5 Tips to Host a Great Horror Movie Night Online

5 Tips to Host a Great Horror Movie Night Online
5 Tips to Host a Great Horror Movie Night Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has sadly killed off movie nights for groups of friends at the same house, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up horror movie nights altogether. You can be scattered across the world, but there’s still the option to plan a horror movie marathon with friends online. Here are five tips to help you plan an amazing social distanced horror movie night online

#1) Coordinate Your Schedules

Make sure you plan with all your friends well in advance. There may not be a lot to do during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be potential conflicts. People may work at different times of the day, or have other responsibilities on certain days of the week. They may also plan their own online activities to stay in touch with friends and family. Send out your feelers and eventually, you can figure out a block of time that works for everyone.

#2) Pick Your Platform

There are several ways to have movie nights online. As long as everyone has a copy of the movie or access to a streaming service that has it, you should be good to go. You can then time when you start it together on a Zoom or Discord call. You can also have one person with the movie stream it from their end over Discord, Twitch, or something like NetflixParty.com that was made specifically for this purpose.

#3) Line Up Your Movies

Regardless of how many movies you all want to watch, you should find a way to choose the best horror movie (or several) that you can all agree on. If you’re watching a few, you can have different people choose one, can pick one out of a hat, or do a group vote. Just make sure everyone is on board with the choices ahead of time so there’s no argument or drama when the day comes that can eat into the time you could be watching your favorite horror movies.

#4) Plan Your Food and Drinks

There’s no movie night without great snacks and drinks. Just make sure that what you eat is something that won’t send you to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. Avoid dairy if you’re lactose intolerant, and don’t go overboard on the spice if you can’t handle it. Keep it simple to pizza and chips, or your other comfort foods of choice. For drinks, make sure you don’t go overboard on alcohol so you pass out before the movie night is even over.

#5) Be Inclusive

The pandemic has made it harder for people to stay connected. You may have a group of friends where not everyone likes horror movies due to anxiety, but they want to participate in the movie night. There are things you can do, or recommend, so they can still join in without having an anxiety attack. They can try taking something like CBD from Joy Organics to reduce anxiety enough that they can still enjoy all of the socializing on your movie night.

With these five tips, movie marathons with friends don’t have to be blocked by the pandemic, as long as you can all find a day that works and have internet access. You can enjoy the classics, or find new hidden gems you’ve never seen before.