Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things Story

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead ThingsThis story begins when five actors lead by their flamboyant director Alan (Alan Ormsby) boat out to a deserted burial island to dabble in the black arts. Well not really the whole group. It seems that Alan fancies himself a warlock and disciple of the Dark Lord and kind of forces his disgruntled actors to join him. So he and his troupe set out to dig up a corpse, use a little hocus pocus (with pentagram and black candles), and make the dead walk again. But Alan has a little surprise for his friends, but I won’t tell.

They perform the rite and it seems to fail, and so that the night a complete failure, Alan heads back to party with the corpse of their newest friend, Orville Dunworth. As in any good horror flick that deals with the dead, a key ingredient is either to have a “psychic” or some Goth chick as a character, so she can sense the coming danger.

In the case of this film, we have Anya (Anya Ormsby …sounds familiar) who warns the party of their pending doom. See, this must be one of the delayed reaction rituals, or maybe it just took a little longer to get to Satan, but the dead do awaken to wreak their revenge on those who have desecrated their final resting place. Let the flesh-munching begin!!!!!!

We all heard it as kids, “Hey, Johnny! Don’t play with that dead bird!” And a simple look at the modern-day serial killers (i.e. Jeffery Dahmer), shows us where such behavior can lead. Yuck!!!! But I guess some kids never learn. This film was directed by Bob Clark, whose claim to fame is “Porky’s”.

It was written by Alan Ormsby, the star of the film and writer of other such films as “Deathdream” and the Ed Gein biopic “Deranged“. The effects are above average for a film with a $70,000 budget, and there is a definite “Night of the Living Dead” feel about this film. Not to say that it is anywhere near the same class of films as “NOTLD”, but it is still a decent film. However, I recommend it to you, but only if your looking for a little fun. Serious zombie watchers beware, this might not be your type of rotting corpse.