Best Horror Movies set in Las Vegas

The usual horror in Las Vegas is losing on the roulette table or going bust playing Blackjack. However, the city isn’t all about gambling, there have been several Best horror movies set in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at some of the best of them.

Best Horror Movies set in Las Vegas
Best Horror Movies set in Las Vegas

Leprechaun 3

If you are going to Las Vegas, you could do with the luck of the Irish. You’ll find lots of slot games that feature a leprechaun or two. Most are all lovely and cheerful but not the one in this movie. Here we have a rather psychotic one that is sold to a Las Vegas pawn shop.

Of course, it soon comes to life again (don’t they always?) and isn’t in the mood for a holiday. Instead, it goes on a killing spree at the not so Lucky Shamrock Casino. Not a classic but an enjoyable romp.

Hostel III

Perhaps there’s some unwritten movie law declaring third films in a series should be set in Las Vegas. The first two ‘Hostel’ movies could easily have been called ‘Hostile.’ Rather unpleasant horror films set in Eastern Europe with plenty of torture, gore and dogs eating bodily parts.

This third movie sees the Elite Hunting Club visit Las Vegas with everything from hookers to kidnapping. There’s plenty of horror and death after death. If you’re not too keen on cockroaches, it’s probably best to fast forward through a certain scene.

If you think that’s scary then take check for some scarily good odds. It might not be a horror story if you follow the betting tips that can be read on their site.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Surprise, surprise, this box office hit is the third in the Resident Evil series. A virus is spreading around the world (sounds familiar) and Alice (Milla Jovovich) ends up in Nevada. It’s hoped she might be able to help create a treatment that can deal with all the infected zombies who aren’t in Las Vegas to play the slot games. Oh, there’s also some rather nasty infected crows to try and avoid.

There’s one slight problem with this movie and it has nothing to do with the acting. It may be set in Las Vegas but was actually filmed in Mexico. The movie was still a success though so they must have done something right. 

Vegas Vampires (2007)

There are probably plenty of people who go to Las Vegas and never go out in the sunlight. They’re too busy sleeping off the night before, conserving energy for another night in the casino.

Then again, they may be blood-thirsty vampires like the ones in this movie. With such an active nightlife in Las Vegas, there are plenty of potential victims. Why should it just be the casinos that bleed people dry?

This movie isn’t going to receive any awards for its script but if it’s blood, blood and more blood that you’re after, a bloody good time can be had watching this movie.