local grocery store,recalling the theatrical poster i immediately rented the tape and took it home for a viewing.when i got home i popped the tape in and hit the play button(bear in mind i did not realize this was the same film from tv)i returned the tape ten minutes later,i met my sister on my way back to the store,she asked me what the movie was-i replied that it was a zombie movie and she asked when i rented it-i told her “…about ten minutes ago…” she asked why i was returning it so soon i simply replied “…because these are not romero zombies”.s

She understood right away.anyway to shorten the story,it took me three tries to view this film,not because i’m a wimp,but because fulci’s beginning sequence really reaches up and scares the shit out of the viewer.plain and simple.derossi’s make-up surely play’s abig part needless to say,but fulci’s style is what puts his awesome make-ups to use.if the above story is not enough to convey the way i feel about THE master’s work in this sub-genre and the sheer visceral punch his zombie quartet pack,i can’t explain it in simpler term’s other than FULCI’S FILMS KICK ASS! it’s about time fango wiped the shit staines from their eyes and put his good name where it belongs! as for the roan group’s laser release,theyshould be ashamed of themselves for such a ho-hum release,god forbid they should get the rights to other fulci films!the cover…

The cover!does mr roans son or whoever was responsible not have an original bone in their body!don’t even get me started on that bullshit dolby digital soundtrack!simply,they should have spent the money on a better transfer and jacket cover.sorry for going on like that but i had to vent my frustration out on what i think of one of my most anticipated laser releases in years and the disappointment at the end product put out by a company more concerned with putting out better editions of obscure shit i’ve never even heard of! grindhouse,bob,sage!where are you!help us!fuck elite and that tightass vini bancalari,when was the last time he put out something worthwhile? sorry once again,but if not here,where? fantasia ’97 made my dream of seeing zombie on the big screen a reality,and what an experience it was!thanks for producing a truly great site to visit whenever i can,keep up the superb work!


Shane Schissel

[email protected]

RE: Zombie by Lucio Fulci

I must say that Zombie is a great movie as a remembrance of a great man Lucio Fulci. It has a lot of graphic scenes with so much gore that I could never look at spaghetti the same way again. The same with Italian sausages. Zombie is a great movie with a lot of blood and splatter. It was a great loss when Mr. Fulci passed away. He was a great man at manipulating the strengths of European cinema. I hope that someday there will be someone with a great charisma like Lucio Fulci had. Thank u for reading my paragraph and let the gore continue one. I LUV ZOMBIES!!!!

Shane Schissel

 Evan Milner

[email protected]

RE: Fulci’s ZOMBIE!

It goes without saying that this movie is highly under rated. The first I heard of this film was when I looked up ‘ZOMBIE…’ in Leonard Maltins film guide. I saw it was rated BOMB so I forgot all about it. Then a friend of mine lent me a censored UK copy. At first I hated it, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. The hammy acting, the locations, the music.. It all seemed like a throwback to the 1930’s adventure serials. Now that I have seen an uncensored version I am in awe. I believe that this film even surpasses ‘dawn of the dead’ in many respects. This certainly Fulci’s greatest film.

Evan Milner


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